White House adviser: COVID relief bill 'will meet the needs of the pandemic'

White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond discusses the state of the COVID-19 relief bill now in the Senate and the new timeline for doses for all American adults.
6:45 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for White House adviser: COVID relief bill 'will meet the needs of the pandemic'
More on this major development in the vaccine timeline I'm joined now by White House senior advisor Cedric Richmond thanks for being here with. Thank you for having me cash. Well president Biden says there will now be enough vaccine doses for all American adults produced by the end of may H on sense of just how significant that development is and does it change the timeline in your view when the country could get back. To normalcy which doctors found she and others and said would more likely have taken place at the end of 20/20 one. Well look we certainly hope so but we still don't need. Fellow Americans to do those things that will help us beat the pandemic and that is to Wear a mask that is to stay socially distance. That's to make sure you washing your hands into an all of those things and done that is a big. Piece of beating the pandemic. And the last thing of course is maybe the most important thing is to take the vaccine when you have an opportunity to do that and we believe if we do that we hope. We can do it sooner rather than later. We saw the mask mandate dropped in the state of Texas and yet the CDC had has asked the people keep up their vigilance how do those two should pieces of communication. Conflict and how do you balance those messages. Well we're still gonna ask the American people to Wear mask we're still gonna ask them businesses. Debts and encourage them that they can still mandate. Mask. But to come and their business and so struck its. Texas governor and it went he thought was best for his state we're doing what we think is best for the American people. And we know from the last administration that Wear masks being socially distance is the best way to prevent people from contracting. About cove in nineteen and that's their best way to save lives. So let's turn to the Tobin released package senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said today that your administration's one point nine trillion dollar released bill could come to the senate floors early as tomorrow. Does having vaccines fully available by the end of may in this new timeline which does not lessen the need for so much emergency aid for example could extended unemployment benefits be scaled back should people are able to get back to work more quickly. Now we don't think so look we didn't do a package that goes into. Perpetuity we did a very limited packets because we were concerned about the cost but we did a packaged. That would allow us to defeat that. Twin crisis that we have gone on the economic fallout from the pandemic and held. Fallout so we just don't bunch of gratuitous and actually things and then this is a bare bones package to beat this pandemic and meet the needs. The American people so we are hopeful. And we're as aggressive as we came in the make sure that we. Produces many vaccines as we came to make sure we get and distributed we've added. Over a thousand vaccinated errors around the country so we're join up part and we're gonna keep doing it. Probably do need congress to do their part in past America rescue plan. So that we can do everything we need to do two defeat both of these crisis that we're space where right now. And as you know Democrats have faced criticism for not negotiating with Republicans enough to get bipartisan buy in for this release bill as all the past Coleman released bills. Does the White House see any cuts to this bill that could help address Republican concerns and in for example they -- huge that state and local governments are not hurting as much as expected which in their budget so clean cuts to aid dare bring down overall costs and maybe should gain some Republican votes. Let me just tell you the last five bills that you mention that we'll bipartisan I'll have one thing in common they were too little too late and they never gave us a chance to get in front of the pandemic. We just kept chasing it. An American people kept dying and so what we wanted to do was meet the needs. The pandemic to meet the needs of the economic. Crisis and look we have entertained. We have engaged win we have hosted Republican senators. At the White House to see if we could get to some meeting of the minds where one point nine trillion they came in at 600 billion. And then a question becomes what do we leave out. Do you want to take out the twenty billion that goes to veterans to 130 billion that would go. To get that schools open do you wanna take out 14100 I was that we promised. To give to Americans to help get him through this all the unemployment insurance were not willing to leave people behind. And I'm sure they don't want to leave out. Nutrition and the money and then to make sure that people are Kinney for the first time in this country sister. One and seven people. Report that they don't have enough food to eat. And so we're being very intentional about help in this country through this. Pandemic and to the extent that anybody wants to give us aid Rio offer an engaging conversations were willing to do that. Among want to turn now to the southern border and we're seeing a major influx of migrants included on including on a company mine cash on your administration is faced some criticism for deploying those temporary facilities for processing each and housing those migrants of the border while other critics say a more lenient approach on immigration issue might just invite more migrants on does it should have a handle on this or is there are concerned that it might should spiral into the same sort of border crisis that we saw on 2019. What we're still picking up the pieces from Hud the last administration's broken immigration policies or lack of immigration. Strategy and just like secretary me opposite. Yesterday that we are dealing with it and we did open a temporary facility. But it's a different environment right now is a re tuned facility that has educational needs it meant to help. Counseling and it is a more nurturing environment. But let's think about where we are we we can't house people the way we used to house people. A year ago we're gonna make sure that they socially distance we're gonna make sure that it is they called it. Conscious atmosphere. And it do that you can play less people and facilities and therefore you're gonna need. More facilities right now under in the short term we are use and it. Absolutely it's a temporary facility we want to get those kids in there we wanna get them processed in the and we wanna get them over to HHS will we will make sure that we find. Family members for them to go with our. Other shelter Fargo audience for them to live within and that is. The humane way to do it that's the way we're going to do it. And we O working very hard to make sure that those kids don't. Stay in those temporary shelters long and now our thanks to you White House senior advisor Cedric Richmond thanks for your time. Thanks for having.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond discusses the state of the COVID-19 relief bill now in the Senate and the new timeline for doses for all American adults.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76214781","title":"White House adviser: COVID relief bill 'will meet the needs of the pandemic'","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-adviser-covid-relief-bill-meet-pandemic-76214781"}