White House prepares for government shutdown, blames Senate Democrats

OMB director Mick Mulvaney and director of legislative affairs Marc Short gave a special briefing on the looming government shutdown.
12:43 | 01/19/18

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Transcript for White House prepares for government shutdown, blames Senate Democrats
Showdown that shut down that is the word around Capitol Hill this week Good Friday TU I'm Janice and teach you alongside White House correspondent Tara palm area we are hours away from what seems to be government shut down. Not good coming into the one year anniversary of president from starving office. But they're calling his terror a whole bunch different things the one ostensible. Voss was the Schumer shut down blaming this squarely on senate Democrats could be king get this done right scenes at Paul Ryan's picked up some of trumps bad knack for branding and that you know it's been trending on Twitter for like the past. You know packed. 24 hours so it it seems like awaits a squarely turn this into a political issue. They are saying from the podium this is a policy issue that Democrats have made it political but clearly. By branding it with the name of the Senate Minority Leader they are turning it into flood. And speaking out Paul our hands on Fox News all earlier today and that's Nicholas and what he had this act. We are told to expect to shut down that begins tomorrow. Is that accurate. Well yet is that the senate Democrats keep trying to shut down the government that's what's going on here bill. This is absolutely needless completely unnecessary and holy because of senate Democrats. Are trying to shut down the government holding the entire government hostage. For completely unrelated issue that doesn't even have a deadline right now look what's what we do have a deadline is if we do have a government shutdown of the Democrats insist on. Troops don't get paid their holding our military hostage children's health insurance dries up in seven states run out of money for their children's health insurance. So now the house did pass a bill but the problem here is that if there is progress in the senate and house has to come back. Members of the house or planning again and it town. Let's go to EBC's John Parkinson up on Capitol Hill John you were explaining that. Doctoral earlier today so. The issue right now is that this is a ball that that house is sort of did their thing with that they talked it over down to the senate. He said he doesn't really seem to be able to pass something John. What happens here. Well the house is finishing up its votes right now and on an unrelated measure but we do expect them to leave the capital. As soon as this vote clears it's really got nine minutes left on the clock right now. And the thing is about that is the house majority leader's office has warned members remain flexible not doesn't look like they're gonna change the floor schedule. But they held a pro forma session they could always request unanimous consent to pass some sort of changes from the senate. Through the house but the only problem there is that if it's not unanimous consent if one Democrat objected and we know that there are nearly 200 Democrats in the house and many of them live in the Maryland Virginia area and would be willing to come back and pro forma session to block that. So really does still remain up in the Arab world only twelve hours way right now from shutdown. The countdown client is going is one of Poland real quick birthday boy ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. I'm not pitcher sourcing. That cuts hall and a lot of sources that my friend there's cupcakes and every single war. Lot of sources on that one but. Each time I know you were in in the aired today is we are sore rare briefing from the OND director and legislative affairs director the one thing that stood out to need from nick Maldini. Is that you can't leave this at the feet of the president it clear he's a shot to embarrassing the president John has him working the phones has been out there but. We've been reporting over the last couple days the White House really hasn't been as engaged in this fight as you would've thought. Well the president yesterday was engaged in one aspect of the fight it was important one. There was real question is you know John whether or not the house would pass the temporary funding extension because conservatives the freedom caucus. Was it was at that point opposed. To voting for the funding extension the president did call mark meadows more than once. To talk about that and to push. The freedom caucus to to come around and support that and talk about their concerns what he has not done however. He has not been engaged on the senate side which is now where the bill stands you need sixty votes to get out of the senate. You've got. You know 45 Republicans that are. Poised to vote no C don't even have fifty votes this point. Offer this temporary spending bill in the senate. And mark short at this briefing now said the president has been making calls but got an if you heard me at the very end of the briefing. You know try to ask who is he calling. What most importantly what. Democrats is he calling Nam. It is calls may be happening but but I haven't heard of them and I've been speaking. With the democratic leadership as well as with key Republicans on the senate side night. You know at some point and you know during the last government shutdown back in 2013. The president then simply a you know real estate magnate. You know not not not even a candidate yet was quite vocal in saying. Did it was president Obama's responsibility. Two was to end the shutdown by bringing the two sides together getting them in a room and forcing them to come do a deal. Will now you know he's no longer the head of the Trump Organization is president of United States. And the big question that I have is easy gonna bring these guys down here to the White House now that we're hours away from or shut down. And back out a deal no indication that's gonna happen yet. That's a question John. Did you get the feeling from your source in the White House that the president feels burned from that meeting last week where it was revealed that he called. You know people from the African countries in Haiti as coal as house. Did typically met that's not that's the reason why he doesn't. Want to bring these Democrats in the house and sit down and show at and really try to hash something out. Well we know the president said he certainly felt burned the saudis needed to start taping his Oval Office conversations joint. That happens by the way I can Arlen fine hi. You know we think it's fun going back to those Nixon and LBJ tapes can humanities. What you know I I I think that the president two very different experiences. At the White House. We as bipartisan. Members of congress last week there was that. You know very constructive. Meeting that held that we mostly before the television cameras on Tuesday and then there was the disastrous closed door meeting in the Oval Office. On Thursday. That's where you know that's where this all kind of there's all kind of ended. Now the now you know mean I think a lot of people feel burdened by. Fired by wood came out of that meeting but but but we gonna have to look forward. And John speaking in act the president is supposed to go down to Florida this weekend he's added it fund raiser down there tomorrow night. 100000 dollars a ticket. You know who we're whereas your money do you think you're seeing here for urgent call Washington are going down to sunny Florida this weekend. Well we don't worry it's like to go John not. New York a all I I I think the optics would be so incredibly bad for him to go down dinner it. As tempting as that might be that that he would he would resist that temptation but. John's. You just never know. You never now all right Jon Karl is a birthday cake behind you John. F. Not just can't want to look they have. We've got to monitor it rightly see what's there by the way John. Yes some and in turn that oftentimes John Carlin the White House thank you let's go back to ABC's John Parkinson up on Capitol Hill. As he's watching the votes there John I know. The house he's just finishing up votes as you sit on non related matter we're now gonna wait on the senate. What does the rest of the team look like walk us through I mean obviously countdown clocks what's happening we know that from all mean short people expect to head back up. To Capitol Hill and have some meetings but four members up there mean what do we think the day's going to be looking life as we go into the final hours here. Well there's a couple of really keep things happening we saw senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on the floor earlier he said that he was prepared to bring this up for a vote. Very soon we don't know exactly how soon that will be but we're standing by for that any moment. And an awful at 1130. We're expecting the number twos and and Republican and house conferences and caucuses both the senate and house. Two be meeting with each other to discuss this immigration negotiations. We expect the DHS secretary here's in Nielsen T vacuum hose to me yesterday that. She is anticipating the return this is now the third time this week that they've had this really critical meeting. So those negotiations continue as far as a shutdown goes. It's going to be. This vote that McConnell brings up. And he is indicated and as his aides are indicating that he may just keep bringing this vote up. Repeatedly all day long. And forcing its repeatedly fail and it put these Democrats on the record one important thing I do wanna get out they're real quick he adds that on December 21. There were eighteen caucusing senate Democrats. That helped. The Republicans keep the government open Republicans didn't have enough that time that only 48 votes. Two keep government open slinging the Democrats a month ago and now those Democrats aren't there. Feeling that there are even some Republicans aren't prepared to vote for the CR. Yeah there are couple that have come out and said that they're not gonna vote for this like we got Rand Paul and likely that don't vote for any continuing resolutions. But also Lindsey Graham has indicated that he's going to be you know on this. We know that John McCain is not expected to be up here for the vote. So right there that's for that's bringing the Republicans down to 47 and we think Joseph mentions how the only Democrat that's indicated he'll vote for it. John Parkinson up on Capitol Hill John thank you as always before we go. Just a quick you know recap of where we've kind of gone over the last several days here you know that infamous meeting where the president brought cameras in looking for a deal. Guys and we have that just in just a little bit of what was and where we are. The presidency signing in the prior to particulates and. It was my decisions are going to be what the people in this sort of come off. I am very much reliance on the people in this room I know most of the people of both sides. Have a lot of respect for the people on both sides and mind. What I prove he's going to be very much reliant on what the people in this room come to me. I have great confidence in the view if they come to meet with six not luckily I've been built. Because I respect that thanked Bloomberg flash back. So that was just a little over a week ago terror and here we are there's nothing covenant at the moment so what do you think. Think this shows you another example of charms negotiating style and his lack of interest in the actual nitty gritty of the policies he's so hyper personal and not so interest in the Polly. Policy can relied on the house and senate for the health care belt that didn't fault that held throughout. Packs of four and his team was much more engaging he was more engaged this time around he's hoping has something that he can sign which you know will manage the dock at issue but will still gave him the border while because you know that it's such a big political symbol for a handout. But at the end of the day he is not really interested in the deet tails in the way that you wouldn't assume that a president who's been tell hawkish on immigration would be and he he wants to be able to keep. The government open although I get the feeling for my source that they wouldn't mind the government's economic aid. Calculated that they won't be blamed for this I find that hard to police. I kinda hard to believe tune as one person White House it last night is that the problem is that. Many people think we're not going to be blamed for this internally. It's a problem being little naive for some people the right thing here before. We're gonna latency is going to be a long day you can key couple all the latest abcnews.com. Don't forget to download BBC news app where will be. Providing plenty contents all day as we look forward to hopefully not a government shutdown put itself. We'll be here covering for terror Paul Mary and John stand teaching your your Friday.

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{"id":52466035,"title":"White House prepares for government shutdown, blames Senate Democrats","duration":"12:43","description":"OMB director Mick Mulvaney and director of legislative affairs Marc Short gave a special briefing on the looming government shutdown.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-prepares-government-shutdown-blames-senate-democrats-52466035","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}