Wisconsin Delegates Prepare for Hillary Clinton's Speech

ABC News' Josh Haskell interviews Wisconsin delegates on the floor of the Democratic National Convention.
18:07 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for Wisconsin Delegates Prepare for Hillary Clinton's Speech
The fourth night of the DNC so I thought that we checked in where we were on the first night. Could Wisconsin delegates as you may remember there was only one delegate who's wearing it she's had tonight it's a little different. Take a look we have our print to be here but beyond the Mika. I'm even seeing some ushers wearing he adds Matt if you pan to the right person acts. There's just a lot of cheese heads here they're standing out jeez that's mixed up with some of these Hillary sign. That are now coming out to meet god how you feel it on night for the DNC and. Ninth inning and I know Roger Everett that's great they don't look back at game. Weary here what and we know there's an idiot or what god it didn't eat restaurant and that's what it's all about. You've got a great feat I mean you guys are of little elevated but you're almost in the front row. To me though it's what I'm hearing from every delegate every night they say it's been great. It seems like tonight is what it's all about for a lot of people. We're I didn't I'm ready to Wear away. Senator Clinton has saying. Any been burning down again outlining what I was like yeah. Bridge the gap between earning validation and Hillary Clinton and try to haven't gotten to the table and this thing to we believe I think it's going to be. Good experience can easily irritated. There are some people in the arena tonight in their wearing these enough is enough. I'm neon glow in the dark Bernie shirts. It's just look over my shoulder there of duck you can CS action there. And there have been some reports. That those delegates are planning something on the last night you being a Bernie delegates immediately tell us anything about that. Have those. He went silent no right now I don't know anything. Still would you describe it Morse is to show of support. Just does not support we are here to support what we're going in we want to be at table. Quiet prayer during the night. Where do you buy it she said and how much do they caught. Really. That was happening we don't yet if any can't be right back with great thing. You have to be writer guy responses. You also have to want to have cheese on your huddled. Let. Us. Okay. This you should be done. We appreciate that your Bernie where we have our friend here from the other night news apparently didn't whip also Wisconsin delegate. Howard things go and so far. I think tonight's upper two really great start people are really excited then. I think we're all just waiting to get to the speech. Are you monitoring anyone in your delegation who's wearing these beyond shirts. What if you've been hearing related to that are anytime it demonstrates. Now without question again later obviously aware of them digitally now we knew about him coming here tonight. My definitely you know paying attention Dolly's but they do you have a right to express themselves that. We're just gonna be here hearing next allowed for Hillary in. They'll do it and do. If Hillary Clinton supporter does that bother you or did bother you last night when Leon Panetta was speaking in. Started the organ that delegation they started chanting no more war. They didn't dim the lights. Although Bernie Sanders will not speak again at this convention to our knowledge. It does seem like his supporters are still very much here and loud. Definitely and that an acting as a great part of the process. But I do Pope. People are respectful and that's a little bit yesterday talking over some speeches in different things that may be like service that. Though just kind of run us through the tactics how things will go down. If someone. Who is a very delicate in the Wisconsin delegation started demonstrating. What would you do is a whip just hold up your Hillary's. Yes. Definitely we like basically leaks when it's your over them and the extra Loudon you know do our own thing but it can't find level and let them do their own thing. Natalie down. And I also want to point out we are a few. Hours. Seems to prime time tilt likely time that Hillary Clinton will speak we don't know exactly when yet. But I am seeing that these are already being passed out. Will you show us your sign. Normally we've seen a series of signs each night may be on average four or five. Show inns brand being bill. Stronger to gather. There's already Hillary signs being passed out the key shift what does that tell you about tonight. It tells me that's going to be at age we are in its history. And you're ready having Hillary signed even though she won't be taking the stage for a little bit. Tell us what that sign and your attic and everything you're shows support means on this final. Well I'm here to show my support for Hillary Clinton and let her know that got her back because she is at our back for many years and we aren't. Here question marks here on across the finish line so she can become our president number forty back. Well let's take you so much for talking to us think you guys to. We are gonna just booed the little bit but if we hand to the right right now you can actually see those Hillary signs right now why are they up. Has the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo is right now talking and that is the New York delegation. Showing their support we be knows Hillary signs. In the air. So there's plenty of cheese heads they're when he Hillary signs something else that we saw tonight. If we hand up to the right a little bit in the Massachusetts delegation. If we did see Elizabeth Warren up there. A short while ago. Trying to point air out she was reading delegates from her state where she is a senator talking it and take pictures. It looks like they are maybe some other. Possibly. The mayor of Boston in her. Other members up there are Nazi. Who's been thwarted the moment but it's that type a night where. Figure. Difference that opens that up there sort of a bunch of people take pictures of there's Elizabeth Warren. You can zoom in below the Hillary Clinton signed. It looks like she's sort of in a box. People are still greeting her we've seen a lot of that this evening. People. Senators congress weaving congressman goalie. Issue there. Delegations reading those delegates many of whom they work with they serve with. Last night's of the accuracy that happened was we were way. The Delaware delegation awaiting Joseph Biden. And I started talking to. Chairman of the Democratic Party in Delaware and he said. Yet known Joseph Biden 1971. And it's not the end for in this last night he has bought. Plan a lot left to you that was kind of like an interesting moment. Coming from people who really knows these legislators. Andrew Cuomo beat theory well received right now. In the hall it is getting routed we've heard rumors that people not being again will not be allowed to get down. Wanna go back to what we were discussing earlier involving those Bernie Sanders delegates wearing those green shirts I spotter owned Mary Alice park's Mary Alice. Let's review in right now don't act like you're gonna stand here mean you're not gonna come on him. It makes your right is still look up armored tank that. Acer and did he ever done. We did get some video of her earlier. She is up there and death. Now when you what you're hearing in regards to any plant demonstrations. Tonight. Any disruptions we had some without last night during Leon Panetta. That Imus I got me on spirits we weren't well there actually ordered weeks ago. But it right in Philly on Sunday and distributed to 8 delegates just this morning I ending an up and not parties are at. Go to favorite quotes they haven't done. There. And Britain's answer to clients on any visible tonight look united tonight we're expecting me hasn't Adam. This will display an outstanding units and on the keys in perhaps went there to editors now says. It's pretty riots pretty amazing I can see them following across the ground and and and there definitely scattered about in the statement. We've been watching all week outward rat out Michigan continent aren't an unexpectedly so it organized. It seems like these supporters are looking for some sort of a signal. Last night it was Leon Panetta talking about the wars talking about our men and women who serve talking about Hillary Clinton's involvement. And then it seems like it. That signal tonight we don't know what it is yet of course governor Hickenlooper Colorado. A lot of people here against fracking there is quite a bit of practice it happens in the state of Colorado that. And I think that was yeah. Let's talk and onward I. Words or bar theme that might trigger protests at night robbery allegation well when Hillary Clinton endorses team that needs as the terrible call us right. I think that's been. The sucking up talking happening. That would Vietnam but it surrounding have been mounting CPP. Crack gain. If you are G volatility definitely national security which talks about fighting places. Bernie Sanders people are against wedding crisis. But I can't be all variants. John you've covered so many conventions I mean you've been around for a 150 years. First ones that's in 1912 Teddy Roosevelt. Stormed out after losing attacked it was crazy. Absolutely Chicago. Talk about. This now almost two week stretch RNC were on the last night of the DNC. What is Hillary Clinton not to do and say tonight in. Kind of put out put in perspective for us quite a moment for her biggest speech of her life well. Its interest thing she needs to. And their explicit about this seems to appeal to people that don't trust issues to appeal to people that don't like her. She knows that the anti trump argument has been named. It's been made by everybody has been made by the people at trump ran against in the Tigris River all applicants who can't be. You know we learn on the board that will be on board but so many of those people. Still don't trust Hillary Clinton they don't like Hillary. She's got sky high unfavorable. You know the honest and trustworthy number mounted with throngs social needs to somehow find a way. To convince people to threaten to address those concerns Rackley. To convince people that she's OPEC. Today they could trust they can actually like. But does. And she may be of a better chance with the Michael Bloomberg earn Obama. Vouching for her. Then her vouching for herself because it seems like so many people. Global sit there and don't like Hillary Clinton and away given up on what she says and what she does. And it they kind of do the same way about trump I keep hearing from a lot of people I'm just not gonna vote. Gypsy mark hands over their by the way it was one of the one of the major players dinner at night in either 2008 campaign. And at a very controversial thing here. And not part of this campaign and all this one of these is different about this campaign. And he was one of those who built his career on appealing to moderates on. Kind of triangulation approach Democrats totally different approach them. Problem heard the verdict people do we've lost wood that might do not actually in that direction but he's here it HE. You know it's it's it's a tough line here because she asked do. Appealed his Bernie Sanders votes in the hall but a larger audience caught the people of all that is not the Bernie Sanders people. It's independents and even Republican. They believe they can we know that they don't like trump others credited by Hillary Clinton yet but you've addressed those concerns I have told directly. Heard you being. Find me in my being dressed as and it being likable like you're saying it at that moment UV light hearted or is that all about looking residents. I think I think it's you have to Ritchie will show some new and particularly California. I mean it's not something she's Israel and what. But without also can add in the fact that nationalism which you please humor heart but it's going to be actually I ran into those of you earlier written of likely caucus. I'm roaming around up there nobody. Rex and recognize this guy was the sky was the nominee was on that stage Didier. And I asked about what it's like to be up there is that we'll anybody who's been up there exceptional nation. Many many many many many speeches and Hillary Clinton wanted anyway. These. Numbers this is the best which every day. She said. I mean we know it's the most importantly. What is going to be the best. Wearing an inning albeit not broad. I encourage everybody obviously wanted to launch lives. Ten to eleven ABC news. Will be on the ABC network hoping there would George. It's Leah. You've interviewed a lot of people the last few weeks Republicans Democrats delegates from all across the country. Would you cities really stood out you the most there was one story that you keep coming back. I think its base its agreement with apologies that ultimately it's the Bernie Sanders delegates here the people that the rank and file. Boxer here who. Or social Bernie. There are still think this won't with some of them right now they want Hillary Clinton's people that are just. It's. Like answers either. Over the Florida delegate I understand why you got a cheese heads here in Wisconsin. There's a couple ushers wearing some cheese head hats the T feds are kind of spreading it started one. And now there's going to be cheese heads in the island sound it's going to be this going to be yet she said America it's always going to be great covered a lot of fascinating story lines. These detectors storyline. Cleveland birdies and storyline. In the interests and maybe try to grab mark banner he's probably trying to keep a low profile tonight. I've sockets any. Right where to take a little law. Talked with mark had a plea to control the 2008 campaign for Hillary Clinton when he lost the primary day. President Obama he's engaged in conversation right now. He's been part of it. And world for years and years and years of and give Jon Karl the Mike. Former ABC college. Period check. Content. Housing project that if that was an impressive 360. OK so we're gonna save reduced to a quick quick question over here. I don't want time thus they haven't done so what's like to be back here I don't know the convention. Grind and as a civilian president. What's going to be different. This time around Portland obviously she's won the nomination at the very different hours Eugene you worked so closely with their own last yeah. I worked and I worked there since 2000 and I tell you from the very first speech as my hands arms. The ground he grows and learns that an innocent under secretary of state he's ready to govern even more ready to I think there's no. And if they're telling us that she's gonna. Directly try to reach out to independents and moderates in this speech it's it's not to watch a rally the base speech but it's reaching out. Those independents moderates about doubts about troubles about doubts about Hillary Clinton should do that. I think they're looking for are our program is gonna do. Some knowledge of what he's gone and refused him or which candidate I think positive part of this week is going to be the most. Because right now there's twenty. The electorate that doesn't like either candidate and those at the decisive voters. She can move her favorable to that group he reluctantly going into the Labor Day. Your help you work for the Republican elected to the senate you Hitler 2008 and campaigns are you still touch. That's one. That world and great job moving to the next level going to be kind of liberating. I. And that I am at least the joining the convention. Been locked in a room somewhere else. Resting on Saturday night want to thank you very much appreciated but I haven't turned that they might back over my friend jobs right. Thank you John. Go up to the Booth you guys have a great show. Again as John said our special report on from ten to eleven John will be there along with. They get everyone else very Alison Schuessel also are gonna go dig a little bit more into that for any delicate storyline is beyond shirts. You know they've blown the dual dark we know that there were few weeks ago by certain delegations. Mills and other planning something we don't know what is these. When it will happen we'll be right back with another report from the floor of the DNC on night.

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