White House Shrugs Off Iran's Growing Uranium Stockpile

Press secretary Josh Earnest stresses Iran 'cooperating' with IAEA inspections.
2:37 | 06/02/15

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Transcript for White House Shrugs Off Iran's Growing Uranium Stockpile
Are wrong some excess stockpiles 20% more than was. At the start of these negotiations eighteen months ago. You've repeatedly said I believe that their program is frozen in place what how to have a square that with. Yeah a massing then 20% increase in the nuclear field. That's a good question at this is that the metrics by which we determine Iran's compliance. With the joint. Are pretty straightforward. Iran is not enriching uranium above the 5% level. Iran is not installing. New centrifuges. At there nuclear facilities. Iran is not making progress. At the heavy water reactor becoming reactor in Iraq. And he Iran and Iran is cooperating with the IAEA inspections. That have allowed us to verify. They're compliance with the agreement. Now as it relates to V. Ukrainians are how that you're talking. The I AEA report is published the end of last week is merely a snapshot in time. Individually and action. Requires Iran IV and an excellent plan of action period in this case by June 30. To be. At the appropriate. Cap on their stock now we know that Iran is enriching at this little. Hands that means that there are going to be ads and flows in terms of the announced. Uranium low enriched uranium and their stockpile there requirement is for them to be act it capped by June 30. And our nuclear experts continue to have confidence that they'll meet that requirement. You don't dispute they're finding. The IEA's finding that there are 20% increase. And uranium fuel. Over what they have started these negotiations. You know EnerNOC EnerNOC concerned about you know justice on. Iran cheating not comply me that this is not. Have you they IAEA doesn't see that we're here the a year or you're citing. His first it's important for us to note that the reason that we can verify today. Did precise size of Iran's nuclear uranium stockpile is because we've you have these liners place. And because of that honoring we can verify their compliance of the agreement and I would note in I AEA report that you are citing yeah yeah hey never stats. That Iran is not in compliance with him back.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Press secretary Josh Earnest stresses Iran 'cooperating' with IAEA inspections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31475861","title":"White House Shrugs Off Iran's Growing Uranium Stockpile","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-shrugs-off-irans-growing-uranium-stockpile-31475861"}