Women share their experiences with abortion

Catherine Davis, an anti-abortion rights advocate, and Dana Weinstein, an abortion rights advocate, discuss their personal experiences with abortion and the impact it had on them.
8:14 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for Women share their experiences with abortion
Of course very controversial but it's not so black and white. The only way to really understand this debate is to hear some personal stories so one of bringing Catherine Davis she's the founder of the restoration project. And she's an anti abortion advocate in Georgia. Catherine first thanks for being with us you're story is particularly interesting because. You had two abortions in your twenties and then one in your thirties and then later you said that you regretted it I want to understand. What changed your mind. Well I I don't think it was later that I regretted. It regretted it immediately but didn't have the courage. To speak bat out loud. After my first abortion and I fainted. Daring to second abortion even how marvelous that dating. I heard them counting my baby's body parts. And I realized I had made it remarkable decision. That I couldn't chicks nor can I publicly mourn. Support those children because the culture. You know had convinced me and others at that time that the child in Newell was was not. Any. You know a baby it was tissue it lets a blah. And only after I experience them abortion directly did I realized that that's not exactly true. And you do a lot laws and you do. Agree that loss even sit silently because the culture which frowned upon new options if you spoke about it. Yes so was so one thing that you also unmentioned the one of our prison producers is that you you feel that abortion should not even happen in the case. Of incest or rape. I don't feel like listed because of the woman net debt experiences. The trauma of a rainy. Or the trauma of incest. Is then going to be home subjected to the trauma abortion. Abortion is not in nonviolent act and this woman has already suffered the violence and the indignity of a man. Rate bait car or are having sex or family member happens sex with her. And then it's going to be compound it by the abortion that she suffers and some I don't believe. That rape or incest should be a reason for that woman to get an abortion because she doesn't realize. Exactly the trauma as she's going to suffer adds he's out that since. Do you think there's any trauma that suffered in going ahead and having. Going three with the pregnancy when these situations have occurred. I think it would be a lesser trauma and then living win. The abortion decision 100 day as we don't talk about is the goods a precedent that follows an abortion decision for me anyway. Indeed the idea that you took a lied and you can't really talk about it publicly you can't tell. Anyone to most people are not like me Denmark and openly talk about their abortions is it. And and what they are experiencing. When as and I want Eric sent them into that decision. Com and so the idea that there's no consequence to this decision. There did say any blob of tissue. Liken it and appendix or something it that it's not the case in here is the consequence and it's a happy psychological. And even sometimes physical consequence. And I think those that it things that we need to start talking about him being on this DeWitt remnants. I'm so that they know going into the decision that it ten not eight an anchor seat. All right Catherine Davis in Georgia there thank you so much for sharing your story. And as we've said this is very nuance I want to bring in Dana Weinstein and she's an abortion rights advocate I'm in Rockville Maryland. I'm Dana you also had a very unique case you had an abortion during your third trimester because of complications. With your baby can you tell us a little more about that. Yeah I. Happily married so happily pregnant and happily married and it's a half year old son we're so excited to be. Expanding our annaly. We were particularly now that we are pregnant wit with our second child. Speaking at pregnancy is great on money prenatal care. I test seen everything showed that eighty it to all beat her weekly normal and at a 29 weeks on the ground. At times by the action here because older. I had a son Ammon and the technician. To really long time in the doctor Heaton and everything 88. But that an. Clubs in her brain are enlarged Alex aren't being. But we want to send you want for specialized at Eaton I was sentenced two weeks later I saw it this morning I was 31 meets it might see it it's great. An MRI and he in my belly just CRE. Radius you why this spectacles were so large. And we were shocked when we saw learn what do you developed in her brain. He is born Ernestine or not forms. I'm really not at all properly about. And went back and that was that they are EB she would. My slightly seats upon the liver. We had a motorists association or replaced just keep her. I want you to stay alive exist even more. We were told didn't do we know. She would it only any thoughts you. He or are we. Medical. Tubes. And that is that it's not it was going you. Allow REE. To borrow its U a child it means you're a human being. She had. Virtually no. Group. Wait she was going she'd be able to you exists. I certainly wouldn't be lit in. As eight that as a bitch I don't and Nat writing an adult. She would cast you down and it wouldn't be readily people do violence or are. And process to watch that we. I chose and so great well we have the choice. Howell RB it was going to die it was going to happen one way or the other we want you know we got weak outlook ego at least. People are I have to just want to stay. We are in our porch in. They're passionate inspections women like me home not he or she ends we actually stopped heart eat and I deliver her her that we. I'm. Yes definitely. A difficult decision. To make I want to know given that you've gone through. This experience what do you think of all of the debates in laws that are being passed right now where women may not have that choice in the future. I I'm outraged I'm scared I have three beautiful children him on report that managed so fortunate because I could get quality care. That we are able to continue growing and I worry for air choices in the future for any reason and we hiking it's so important that we don't. Start talking about their trimester or second trimester or are six weeks it's abortion rights. Inch hole. We cannot star but he criteria on criteria or someone earth in a situation every situations you. When they are deciding what's right Brit air body. For themselves. All right Dana Weinstein in Rocklin Maryland thank you so very much for sharing your experience we appreciate that. Dude you.

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"Catherine Davis, an anti-abortion rights advocate, and Dana Weinstein, an abortion rights advocate, discuss their personal experiences with abortion and the impact it had on them. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63106364","title":"Women share their experiences with abortion","url":"/Politics/video/women-share-experiences-abortion-63106364"}