White House holds press briefing amid protests over health care

ABC News' Rick Klein, Arlette Saenz and John Santucci discuss Trump's comments on the NFL and the GOP health care bill.
12:34 | 09/25/17

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Transcript for White House holds press briefing amid protests over health care
I don't walk into the creek the body heat Klein doing today by. Its officers and Charlotte signs from Mara from our a Pennsylvania Avenue team will be joined by colleagues and apple -- few moments but it's fine it. That rocket in the White House not backing down anyway with the president started by himself on Friday night. With the suggestion. That is evolved over the last couple days that the players. Protest the National Anthem at some way buyers those extraordinary. Scenes that played out during the games yesterday we've heard from NBA players and it L players this is rippled throughout society is the major cultural moment. And constitution. The response to the White House is to wrap themselves lack. Absolutely mutiny complete your team eels in here interestingly enough is. So you think you're ordered earlier this morning we've been talking it sources all around the White House over the weekend. And usually there are moments and some senior staffers have a little dissent on route the president mediation is that it that way. Really shocking and I have not heard anything from a senior source. Hanging like that they are completely behind the president think he's completely right think that the. Trump supporters are going to be in line in this really feeds into the trump face and river where this whole story down Alabama. BP trump red red stain. I'm was one of the largest rallies he had on the campaign trail he often talk about it for that reason. So it's not surprising that he would make a comment like that in a place where he knew he'd have friends in the audience but. It is so incredible to see nobody distance themselves in this White House at the moment. Push themselves even further and some of the comments that are happy meaning we all had its interaction you have mentioned first about what people be doing anything gains at least movable. Our that doesn't have is. And odd moment it was doubling down on Twitter and she really seemed to be trickling out there and she made this comment means that. If they can't property in his intention was to protest. Police brutality that maybe he should be out there protesting. The senate the American flag. Suddenly declare ASCII. And to protest is out now on. The Packers but. I it did it. It's possible action on each walked back at him and all week that clip is immediately it is not without its moments that Press Secretary which is back when you really trying to be able clever your response but. I acreage on the White House seems to know what you doing here in the sense that president trump. Fought through some level political do this thing and and I realize how it's gonna outs don't like let's get to Cecilia Vega right now because Cecilia. I thought you ask the terrific question today asking specifically if that if the White House the president thought they were very fine people take it any you'd really answer. Per usual I some pieces of up and I guess I'm Patti is doing. You know I experience a little bit. A double standard I think it's fair to fans aren't gonna apologize because I. Here at the White House the construction zone as you can see behind its partner he actually even here you others. Actors and stuff going on but but look I think it's a very fair question for this White House right now the president. Faced a lot of criticism for his response to Charlotte's now when he said that they were very fine people on both sides of those protests. Among those fine people neo Nazis in kkk members and yet here he is in very clear terms. Talking and using profanity to describe some of the players. Who protested. Not against the American flag as the White House the narrative that this White House wants to put forward today but against. At the Genesis of this protest police brutality against people of color in this country. And soul we've not heard the president use glowing terms about the people who've been protesting here and I I think it's a fair questions are Zander said that. That I was inflating two issues I'm but I also asked about this issue of a reason as there and race and and racial tension that is really I think to many people at the heart. Of this discussion we're having in this country right now the president yesterday said it's not about race the White House today says it's not about race this is about. Defending. Our National Anthem is about unifying a country and coming together. And I think a lot of people particularly people of color would strongly disagree with this that at at the basis of the the very beginning Holland happening in temp stow forty niners taking is taking to his meet. During a National Anthem was a direct response to what he said was police brutality. And disenfranchisement of African Americans in this country so this is very much an issue out rate and Hartford's White House argue otherwise. Let's get back to the construction Burke right behind you the art doesn't always get no art at ABC heart I would I would hate you that's I would hate the put. That would work but that's an important point because the president has been saying the last couple leaves nothing. It's all about us now. That it. And last. At the UN yeah strong on North Korea. Good couple weeks with the hurricane response and speaking people. One person are going. Aside you know we can all agree Charlottesville. This situation and his response was probably one of the worst of his presidency. But Adams six weeks ago I. If they don't yours area. But people saying they felt pretty good about where things were had seen person I spoke to yesterday. Still defending the president puts it. Now you think you get a calm moment once again we're back and minds. Yeah. Of the United States very powerful platform to waste that we feel I think over the weekend maybe president truck was surprised but it's not sports world come together and speak out with justice. Of boys. And I don't get me into. The reaction will looks at what is it that he's talking. And put it out there looking for these moments he's done it before where there's an opportunity to department like. Bush. Talk at this earlier much smaller group we were seeing you know. Think about what's been going on last couple weeks the president has really done it. An analyst at control but. More confines yeah expect general county's new chief of staff over the White House and we seem less tweets we've seen a more focused message. What's happened in the last week and a half the president has not been in Washington. He's been either trump tower as real home or nothing that mr. New Jersey. The circles a little looser there and it no and they were moments strapped campaign early on during the rights terrorists calling. It's all just walk in and get to him and get something in his head. And if it's half. And I think that's a great point it all takes one person dismissed the casually and I was NFL on its might and of course sir Sanders was was chiding people are asking if annually about this. We saw the tweets we saw the comments he was making news on this but a lot else going on. Is that there is accurate for the White House this is the week after or were there still expecting help your vote that looks like it has just about note. North Korea's office who had a lot about the issue. Alabama. At the act is happening right. That's like he's been and I know is he trying to opposite proctor he's just doing what he support. Capital. It hasn't just look to look at the pictures up there today this is the one and only hearing they're having this Graham Cassidy feel it. Devolved into chaos inside and outside packed hearing room. Really dramatic to see protesters. Including some disabled protesters who were. Physically removed from the hearing. I seen those pictures right now in this hearing under under way right now on Capitol Hill. It's the only shot that people have to weigh on we will not something that could undo obamacare and do. Protections for a lot of people that room potentially. Even had to go into Reese asked the that is that protest were were so loud and then the committee chair senator Orrin hatch told people you need to shut off. Which took a different. Here's. I mean people that you will means affected by repeal obamacare still unclear what I'm asking you sounds lightens the best friend John McCain sort of killed this yeah. But they're trying to reach you know more. Evident there they're trying to put sweeteners. That is it seems very top but man you'll replace me. 20092000. And working on legislation put in some sweeteners there own that process and the angry demonstrations that they were ignoring it is really be your first. This topic particularly when you see these images back on how you are Republicans that is that the fine. Success around this. If this is the unit all that more than mean ones all of that have McCain ran out skis so costly power. It once they keep it fifty pounds everything he's saying. It's hard to see this moment the White House having much sway over this. The Palestinians and president even this morning did an interview in Alabama on the radio and he didn't sound he didn't admit defeat he didn't tell optimistic he basically said. We'll lose two or three votes and then that's we got. And it as of right now they're gonna they're hoping to have on Wednesday but it's still. The numbers are against. And you mentioned Alabama that's going to be a very big political story tomorrow. Vice president hence is going to be where the president was on Friday for talk. Trying to talk ups and other Luther strange president struck today got the first name wrong of the ball anymore anyway. Even if you may remember that name they have a tattooed on his memory if he if he suffered defeat here because tonight we're seeing Steve Madden. Sebastian orca show up. War judge Roy Moore who's the more inserted Kaelin back that candidate this is this is kind of a big moment for. Him in terms of demonstrating its control of his over the supporters bullets also. Factions of the trauma base now you have the V and mainstream Republicans have a more conservatives. And then really I would argue to separate wing that is this and in coalition. And Pat Buchanan down on the air. Who just left the White House has he has fashioned work just exit shortly there after Sarah Palin what one of the first big supporters to keep now the president. Literally travel everywhere with him going are on Iowa in the final stretch is there and he. It's pretty interesting to see that divide it's happening right now in the trump loyalist if you will not falling in line with this president and error was asked that. Obviously dodged the question but it is an interesting conversation to have about him does he have control of the people that are he's. And in he's and declare victory regardless of who we can shoot. We got angry yes that an eyewitness have argued that CB six. One. In Nazis it's a win I think that's ultimately that. All right guys we're gonna we're gonna wrap things up for today from the briefing room Jonathan Butler at a. Overcome by night Monday Night Football so awful. And it's not just cut off you also have Brian James speaking out today. It expires. In Italy the earth there is an Arab communities and I think it. It. I think I think I think we learned that the White House is gonna stand behind president tactical reports this is what. Looks for these moments and acting president I think do what he's doing. It doesn't mean that he and his advisors to our room last week that you know while Oracle after that it means that he's got it. Think he sees these pictures he sees it does not with a protest peacefully with them Americans and with it. If it's lining up against the American again terms that this but if he can refrain against president up against you as Americans all against the Americans lack. He lets. All right pretty remarkable briefing today that does it for this edition of Reading room for Johnson to let signs I'm Rick Klein we've back next time for another edition of the briefing.

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{"id":50087504,"title":"White House holds press briefing amid protests over health care ","duration":"12:34","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein, Arlette Saenz and John Santucci discuss Trump's comments on the NFL and the GOP health care bill.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-holds-press-briefing-amid-protests-health-50087504","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}