White House Press Secretary Downplays End of Jobs Council

President's group of business advisers had not met in more than a year when disbanded Thursday.
3:29 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for White House Press Secretary Downplays End of Jobs Council
Jobs council have only been four times I mean this was such an important. Tool for the administration to get input from the business community jobs council. Provided us. And a series of ideas. Many of which the president acted on it did not require formal meeting for those ideas to be generated -- worked on by -- the jobs council or the administration. And again. This president's engagement with the business community I think has been amply demonstrated just in recent months and will continue. And this president's commitment as a matter of policy. -- job creation and economic growth. Is judge I think fairly by outside economists. Very favorably compared to alternatives put forward by Republicans in congress whose policies. Nobody judges like the Ryan budget and other that would it would do anything for near term job creation the president has insisted all along. That as we. Address the need to reduce our deficit we do it in a way that it. He insists that we continue to invest in areas -- our economy -- to grow because otherwise deficit reduction. Is a pyrrhic victory it is not a it is not a worthwhile pursuit unto itself if it causes. Economic contraction causes. Job loss or doesn't allow for the economy to go to grow our position itself for the 21 century. -- -- -- again in the debates that you've covered. Over these past several years with Republicans about how we move forward on economic policy the president's position has been one to include as part of our deficit reduction goals. Job creation initiatives economic growth initiatives. And you know that's -- position he did it is on the table with a proposal that the Republicans could take tomorrow the proposal the president put forward. In December. Talking about Republicans. Met with the jobs council over here isn't a problem. Why is a group he created it did very effective work on behalf of the country and this administration this president for two years it was a two year. Charter and the charter has expired and we will continue to engage with the business community I entered -- -- fixation on an entity that the president himself created. Is conveniently ignores. All the work the president has done towards creating jobs -- and and fostering economic growth and work that has frequently. If not. Always been resisted by. Those two heavily promoting the policies that helped. Create the worst economic crisis and our lifetimes he popped into the church quarter but -- that -- -- for you hear me I think -- -- answer your question I would but I'm okay interactive. You don't you are more concerned with meetings. Then. Progress and there is no creation there's no dispute over the fact that when this president took office. The economy was crater. The economy shrank in the quarter before he was sworn into office. In the fourth quarter of 2000 but nearly 9% that is catastrophic. Okay jobs were lost -- -- 750000. Per month when he took office. There is no disputing economic cold hard facts it because of the policies this president pursued. That kind of economic decline was reversed. And that's the measure but their commitment to job creation and economic growth and president greatly appreciates. The work -- -- council. Has done. The ideas that they put forward many of which. The administration adopted and he looks forward -- -- engagement with job with with. The business community going forward on a variety of issues many of which I just enumerated.

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{"id":18367957,"title":"White House Press Secretary Downplays End of Jobs Council","duration":"3:29","description":"President's group of business advisers had not met in more than a year when disbanded Thursday.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-press-secretary-downplays-end-jobs-council-18367957","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}