White House Says Obama's Comment About Elizabeth Warren Not Disrespectful

Press Secretary Josh Earnest says the president often refers to senators by first names.
2:41 | 05/13/15

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Transcript for White House Says Obama's Comment About Elizabeth Warren Not Disrespectful
Omar on the trade question the specific the substance of what senator brown said he's had the president been disrespectful. When he suggested that senator Warren was just another politician. Personal to you take that part of it would what does the president was president's response to the allegation that he was being disrespectful. I believe that that is of preferences should run attacks and I think that president and the interview was asked directly about. Senator Warren and the president. Noted that. It's that worn hold elective office. The president the presence is included in politician adequate though yeah yeah politicians like aces like the president might well I think he's like the rest of us yet. In I think that's an indication that. The press the point the president's making that she's making a political argument. The president making a political argument and we can happy robust difference of opinion a robust debate and that the point is though. That this doesn't reflect the difference in values. The president senator Warren both believe. That it's important for government be putting our government be putting in place policies that looks and human opportunity for things they share that is a top priority. It you have pretty stark differences in about the best way to do that in this case but when it comes to raising the minimum wage with the Affordable Care Act or implementing Wall Street reform. I that there is strong opinion on the merits on the values on the principles that state. Hands. That's why. You. There may be differences over this one issue that the president has continued to have confidence in the strong working relationship that he has ever. And what about the suggestion by using her first name. The president was. Acting in ways that he would not he was speaking about her in waited he would not speak about male there. Well. You typically we could do not at all this. Works all mortgages. The sixers lately. And if you didn't. When what went out and I think some of written this already there are a number of instances. Whether president has used the first being that the senators. Both men went. Including multiple instances when she effort. Shared brown that shared. A heck aren't capitalists not an argument which is law also why I believe it. I'm senator brown given the opportunity to consider his remarks. Will offer an apology because he's statement that.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Press Secretary Josh Earnest says the president often refers to senators by first names.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31020829","title":"White House Says Obama's Comment About Elizabeth Warren Not Disrespectful","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-obamas-comment-elizabeth-warren-disrespectful-31020829"}