White House Mum on Anna Wintour as Ambassador

ABC News' Jake Tapper asks if President Obama has seen "The Devil Wears Prada."
1:38 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for White House Mum on Anna Wintour as Ambassador
What qualities as president look forward -- -- ambassador. What's important for us -- People. You know I. Anticipate the question you're asking and I can tell you in advance will answer the question but that I have no personal announcements. Not -- -- speculation about. Possible personnel announcements. You know I think that the the president in all of his personnel appointments looks for. Talent. And wisdom and character in his appointees and he would do that. Regardless of the position. -- over diplomats and pork. -- -- the and in another way of addressing that as that is to answer the question that there have been enormously effective diplomats in this country's history. Who have not necessarily risen through the diplomatic -- -- we have enormously talented. Obstacles for or pop culture. You are -- I mean I don't and I understand it that's a -- rhetorical question and diplomacy. Is -- effectively perform -- diplomats but we had. One of the greatest. Diplomats of his generation passed away not long ago Richard Holbrooke and I think everyone who knew him or do. Sent across the table from him would agree that he was not by anyone traditional definition. Particularly diplomatic. -- but also a growing negotiator. They've -- all types and sizes and approaches. Anything that --

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{"id":17887493,"title":"White House Mum on Anna Wintour as Ambassador","duration":"1:38","description":"ABC News' Jake Tapper asks if President Obama has seen \"The Devil Wears Prada.\"","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-mum-anna-wintour-ambassador-17887493","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}