White House on 'Exceedingly Difficult' Task of Keeping Tabs on 'Lone Wolf' Radicals

Press Secretary Josh Earnest says more coordination needed with technology sector.
4:14 | 06/03/15

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Transcript for White House on 'Exceedingly Difficult' Task of Keeping Tabs on 'Lone Wolf' Radicals
John. Related question on on my sister's testimony today. Congress. On those. In this country who are feeding on the basis propaganda through so well through social media. Are you confident that the administration has that schools he needs. To keep track monitor those who are here in the United States. Radicalized by it's propaganda. John you've heard amaru law enforcement national security professionals. That that this is very difficult work. And and the president himself has it been observed in previous occasions that the the threat. And that he's particularly worried. About. Is serve the lone wolf threat an individual that. Could be radicalize essentially would carry out an operation. Of their own doing that would result in some violence and trying to prevent that is XX exceedingly difficult and in some ways it's all the more reason that we are gratified that the senate finally did pass the USA freedom act immature and it. Our national scooter professionals do have all the tools that they say are important. It is to keep in countries to put. What they're saying they don't have the tools he's with the renewal of the parts of the Patriot Act you have. Head of the counterterrorism division yet yet today I say it one of the big problems that are facing his. The the availability of new encryption technology. And who they are into the dark those were his words there in the dark he's basically pleading for. For new authorities for congress that's why I ask what what's the west's position seizing thousands. Every day are feeding on the basis propaganda in this country. And they don't have the authorities. To keep track. This is a challenge that this does not the Patriot Act outfits and that there are professional poets this is a challenge the president mindful of he was. Get an opportunity to talk with us a little bit when prime minister Cameron with is in the White House early this year. And this does set up a tough. Challenge. A balancing. The privacy and civil liberties of law abiding American citizens. With the need. For us to try to. I detect and apprehend. Terrorists before they commit an act of violence. And yeah that's why you're the president has. Yet spoken to this and it's something that we're mindful of and yes you're right that the other challenge that's presented here. Is that in we were common technology we're talking about new innovations. And it means that the techniques that are employed by the our national security professionals need to adapt to the innovations in the technology sector and that is a a very difficult challenge. But it's one that. Ways that the presence he was very focused on and frankly there is an opportunity for us Melinda the president to work with the tech sector on this that as much as they value. And championed the privacy and civil liberties rights of American citizens. We also know that. Those individuals do not want to be a situation where there technology is responsible for allowing somebody who is seeking to carry out an act of violence. If they detection from the federal government so. What this is so this is a very thorny. Policy challenge and maybe even among the most difficult challenges that the president faces. But it's one that he's mindful of its one that his team has been working on in one that. We should be able to manage our way through. If we try to seize the kind of common ground. Consistent with the way that House of Representatives and the senate acted two despite the difficult challenges of re authorizing the Patriot Act but also incorporating. Important reforms that required people to put aside politics focus on those areas where we agree to some the right for the country and even after and and inexplicable delay by the senate that ultimately what was achieved in and that I think do you think. Absent a delay does serve as a model for how we can work our way through these other. Particularly difficult policy issues.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Press Secretary Josh Earnest says more coordination needed with technology sector. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31501877","title":"White House on 'Exceedingly Difficult' Task of Keeping Tabs on 'Lone Wolf' Radicals","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-exceedingly-difficult-task-keeping-tabs-lone-31501877"}