White House won't commit to Trump signing budget deal

Democrat and Republican Senate leaders praised their bipartisan agreement, but will Trump sign it?
15:52 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for White House won't commit to Trump signing budget deal
Good afternoon and I'm Mary Alice parks are watching ADT's the briefing room and join my my colleagues. Just an official answering a Marshall both of our White House team and the political reporter here and I was struck at their standards there seem to get the big thumbs up to it is bipartisan. Spending deal that was just announced on the senate floor even though we know it does not include funding for the wall. What your ticket. That's completely. Out of this. It's that it's sort of complete 180 from yesterday where the president was in the White House. That was shot I don't shut the government down if we don't get this immigration thing solved by the and is week. Well they don't have immigration thing solved by in this week they've just asked plan in the senate that that doesn't just at all so. It's a good thing though is get used to your spending. Answer I have. Certainly and that's where their rain right. Reconciling. She went to both support this scene basically. On. It was wrong. Culprits. Are now. This osprey because that you want to see is spending Zealander include a lot of things they want like a military spending budget and things that they haven't had for two years of sequestration for the same time he's been talking about this out and talking about immigration and made that threat yesterday and so it's a balancing act the White House is trying to do you. Say you know. It's tough when you have the president and one thing and victims and other exciting. And admit what they did certain gravity to the classic sound. Bring your Defense Secretary out saying look this is good because it funds the military for two years allows us to go to war if we need you which is could sell. And said that a check that would be paralyzed and in the right so so that's it for for those that he's got to get the shot. I practical is it. I did say that. If she wants and a government that it would you wouldn't Republicans mostly EC action as a win for Republicans and the nets were trying to put it all on Democrats let's tick through a bit of what exactly is in this bipartisan deal. That is seems like they are on board when it it would raise military caps and domestic spending. It would hike the debt ceiling. And also has. Pretty big dollar amounts for things like infrastructure twenty billion dollars over cheers for infrastructure more money for community health centers. There is a further extension. Of chip. OBI thinks nothing fantastic I disaster relief college affordability college where at least it was really remarkable I thought on Capitol Hill. He's worth are just so. Rarely used. Both sides talking about it compromised. Both sides. Saying that it was a behind partisan denied any of us convert in little help al-Qaeda in fact it came together on these issues in both sides are things that this is what congress is supposed to be and a bullet Chuck Schumer and his McConnell sent it. Both Republicans and Democrats did not love this deal that could be proud of ideas as a whole new era among. No it's remembers to plant and screw it up. The. Colombian. Diplomacy. Has been on the floor for now three plus hours talking. And ironically she thing that promise on. Doc which is the other side of the wall today. She's not on board this but she doesn't necessarily say that she wants included in the spending bill she wants a promise from the speakers at open and freedom they act gracious that basically the same promise that. She feels like Schumer on the senate Witten caught it's not included in the budget deal but they are gonna go to immigration next. And I bring up when he's now. And the speaker's offices said that they've already made that guaranteed but they did have a copy and there that as long as it was something the president could get fines and that is the big question not. We in the house they can have an open debate it isn't necessarily something the president got behind which is what we've actually seen. And obscenities bipartisan deals do not include those four pillars of the White House's that they must see an immigration. You know I think that's a really Smart went China because. We have a number of bipartisan bill on immigration and argued an energy used in both the house and the senate and the understanding is that anyone of those would pass with bipartisan vote. But speaker Ryan is waiting to bring up one of those immigration bill until he feels like the president likes and now this is percent from happening congress from 2013. At that bipartisan immigration bill it passed the senate it went over the house and many believed at the time it would also passed the house it would solve the same issues they're dealing with now. We're security would give thirty billion dollars that would solve the talking issue would it solve so many of these problems that are fighting about in cop on Capitol Hill. In DC again but they never brought up for at the time because speaker Boehner when for a house. You have to remember that the minority lights it's budget fight sometimes it's like that last bit of leverage right so would if you. Do it defense Perez spending plan for two years you lose that opportunity to really have leverage with the majority party. We have Alley wrote in one of our congressional reporters he's been riding around on Capitol Hill tracking the developments witnessed deal. Alley both sides see they can be proud of this compromise is that what you're hearing that. Exactly what I'm hearing Mary Alice surprise surprise they actually thought both sides agree happier or one. I was just talking to some senators on both sides of the aisle they seem to embrace this deal senator Lindsey Graham. Defense hawk clearly saying that this is a great deal for the military. Members of senate Democrats are touting this as a victory on some of their domestic priorities. But I think you get ready mentioned that one of the big question mark is house Democrats. House democratic leader Nancy Pelosi just hours before this bill came out stood on the house floor for. Several hours herself to rail against this proposed deal because it doesn't touch immigration. And it doesn't touch some of these other broader issues that. Congress continues to debate. The other big wild card of course is the White House now we heard Press Secretary Perry say their skin or save it. On I'm first glance this looks good but. As you guys now the president is always the biggest question mark of them all but the initial kind of hear guys and that this is this is going to go as pie pan. And just in the nick of time and Eric down to the last. Few hours days so walk us through Alley what happens next went wild is actually be voted on Saturday. That's a great question we don't actually know Mary Alice we believe. That the senate is still going have to pass this short term funding measure to get us over the hump until March 23 just to keep the government light dot. But then sometime between then and today right now. The senate is going to be voting on this broader deal all. Bennett has to go to the house and get a vote and again we think that house Republicans are on board. We think some house Democrats are going to be on board it's just sort of a question of whether Nancy Pelosi decides you give the green light for folks to vote on this. And it was it passes the house it's on its way to the senate and again until we hear the president. Weigh in on what he wants that we don't exactly know how he's going to you to weigh in on this but I would be very surprised if he rejects this because. This is a plan to basically everybody in Washington green tail. Grade is much harder to say you're not sure about something. That it is to actually Ito refused to sign a bill that is made it to the president's desk and. And what they did was they had this Defense Secretary come out there and then explain the White House position on the matter which is we support it would be. Extraordinary. For the White House and that it took for the presidency that is where after he has fans out there in the White House briefing room. They supported it her in buying and encouraged and called. Like you mentioned earlier shut down very damaging and paralyzed. If I can remind you guys if I keep my eyes just yesterday. President truck that I want I sat down and in American everything everything we don't wanna check out so now we found. I laugh a little a degree of separation rate bank. I think that that's right of the Alley we need you to figure out this is gonna pass when they're gonna vote on it and make sure that act the government doesn't actually shut down so. I'd get back to and we appreciate you always bringing your expertise. You know sentenced. Also getting a lot of questions about allegations. Lives today and another White House staffer rob Porter adjusting to new. Phyllis in about what we now he rapper is the presence to have secretary this is not a household name but. The basically fair Sanders announced today that he is planning on resigning in the near future on there have been published reports that he. Yet. Ponte telling allegations of domestic abuse and and or pictures that went along with that and I but he's denied he's innocent said they were outraged so he strongly vehemently denied them today. Said the pictures were taken out of context but he also announced yes Anders that he resign so he pager. I didn't. You know I had given once again in the White House sort of plagued by allegations of misconduct these personnel issues. So much turnover there. I think some kind of forget who's even some of the building. And I think that this point I think I need here on the sale of more which is why this matters. With this president who seems to be so proud to flip flop on issues. Who is the police in his ear was the last narron and talk to him on any given topic. Can really make a difference to think drives somebody intrigue us. High eighteen industry over any personal issues let alone if there was really. Kind assessment that once more turning scenes administrations it's only been here exactly. And so many people. That's dramatic actions do so with some disaster yeah. This it looks like those days. You are asking isn't an elephant could be really dramatic. There are a lot of questions about whether or not the president actually in the end and requested. A military parade of big. Broad sweeping parade down Pennsylvania Avenue and with the military. Will. Deliver yet on this wait courtesy that jets and I don't like something Americans living truck. Made this city is really turn on mental thing with in in Paris on regular day. And start talking he wants one of his own. I'm it remains Tivo actually do that Mattis was asked about that he said that would connect eighth or put them together Yeltsin did get eight. How it will caviar the Ares and they're looking out options which means that they're considering this request an uncertain or not we've talked to people at least one person uses the you know. This is an assignment that he would be willing to take on the arm packaged in it. My personal feeling about the whole thing on. Military parades generally and it's one thing to honor veterans and do that in that can be done and respectful way. Military parades and nationalistic way are typically in my opinion for countries that. Need to promote military because they don't have military strength we the United States has no history moment where every. For it was all systems started. Decades ago yet they're different at least that's not something a modern military honor country is decides to put on for the sake of aptly enough something we have seen here. Admire tiny. I also remember we have hundreds of thousands of troops deployed. Are still overseas is not exactly where it has racked up there in east frequently previous administrations. Half have free document we will we're two for example so there's nothing they can. Actively celebrate at big we incoming. And now tonight the French too much but. They need more be. Reminder globally about their military strength and we'd. I mean that the world does not need a reminder of any question out about where our pain and and Americans that might have trouble understanding that. If you're not from this country you're from somewhere else you are seeing a lot of US military presence around the world and bases air carrier is an hour and so. He look there's a way to do it hastily perhaps. But. Well many if you look at the cost you millions of dollars likely in order to bring in those tanks and make sure that it cited secured DC is not easy to sit and some estimates and it would be more security or carpet treatment that and the inauguration. For example how much goes into that and that kind of a cost went right now there and it bipartisan deal don't have a budget in the Pentagon. You know right how to deal with the VA hospital issue and hunt and regulate epidemic that it Billy the US military personnel specifically. Back unnecessary costs they wanted to get away from other programs. Is definitely. Controversial and I think at least. There are a few questions in the briefing about whether or not the White House would declassify and release that democratic net I don't. We saw that released that public and not on the beginning of the rest now. In the future. I didn't have people this is gonna get exciting thing. Really out of five the court alone isn't really. Conversation yet another record this morning with former attorney John. General Eric Holder consent that he thought that that first Republican memo seems. Accurate in many ways but that he hopes that now that it was out the White House would release. The Democrat rebuttal do you think that seems likely it. If this I think they will I think it'll be a little different thing to leverage actions of from what we've heard the democratic memo as much longer much more detailed. Might include sources and methods that might require the White House to redact things and keep things classified death in a way that wasn't done with the Republican memo but. I would. Now I think I think it would be a question if they redacted because they RD I asked the FBI and DOJ to look at this man island productive as NASA's year's event. And the White House furthering tax outside Atlanta behind you Jake thought was neat and and it becomes political it. I don't suggesting that they keep saying they're gonna follow both prophecies are gonna listen to let DOJ and FBI after it out that's not enough. Though they ignored what DOJ and FBI had to say about releasing a Republican. I think ultimately they don't release the darker matter memo it is do you legitimizes the Republican and if you're not willing to show the other side then. Maybe maybe that won't do that one upset them but I think a lot of people CRA. Final thoughts what did you hear what you working passes we Serena. Can't really there are even. Following account that is going to play out that isn't the issue has a lot of people fired it's a big numbers of his comments. I'm Kelly yesterday company mind how many things. Would be eligible and seen out given us by resentment. In palm on that Clinton's really be really interesting to see if 88. The walls stand alone if this budget. Taxes and now that will be the next today and whether they stick to this idea of a compromise. Whether they continue to tout that they got bipartisan agreement and welcome potentially new air out there on Capitol Hill are both sides talk. And work together. Ukraine. And even watching ABC's the briefing room I'm Mary Alice park's plant but doesn't that still hasn't read Marshall. That we believe that next time at a briefing now now the app. Watch this again thanks so much.

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{"id":52910248,"title":"White House won't commit to Trump signing budget deal","duration":"15:52","description":"Democrat and Republican Senate leaders praised their bipartisan agreement, but will Trump sign it?","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-commit-trump-signing-budget-deal-52910248","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}