White House Responds to Alleged ISIS Bombing in Yemen

Josh Earnest answers questions during a press briefing related to the recent suicide bombing in the Arab nation’s capital Sana’a.
6:12 | 03/21/15

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Transcript for White House Responds to Alleged ISIS Bombing in Yemen
Okay today we have another Islamic state affiliate claimant tax birth. Police are very deadly attack. Canadian an actor. Tunisia earlier this week let me tell us about those planes. Andrew let me start by saying that the United States strongly condemns today's suicide bombings that killed. Well over a hundred and left hundreds of others wounded. We express our condolences to the families of the victims. We deplore the brutality of the terrorists who perpetrated. Today's unprovoked attack on U many citizens who were peacefully engaging in Friday prayers in their places of worship. Political instability threatens the well being of all human beings and denies them the opportunity to live in safety peace and prosperity. Today's attack on the mosques in some underscores the terrorism. Affects all human needs and no one political group alone can confront the challenges facing him. No as a relates to your specific question however I can tell you that we cannot at this point confirm the veracity of the claim. Of these extremists that they were. Affiliated by affiliated with the Islamic states. The we have seen these kinds of claims in the past from other extremist groups. It does. Appear that these kinds of claims are often made for. A perception that they have that it benefits. Of their propaganda. Efforts. There is not at this point clear evidence of a operational link between these extremists in Yemen and I soul fighters in Iraq and Syria. Since a similar thing could be said about the claims of I souls role in the attack in Tunisia earlier this week. But what is clear is that. The United States in our coalition partners. Are very aware. Just how dangerous. The ideology. And tactics of Beisel are. He ends. We have taken we built this coalition and taken the action that we have that includes a very robust military component. For the safety and well being of the American people. And citizens across the west but what is also true as is evidenced by today's attack. Is that people in the region including Muslims are also. In danger because of icicles extremist ideology. And brutal. Acts of terror. So that is why we have succeeded in building such a diverse colon coalition that includes governments from the region but to take the fight to Beisel. And to. Limit the kind of threat that they pose not just the United States but to countries around the world. We haven't seen it I think supporter please luckily for such a major attack in Yemen before so. Essay about the president's goal of the degree especially easy obvious why they didn't believe you. Well. That they get netter at it it seems. It's possible that he reasoned and again we're we're talking about this incident just hours after took place. You we have seen other groups claim affiliation with sisal. Purely for its propaganda value and we're still investigating to determine whether or not there are actually. Command and control structures in place that me. Provide some evidence to substantiate the claim that Beisel was involved in these attacks. At this point there is no indication that there. Is an operational link but that's something that is still being investigated by our national security professionals. But there's no doubt that the that the kind of extremism that is a part of icicle. It is endemic and other places in the country in the region. What we're seeing at least in this case is we're seeing extremists try to capitalize on the chaos and instability in Saudi Yemen. Cute carry out these acts of violence and that is why the United States has been so deeply invested in trying to. Work with partners on the ground. In countries across. This region of the world to try to help those countries build up the capacity. Two. Ward off the threat that is posed by these extremists and there has been a substantial investment made in Yemen to try to bolster the central government there. But there's no doubt that there has been. A lot of political instability in Yemen it has only worsened and that has created some chaos and does make it easier for these kinds of extremist groups. To capitalize on that chaos and carry out acts of violence and to spread. They're hateful ideology so. This is that there's no doubt of how dangerous this is. But there's also evidence to indicate that. These kinds of extremists are under continual pressure from the United States and our allies and the latest piece of evidence that I can point to. Is that B Department of Defense has now confirmed. That a US military strike did take off the battlefield. And Al should Bob leader. Who was. Responsible and did have some operational control. Over the terror attack at the Westgate mall in Nairobi. It wee wee bit department defense has confirmed that individual was killed by a military strike. And that is Somalia as another country where we have seen extremists try to capitalize on the political instability inside the country. To use it as a safe haven to plot and carry out attacks around the globe. And we obviously have a lot of work to do to eliminate that threat that exists inside Somalia. But what is true is that he kind of pressure that were applying to these extremists. Even in places like Somalia. Is yielding benefits for the way the world but also for the interest of the United States.

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{"id":29808793,"title":"White House Responds to Alleged ISIS Bombing in Yemen","duration":"6:12","description":"Josh Earnest answers questions during a press briefing related to the recent suicide bombing in the Arab nation’s capital Sana’a.","url":"/Politics/video/white-houses-response-alleged-isis-bombing-yemen-29808793","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}