White House addresses staffer's exit amid domestic violence allegations

Principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah took questions on the circumstances surrounding Rob Porter's resignation.
9:31 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for White House addresses staffer's exit amid domestic violence allegations
Happy Thursday welcomed. The receiver coming you watch him here scene is aka Santa Q I just additional after all there's. Almost three hours I shot deputy white house Press Secretary. Finally mean is the girl waiting. On him. In a few other things we want to get you this is a very busy week over here at the White House we've been watching also the stock market. That it has closed a little over a thousand points will get your second. But right now the big focus as we all know. What's happening. There are crisis among the staff rob Porter the White House. Secretary. Resigned yesterday Google makes them for the work in the briefing will get to that as well but. Allegations against him from when he was not in the White House by two ex wives. Haunting. This administration right now and not he but the fact of this happening but the fact of how they dealt with this resignation last couple days capped. Emma Roberts just admitted that the White House could have done better here right would have response that was number of statements contradictory statements. Who constantly you know we couldn't. Handled this better now the issue that's coming up is what exactly did the White House well break we know that. Top aides were aware that there was a problem and it's personalized before my theory kept one that briefing and I agree that he said. That the chief of staff and other staff became. Fully fully aware of the allegations yesterday especially that photo on the phone. Really is what changed a lot of staff that we were speaking he has pitched that the picture here it's becoming clear. The FBI was investigating. Order for as part of their standard background actually it's here. Now when they talked and that's why there were allegations of abuse. White House knew about it tipping point when they decided to stick with them or let go yesterday but that vote. In the photo came out of his ex wife with a black tie up she says he gave him that it was too much for them. Handel and in so many words of the Raj act the. But but still this goes to a broader issue this White House is happening with. Right I mean there are questions about do you believe just the words or is the photo really what matters here and that's really a tree across Capitol Hill the moment and the fact. But in this case so much. Members of not just the White House senior staff but one of the most senior senators the United States senator Orrin hatch his former boss goes on record defending him. And an assault. Right that the White House has a track record defending. Actions that are in many views indefensible I mean. You look at Roy Moore they got they were steadily behind were more and I think there was. Expectation that perhaps they would defend quarter more gradual in this situation it's just didn't happen. Why don't let's talk about general Kelley. This because he is not having. The best week he's ever had so he first is caught on a recording meet up on Capitol Hill talking. About. Young Americans. Who are immigrants applying for doc. On seeing it there too easy get off there Gary Ayers and sick or hurt residents will grow it by acting out. Back to happen either but now in this case here what do you know about how quickly did he move. It senior staff that we both spoken to exit to us in. Just the last 24 hours that they're unhappy with what we can only handle this and rush. Even seeing the White House could have spent. Even when I'm singing talent of the White House couldn't handle this better terms of the com's operations statements actually released and always seen over the past Mike powers is the White House send my little bit of clean up your you know Kelly obviously stood behind them. Rob Porter and that statement and as you mentioned Ross specifically says that. You know Kelly had not seen those images yet they came out when he issued that first statement and then of course. Hygiene issue another statement. That lets say that he stood I would be sent a -- this wasn't the rob that it came to know him over my. Months of working with them so it's not a lot of questions being raised internally I'm inside the White House about Donna Kelley. And before get off this topic is you know a lot about this isn't SS 86 clearance is he's been honking. A lot of members of the right have seniors yet we know the president's son in law Jared Kushner is also had problems with his security clearance. This was still pending. But nevertheless that timeline of when the White House knew there was an issue that did not happen yesterday daily man known they cleared. Look this is we spoke to Colby wilderness which was the first wife this is what she told the FBI. And this is what the FBI would have basically passed along to the White House. They pass along what they know in the White House who determines whether or not given clear. She says they didn't routine you know FBI did routine interview question here. When she says hey look I did share within my experience a verbal physical and emotional abuse and and and his background potential misdeeds so she laid it all out yeah. She said that there is a potential for blackmail that would mean actually vote with the third one so. When you can't work blackmail them that's when the clearance check to big prize and be trouble for somebody that closed yes president this is the key here. We're gonna have much more on this story town world news of course always Eddie BC news.com I do want to switch gears let's go up to Capitol Hill our senior congressional correspondent. Mary perceive out of watching this once federal little. Thing happening up there Mary you've got a budget deal congratulations. How. I think it's gonna do a heck of a lot so what do you think. Well right now guy thinking ever want forgot we are hours away from a potential government shut down an up here we do have on the table is being bipartisan meeting spending bill. That would prevent a shot down but right now we're also seeing a huge amount of bipartisan opposition. June this BI acting this one's gonna come down to the wire out no one it appears anticipating that we're going to see another shot down but. There's a lot of wrangling going on right now here's the basic. Lay of the land but that's and it is expected to pass. This bill sometime this afternoon there's an effort to gum up the works and delayed this vote but we do expect. Attacks here in the senate that it goes over to the house where right now you are either get an opposite from both sides because. Conservative Republicans those fiscal hawks. Simply are not on board with the way this bill hikes spending. And then you also have opposition from Democrats because they say because the bill doesn't do anything on immigration they're demanding Republicans promised. To bring up some kind of adopt a fix for those dreamers to the floor we courts on Nancy Pelosi yesterday in her record breaking eight hours. On the house Gruner speaking out about protections for dreamers are there a lot of issues on both sides at around running around trying to figure out where the votes stand how the numbers work out. I mean this is what compromise looks like after all right knows I'd get that they want. The man is messy. I gotta tell you. Equal and any. Normal week in Washington area this would be the focus but. Its debt that happened and it tropical jet that went in in. Married to. Yet David Jensen live narrator is up on Capitol Hill thank you is always much appreciated quick check of the markets we know we're watching those the Dow did close down. Well over a thousand points today and is the second time this week that is happened at the X-Factor for the White House that they are keeping an eye on at the moment. And lastly. Before we leave today it will be a DA in from plan. Little glimpse of reality TV Amoroso. The former. Apprentice star won the loyalist to the president she's not new reality show now Big Brother are. And whether cameras caught her take a look at what it. He's hunted like to eat. She secretly. Used to anybody saving him from white paint can lean. Track he person ended the people aren't attacked. Who who has. And I can say what's going on. There. There panel it's. His comments are instant nine million pieces you know I like to say not my problem. I can't CNET piece it's. She could feel it. Don't seem. Because we are worried and you say no it's going to be okay there was concern puke. But let you know controller black figure out. I think and I don't think he won't be okay. Media Reno calmer inside and thought I would never see her again you know. Though it comes back. Question I asked so this is the kicker so Rogers asked about this and he says well she was fired three times in the apprentice. She was fired a fourth time here. She don't know any. Now to. And unleashing. He should remain December when I can tell my story it's a profound story that I know the world won here in the company now. She's got a story towers and big Patrick thick rough and the idea tonight. Hammers that we can see it all that is gonna do it for us today in the briefing here for Justin official and capped revolvers jobs and Tucci makes your download EBC news app. And that's a briefing will be back at a breakneck.

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{"id":52942708,"title":"White House addresses staffer's exit amid domestic violence allegations","duration":"9:31","description":"Principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah took questions on the circumstances surrounding Rob Porter's resignation.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-addresses-staffers-exit-amid-domestic-violence-52942708","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}