White House holds 1st press briefing since Florida high school shooting

ABC News' powerhouse political team covers the WH press briefing on "The Briefing Room."
16:39 | 02/20/18

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Transcript for White House holds 1st press briefing since Florida high school shooting
Don't have a briefing on ABC just for the director Rick Klein welcome to the briefing room joined here by just official. And Mary Alice parks for mark team here we're gonna get all the headlines because it's the first time we've heard. From the White House directly since the shooting. In Florida also a lot of lingering loose ends around Russia and the Mueller investigations addition to the rob Porter fallout a consent whole lot happening in a week. But we do want to start down in the state of Florida where were very privileged. To be joined right now by Lorenzo Lotto and Melanie Webber to the students who survived that rat horrific attack. At the high school in Florida last week. And Lorenzo. You're you're due here there and I understand you're a harrowing experience being. The team and recently in the aftermath you're on the bus right now to Tallahassee. Line here fellow students are. Or are going to be some noise at the State Capitol in Florida what do you make so far which bird. From the White House from Washington about the reaction to the shooting. I like how they are painted a good chunk. Starting to talk. Causing it. Like I'm making changes in the laws. I had created their vote his body rush. They spoke. Comes. It was rush. Quite frequently. And I think. Going through right now has a more important issue. And a horrific accident. Max it murder that happened last week Wednesday. I'd. Appreciate I'd write him. The way bad news reversing the kid has the rain because it takes away from the fact that. That he was able to purchase a gun legally even though he was the rain. And Melanie Webber sat right next to you there on the bus Lorenzo valley what what's what's your sense of what has to come out of this what. Would satisfy you in the concerns of so many of your your classmates out of as we know that will be a meeting at the White House tomorrow. You know that some action in Tallahassee what are the things that you're looking to get out of this in terms of policy changes. I'm I think we're looking at learn more restrictions and regulations Stanton in my mind. It was very apparent to everyone living in our community that is. It was not meant to be stable and that's giggling in the Lincoln area fifteen and I think are the meeting that we want to get Sunday's make sure that someone like night. Purchase a weapon of winning. I want to ask this question of all of you because I can't imagine him what you've been through in the past we you know it's less than a week. Since this gunman at that many of you knew so well opened fire at school and it's terrific. Tragedy takes place in your reaction to it there's been an undercurrent that job for you pick felt horrible that people. Questioning. How how real your commitment to this issue is that people are people have been saying some Republican congressman even on. On CNN's there earlier today suggesting that their national organizers were part of this I just want to hear from you guys. What is motivating you. To jump into this battle in the week you have these last six days. Well I've always been very passionate about the issue of control but after experience. Something like a fascinating firsthand I feel like it's my responsibility I think I get it back when us news and its cooling off feeling it's our responsibility. To me that this is changed its nature and of course it's not have to live or that we live. I my inspiration to Wear this change. The lights that were lost. David can't go any pain my friend. Nick closed door. Killed yeah. Saving his life he pushed the girl I don't way and not how you feel. He was a hero on that day and I want to make a change so that they don't like him as ever loss ever again so horrific accident. If people like which buys. And coach takes. I'm calling like these people's lives can. Just going namely that it is because there hasn't been something that's changed from music that's why I want to see. Paparazzi. Make some. If we just one. Our school doesn't behave arson. We can't think we don't do anything in his behalf via mail I feel like you. Changes so we don't. It is he's disrespect to the people have been lost in this tragedy. We'll read Lorenzo bottle Melanie Webber good luck on his journey up Tallahassee and with all of the very hard work ahead it's been. Guys just inspiring to hear from the students in this and what they're trying to get him against a for a period time. There's no doubt that their friends and family must be so proud of their willingness to you. Come out they're asking their minds become active. It's such young kids who are now have to remember from coming at 141516. Assists. A whole I mean they're there their minds are so young and to go. Out there and and speak in this sort of political world must be examining them and sort of impressive you know I think that it wasn't and it struck everybody that this generation seems to be willing to go pictures that. That guy in direct trauma. We want to check in with the drug and it was on the ground in Florida for checking out some of the headlines as well as any anticipation you're hearing about this summit tomorrow we deserve for the White House. That it will be people who were impacted. By the tragedy in Florida last week will be in attendance we don't know much about the details yet but what else that you hear on the ground today. We've all been waiting for details on exactly who will be in that. Listening session with the president's it was. Good to find that out today what they're toward a dimension because yours were just talked about those kids if they are intimidated at all by. Entering to this political world I'm not seeing it at all they've been very outspoken they're probably vocal. And they understand this that the news cycle they don't think he'd keep the pressure on and that is exactly what they're doing. Really just a matter of days over the shooting so I wanna touch on something that our affiliate WP elegy. Got a hold of it's pretty eye opening got a hold of Nicholas Cruz the alleged shooters individualized education plan BI EP. And there are a lot of details just within the past couple years in there. That kinda just make you think or there's another red flag here stuff like. Teachers noticed that he would get very distracted around the topic of dogs he like talking about. Terrorism and wars who talked about we just had trouble focusing when any of those topics came up. We just spoke with a former specialist of the EST program activities which receive special needs program who said that. The system basically failed him here he was doing fine in the special needs programs will they lose that originally he was excelling. Is grades are doing better at home he was behaving better and that once he tree answered over film and Douglas school all of those safeguards everything that was in place warm there. Without those there he just kind of kind of deteriorated form so she thinks that there was them. Another ball was dropped and there was some red flags in the reporters while you also of course have the FBI. Acknowledging that they got a tip just last month. About it and they didn't hospital into the proper field office you have the department children Bailey's investigation. They were you know they found that he was depressed that he wanted to bio weapon but ultimately is found notes signs of neglect for the what was that investigation. They also have a number of students that I've spoken with your on the ground. Who told me repeatedly that they filed complaint after complaint about the coolest person that he sent them text messages. Threatening them or their families their boyfriends and their girlfriends repeatedly filing these complaints with school officials. And they say that nothing was done we have spoken with the proctor school district about that. And they say that they have it took the proper procedures. What they could there were still waiting at the clarification because we've gotten we spoke with the seemed to fit the numbers of complaints are far larger than we initially heard. Way to get that cleared up but against so many red flags that appear to have been missed here guys. No doubt about that picked Victor candor thank you for being with us Natalie of Florida appreciate it appreciate the workers that are continue to come out of order expect there. In getting guys just as we're on the air here's some news from the White House the president is has signed up. Memorandum that what does ban so called off he's he's very fan that philosophy is massacre. And it does seem like from the disabled from the White House he's actually get its act reaches back something we thought was while and declare. And this system over. Let's briefing. He's ordering that the eulogy to draft something. That would regulate them by us so it's. Let's start to do something it's not necessarily mean and these are devices that that that turn a semi automatic weapons this is on what this this dot that you attach the main issues used it. It basically mimics when an automatic weapon you. I think it's Barnes remember that there is bipartisan. Four different counties ice is right after Los the issue during a number of bills and a rough whip counts as suggested bills that passed. But Republican leadership on Capitol Hill late punted back to law enforcement wouldn't bring up a bill for an up or down vote. So we really got to a point where it was going to be movement it was gonna have to come from opera and it. And the executive branch because Republicans on Capitol Hill at least leadership didn't want to move forth about. Him move forward now to the TV is summit tomorrow we'll see if any comes out and out in the meantime the president continued his war against the FBI over the weekend pretty eye opening comments on Twitter. Suggesting that that it. Much time. On this beat the clock investigation therefore missing signals it was answer from Sarah Sanders Jon Karl our colleague was asking some tough questions about the president actually believe. That the Muller investigation is the reason that it missed the signals that that's not necessarily. He certainly an odd explanation for the president's own words what does that we speak for itself if we could make. The tough. Q do well. Obviously at the top concern in Florida on calls. Or it's our work. Also because the absence of actually underline passages in any of that tweets that sentiment weekend. Who suggested that the entire crash investigation was a week's time. And attic because it has so many Americans. Really scratch their heads because you have law enforcement agents saying this is a real thing. That Russians were engaged in a concerted concealed efforts that reads like a spy novel and the president tweeting about how he's. Tired of hearing. That's right in a ties back to the news that broke on Friday whose. Indictments of of Russian nationals and in part of the conspiracy that smaller. Is not seeking to prove it for now they get these guys back here for extradition unlikely that this Italy today. But tried but making he's black white yes there wasn't in an effort to to try to disrupt national politics. It seemed to relax our senators went slightly further than did the White House has not worked in try to the other Russians it to try to medal but it they're capable obviously those are what can submit that the law here in their caveat is that they say they're repeating this line from Rosen Stein. Which was not in the indictment. That the meddling didn't have an impact well that personal the net and doesn't say that. It's just not if it's just not known six MEU how can we measure what these FaceBook ads. At what impact they had on election night so they're using that line and this is a lie and I felt that rose's time. Throughout our purpose to please the president because again it was not in the indictment. To just say blanket this didn't have an impact on election sort of he is not know basically. Of course not there's no way campaign can know for certain at a certain billboard a traditional black is the one that swings of voters' mind right Camden. Candidates engaging campaigns and pay for messaging because they know that the entire political conversation. Let the leads up to someone final decision of voting. So it isn't possible I think you know to attract it backed down but but what I was shocked there's that once again she was asked. What is the president going to do now that there are these clear indictments that the law enforcement community top cops in Washington are saying. But the country was under attack and that rashes and going to continue to try to meddle in political discourse. And the answer was basically nothing but try it would have been why the meeting were hasn't yeah we'll look I think option. But the idea that the national security president who ran on building a wall who ran on tougher immigration ring amonte. Beaten up the military has no security plan for responding to Russia is shocking. And and we saw just today I think was trying to New York Times that said. You know that the Russians are doing the same thing after the shooting they were sort of rejecting these fake narratives. And don't argue that the riled up and to give people. No back into their corners very quickly guys we can go before the shooting these stores rob Warner all the various issues that we you'll. That's White House officials announcement late last week by the White House he'd is that any office. Ferris enters asked about what was in court but there. She's not a comic caricature we know he's operating under through security it is reported that it's a little tricky is the White House won't confirm that but that was it. It was against us what did you make of what she said or did not impacting his work well. If we're to believe that. Which as you White House says that by next Friday anybody working under enter the security clearances can the is out on you know longer game end here active politically that. And that he has answers here your partner Matt so basically what the way every it is. It will apply to most people just. The president could override any president could say I'm making some months now whether or not they have security clearance he the president ran. He dictates who get secure you know clearance and who gets to be. In his White House but I think it's important to remember there's a reason that so many members of the staff don't have security clearances. We don't know what those treatments aren't we didn't know why Iraq where security act had. Deny installed and slow lots by law enforcement. But there's some reason. That all of these staffers have not been able to get clearance and. That's interest in which we know now why. Rob where it was because that six these allegations which is of I would say in what has that's huge distinction between this allegation domestic abuse and whatever may be holding I don't know what. That's not care Twomey. But I mean. It's bitter all sorts of could be back. It would in this backlog but the Porter thing with that. It would problem because that information can be used to blacked. Exactly that aren't a lot that happened over the last week I think that just official Mary Alice parks Victor canto and Rudolph Ford really special here the students on the plus as they. Engage in this lobbying campaign Tallahassee that does it for this edition of the briefing room don't forget that fidelity is out. Uneasy it looked rhetoric we've back here next time. On the briefing.

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