White House officials give update on effort to combat coronavirus

Dr. John Brownstein discusses President Joe Biden's plan to increase vaccination rollout, when to expect herd immunity and concerns over COVID-19 variants that have been found in the U.S.
7:18 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for White House officials give update on effort to combat coronavirus
I'm all right you've been watching the White House cove in nineteen response team hold the first of what they say will be a regular briefings on combating the corona virus. There are number of headlines and updates to come out of that one of them being that the new CDC director doctor Schell one ski said that we are now on pace for one point six million doses. Per day of the vaccine over the past week that is significant because its head of the goal. Set by prison Biden and his administration to do one million doses per day. But he did say yesterday that they were hoping to pick that up and what they mentioned today is that the one million doses per day is more of a floor. And they hope to do much better than that and it looks like at least over the past week they've been ahead of that pace. Some of the other headlines include some of the new variants that we've seen popping up around the world. The Varian out of the UK now reported and 26 different states this of course is a variant that's believed to be. Much more more contagious and even some new research out of the UK suggesting that it. May possibly be more deadly as well all those scientists and researchers are still investigating gaps. That very and out of South Africa. Which has raised some questions about the impact of the vaccine so far has not been detected in the United States but there is one case. Of a new variant out of Brazil. To take a look at all of this in dig a little bit deeper here for analysis let's bring in ABC news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein doctor brown CNET thank you so much for your time we always do appreciate it. The starting with the vaccines. And what they said there are about the case. And over the past week now beating that goal of one million doses per day an average of more than one and a half million now. Is that more in line with where we need to be. Let me all. Phenomenal to see us this reshape led by science really focused arch. Where we are and where we need to be. You folks how witty. News raised its worst starting nearly right the distribution while point six per day. As you heard he's this is you do one million gain was slower or didn't know what you are hurting the White House I. You are is a reasonable RT. But yeah and that weren't were eating our ability to move initiation Sanders and really getting there aren't teaching bigger are. And your child's parents used seats but we know what they're getting huge. These are you well. What Renee Chenault and his band really get a so much faster and her needs rational young men whose parents need to. And speaking of the supply chain read this bottleneck in that we've seen experience of the state level I mean I was at a hospital last week. Where they were running out of first doses of vaccine here in new York and they were just going day to day they actually didn't even know. When the next supply was coming in the Biden administration has promised. To be able to give states three weeks advance notice so they can start to plan. How much of an impact and how quickly will we see these things will result in more people getting shots into there are. Apps I think you can make a huge difference remember army we we've been reporting on the fact that her nursing homes long term care facilities had. Almost like a glut of supply in many cases because it was her over estimated indeed in those facilities while we were really under doing it for the community where in receiving extension eligibility groups finished staged in half ton of flexibility to reorient that supply. And it had a hundred visibility whereas going in now with its ability give three weeks visibility and federal governments are committing to this two day rolling average client if it really didn't make sure that these places where there's high demand. Are getting their act. Vaccines yet and of course opening up appointments. It's because we know so many people across this country are checking daily deceit they can get their formats finally getting to supply more comments need that demands. Another thing it we've been hearing from the administration is the talk of 200 million. More doses coming from Pfizer and Madieu that would bring the total up to 600 million by summer. So the idea behind that is that we would be able to vaccinated roughly the entire US population by the end of this summer. There have been some questions though are bowels you know the speed of all of this you know the end of this summer just. How the vaccine in hand is that fast enough. To be able to get to this herd immunity that met most believe that we need to get sued him. You don't get back to some state of normality. Yeah I mean listen of course a blood disease and hundreds of newly vaccinated in the next couple months I think that's gonna be challenged but we should always remember the fact that the first Roland is going to those that are the greatest risk of complications from your tax break elderly those that are immune conferences are underwriting. Chronic conditions which were eventually in the next month that you get. Coverage costs are high risk population so we'll see either reals or return to normalcy even if you haven't quite reached her community will start to shoot out waded into the tunnel sooner I think probably why people are made but by the time can really get everyone act. Access and actually start to really resume our normal then let's unfortunately that's. A little bit into summer by I think it can be morbid greeting them this year aren't married by the end of this region we can start to go outside again and that's what are hoping bush I think it's achievable and remember we also have this GG taxiing there were McGann reports poured out hopefully in the coming days or not we it acted I didn't snakes again not as about it. Another hundred million doses that could really wrap things up as well. And that Johnson & Johnson vaccine is just a single dose so they can probably get that out to some of the more rural areas that have had trouble dealing with the size or and maternal vaccines. I do want to ask you though about the variance and some of the update summary getting here or more of them being detected in the United States. Doctor felt she laid out the plan and the efforts to try to deal with them in terms of therapeutics and vaccines. What was your biggest take away in terms of you know what happens if these variants outpace the vaccine roll out. I mean that's the big question on all scientists smarter an outright it's a race between periods and vs vaccines and which can we do faster so. Of course this puts a lot of stress on the -- vaccines but of course we need to figure out how all these vaccines use only decent parents and and as he signed TJ actually did something that clinical trials in South Africa and Brazil also won't know crease is and how well in the real world these actions will do you heard darker color to mention our there's been some decent teacher or Nazis and have shown that the vaccines will still perform while against these earnings although not quite as well you know we see net reduction in neutralizing antibodies is is a concern but he's actually had a good amount offering himself so far we think we're actually pretty good shape. But of course you know we're gonna get some readout on some really important data are changing here is finished that will really determine the course of where we think he might be as pandemic. I have some hope on the horizon we're looking forward to that doctor John Brownstein always appreciate your analysis and have we also like the doctor felt she throw pillow on the couch behind you there.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"Dr. John Brownstein discusses President Joe Biden's plan to increase vaccination rollout, when to expect herd immunity and concerns over COVID-19 variants that have been found in the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75518146","title":"White House officials give update on effort to combat coronavirus","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-officials-give-update-effort-combat-coronavirus-75518146"}