White House refuses to say if Trump believes Dems hate Jewish people

President Donald Trump has said multiple times in recent days that the Democratic Party is anti-Jewish.
3:31 | 03/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White House refuses to say if Trump believes Dems hate Jewish people
White house Press Secretary Sarah Sanders held her first press briefing in the least forty days. He refused to say if president trump thinks Democrats hate Jewish people here's that moment. Sir that the president. The president said the Democrats hate Jewish people according to a recent report also seen him tweet. In the last. Couple of days that Democrats are the quote anti Jewish parties. That does the president really believe Democrats hate Jews. The president's been an unwavering and admitted ally to Israel and the Jewish people. And frankly the remarks that have been made by number. Democrats and failed to be called out by a Democrat leadership. Is frankly a porous and it's sad. And it's something that. Should be called by name but shouldn't be put in a watered down resolution that should be done the way the Republicans did it when Steve King made terrible comments we call it out by name we stripped him of his committee memberships. And we'd like to see Democrats follow suit. But let me ask for personal emotions UK the president correct me if I'm wrong has not condemns the UK. Forty said praising white supremacy as the president publicly come out and said anything. I resigned I condemn resident on the number of topics and I've talked about that a number of times and I'd refer you back to those comments. Bright used words like a pouring an unacceptable. There was ABC's Jonathan Karl in that exchange with the press secretaries are Sanders joining us now from the White House now is Rachel Scott. Rachel what's the what's the sense what's the fallout today in Washington and around the White House after that exchange between -- Sanders and I Johnson. Hawaiian Islands only leading reporters was just even more questions right because it was a very simple question that our Jonathan Karl asked yesterday does the president actually believe that Democrats hate Jewish people and we saw there that she puts the blame back on Democrats. Annie get and we keep weeks repeating to seek. Some of these issues make their way back into these press briefings that into question so the administration. You saw our Jonathan Karl then again asking about. If the president contends Steve king's comments on questioning whether or not what's wrong with terms like white supremacy and while we've seen Press Secretary Sarah Sander is denounce those comments we have not yet seen the president actually condemn those comments. Also also coming up yesterday again the issue of Charlottesville right we remember the president saying that when white supremacist march and child development there were. Find people on both sides placing get blame on both sides of the island. You know reporters have continued to ask the president what he actually meant by that did he actually believe that there were fine people chanting racial slurs and declaring carrying those that laboratory science. You know I asked that we asked the vice president this I traveled with him to Europe. I reporters have continued to ask the administration to clarify what the president has meant by that and again we when I asked the vice president about this in Europe he. He said that the president was clear in condemning not Nazis and white supremacist but it still leaves reporters and a lot of questions or not here. Actually seeing him come out and say so. And any we're seeing the president being criticized today after a recent interview with frank part saying that. He doesn't want immigrants coming into the country that are going to be on welfare when we simply know that studies show overall immigrants. Are less likely to consume well for resources iron. Rachel Scott thank you so very much Rachel.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"President Donald Trump has said multiple times in recent days that the Democratic Party is anti-Jewish. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61633936","title":"White House refuses to say if Trump believes Dems hate Jewish people","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-refuses-trump-believes-dems-hate-jewish-61633936"}