Jay Carney Tells the Press 'You're Smart'

Jay Carney defends handling of recent scandals, suggests journalists are just good at their jobs.
5:20 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Jay Carney Tells the Press 'You're Smart'
You know I want it say in this in in in response I think Johnson's -- questions here you know we have endeavored to provide a great deal of information to you very quickly and the in a situation like this week. Face a choice that when we have a ton of incoming questions legitimate questions you guys are doing your job as I said an answer to a question remarkably last week. You know that. This kind of environment and a lot of news stories a lot of legitimate questions out there it's part of our democracy and -- great part of our democracy -- the approach we take is we get the information to you that we -- this weekend. And we try to get that information to you as quickly as possible and as comprehensively as possible quickly and comprehensively not objectives that always meet. And our approach is. We get the information we have to you and as we get more information we fill in the details -- and if it turns out the information. New information we have. Requires a court correction we -- that's what I did on Monday when it came to the so called time. So you guys that we have a team here that works really hard trying to anticipate the questions -- gas. The problem is there a lot of you and your manager job you're Smart and we almost invariably do not anticipate every question you ask. So. Sometimes we don't have answers and sometimes we need to go back again. And but. Overall in this effort I think that what the information we provided you shows is -- -- In response to the notification that people received about the pending completion. And independents -- inspector general's. Review. Inappropriate activity by IRS personnel. The decision was made. To wait until that report was finished before any action or any comment was -- Because the cardinal rule here even though can be in convenient. From a communications point of view. Or even a political point. Is -- you don't intervene. You don't pre judge. You don't use the weight of this podium this building for the presidency. Two. Get ahead the -- -- in an investigation at this particular IG audit represents or in the case of some other matters we've -- here. About criminal investigations. That take place under the aegis of the department just so. Like my question and here's let me tell you they didn't. Dowdell and and I just wanted to say that that I I think it's important -- You know there's been some. Legitimate criticisms about Howard -- and willingness. And and and I say legitimate because I mean. But. We are endeavoring -- two. Pursue those two objectives in -- in an environment that really never has existed before in terms of the speed of information flow. The rapidity with which. Information is invaded and release we are we are. Working to get -- everything we can as quickly as we can and comprehensively. As we can and the alternative of course is to. And it and it may be a better approach you and others can decide -- students say what I can't answer any of these questions until. Later and then we can spend our time trying to yet. Everything that we know we can fine and waiting sometimes hours days. But the demands of the news environment make that very difficult so we we you know we take we. We've taken and except that it's got some. Potholes in it and and and diversions that -- boys. Enjoy having said in answer to your question. Here's likened to the a number. Updates on. The status of the number of inspector general matters that included. -- reference to this. Inspector general audit coming to conclusion that was slightly -- -- April 16 it yet. Then. But the White House -- herself did not find out until April 24 she didn't notify. Some members. But not all some members of senior staff. I I can't tell you because she's she notifies them I can't account for every conversation might have been had outside the White House -- I don't I can't tell you how many people. Knew what I can tell you is -- -- chief of staff. Deputy chief staff obviously others in her office and in. And from everything we. Gathered and all the evidence shows. Whether it was. April 16 or April 24 or may -- when. News broke. Our approach this has -- the senate which is that. We should not do anything. We should not act on this informing -- until the report is finished the independent inspector general's audit is complete. And that's the approach -- -- has been criticism of that I think it was the right call. Personally but obviously. Others have different. Yes we appreciate your respect -- This is well it's sincere.

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{"id":19238227,"title":"Jay Carney Tells the Press 'You're Smart'","duration":"5:20","description":"Jay Carney defends handling of recent scandals, suggests journalists are just good at their jobs.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-press-secretary-jay-carney-tells-press-19238227","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}