Did White House Know Clinton Deleted 30,000 Emails?

White House Press Secretary says personal emails fall outside the purview of the federal government.
2:33 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Did White House Know Clinton Deleted 30,000 Emails?
John. In the White House know that Hillary Clinton. Once the leading 30000. Emails she sent us here. John I continue to I was not aware of the personal email habits the secretary when meeting her partially known box. Well I'm I'm I'm toddler house officers sector what she just a few what's the leading. 30000. Sectors. Anybody determining or her take her evil world. Those emails. Or because days. Well again John these words this is decision is made by Secretary Clinton and her team. And what we're talking that are you know she described as personal. Related to. In which he described as of Friday it personal origins whether it's her daughter's wedding or. Or the personal things of that nature so. Again. I've ever present victims you know about the decision they made them but again we're talking about V. A decision she is made it through her own personal you know and it falls outside the purview. White House offshore. Public. Secretary Clinton needed only personally. Couldn't be any. Female athletes who. Official business John White House did not review secretary Clinton's personal in her team and her team with one that was responsible for use emails and making sure that. The 55000. Or so of them that related to her official work as the secretary of state returned over the State Department and the White House does have an interest in making sure. It is personal emails that are related to her official work. Are properly are cut in maintained. That the State Department is properly using them to respond to legitimate congressional inquiries and that is. What the State Department is doing that way of knowing whether he needed. Oh you know. The federal government did not review secretary Clinton's personal you know. A secretary Clinton's team did that if you have questions about the process they went through. Two cataloged it you know the issue directly questions about what the White House. And he steps for it anyway. Knowing whether officials were destroyed his answer yet away all you can do as always it was or. Well John it is not a practice that this administration. To review the personal Yunel. Federal government employees.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"White House Press Secretary says personal emails fall outside the purview of the federal government.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"29558632","title":"Did White House Know Clinton Deleted 30,000 Emails?","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-clinton-deleted-30000-emails-time-state-29558632"}