White House Says Hagel Resignation Mutual Decision

Josh Earnest says Hagel role in Obama's anti-ISIS strategy is 'substantial.'
2:25 | 11/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White House Says Hagel Resignation Mutual Decision
If he'd done such a wonderful job to us policy accomplishments and why did he have to go. We want well again this is based on a conversation between the two of them about what the next two years this administration's gonna look like. And based on what those priorities are going to be over the next two years both men determined. That. That is an appropriate time for. A secretary Natal to step down in for someone else to take their intimate and how central was heat to crafting a strategy of the president's pursuit. Against I a style. We'll have a strategy towards Syria general he obviously the secretary of defense has a very important role play net strategy. Our men and women in uniform are performing a variety of important functions in that region of the world the first. And I think the most significant are the air strikes have been carried out against missile targets both in Iraq in Syria in Iraq they're obviously in support of ongoing ground operations by Iraqi Kurdish security forces that there also is an important role for military to play in terms of providing. Equipment to Iraqi Security Forces there also is an important training. And advisory component. So there are a number of important things at the Department of Defense is doing against Iceland's obviously the secretary of defense has to play an important role. Doing do two things one is making recommendations to the president about the capabilities of Department of Defense. And into what's the president set out a strategy implementing it within his department obviously there are a lot of elements of the present strategy need to be implemented. And it directly at the department. Actually no question of that what it when I asked though is. How central was he a critical see how much ownership does he have over the strategy. That the president's pursuit obviously. He's been implementing and many strategy in spores it involves the Department of Defense. But in terms of the president's strategy the approach he's taken to Syria. Specifically into the to the fight exercises in Iraq and Syria. How much or roll it talk. Well and the role he played a substantial as it was with other members of the presidential security can we we all. About the conversations and hear about the number of national security meeting to the president convened. But to discuss this issue and obviously again there are significant equities when it comes to the department defense and to the president expected. To hear from his secretary of defense on on a number of these important strategic decisions and the president is pleased with the advice and counsel that security will provide.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Josh Earnest says Hagel role in Obama's anti-ISIS strategy is 'substantial.' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"27141039","title":"White House Says Hagel Resignation Mutual Decision","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-hagel-resignation-mutual-decision-27141039"}