How Will Women Vote in 2016?

ABC News' Cokie Roberts meets with New York women to discuss the direction of the country as the 2016 election nears. Here are the highlights.
14:07 | 05/17/16

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Transcript for How Will Women Vote in 2016?
I don't really your family is from Latin America. And the trump started this campaign talking of that. Mexicans as rapists and so where do you. Come out here. I mean. First it's awful thing and is enforcing speed. And here he says to me. My thoughts my father's family is Mexican. And next there is and it's news excuse me there. And citizens. Riots. Dying. Eight dollars spent Snickers thing things. Interest school not knowing English. News. Record here pre K and that in this environment where is the chaos that ends up playing around me. And feeling airy the isolated. Very. Was this school mostly and little kids sickness. So you have and he had. Me. Something a little races here in the air you know and you carry. I. Meaning you can work or. All of this access. Everything. That you're able to view and so airy it. And that's that. He's alert that there's it but it's. People. Miners and country. And I. And it the back pedaling is also concerning the look at strip pot. And now let me sort of walk away from it to get the other boaters on the table and distanced myself from those words but that's not why women. It's corrosive to the fabric of the country. I'm we've talked about how it impacts on the personal but aren't these things constitutional. If you know. The editing TV to be thinking about and the character of the person speaks a lot to do what they're gonna dealing just doing anything to get elected. Talking to people who you know I understand it trumpets. And tapping into the frustration that this. You know why. White working class people in other words he people who are really frustrated I mean that makes total sense but then tap that. You actually when you look at trump in you don't like this right. But you're saying priorities. And he is a priorities. At this because you're job situation trader on Wall Street's time and day at your own company. U. Stock exchange board. And and now technology has really have replaced this traders say you. You might be one of those people who is described is as a white person who's angry with. The race and and very much angry at the way it is. And I might be one of those white people and at the end of the day decides that that's my priority I don't know but. I've probably gonna mean way because I do have a belief that all my years I've seen people happier they a lot of this. Bigotry and writer goes away when everyone seems to be participating. It in a healthy economy and they can provide for their families and origin here. I think a lot of it never guzzling a matter what you do we there are always those people there that are going to be hateful and that is and that's. Bet but. That is the place of the political leaders actually. To try to bring people together just which people are. I think it and if I get our artists say the thing that won't stop me from pulling a lot. It will be his his mannerisms and scrutinize his disrespect. What about women went about his way. Alliance with I'm. It came out. What would he do it. It's it's not like what he's set about women at. As we spoke earlier I mean the woman's issue I worked on Wall Street you know I've been dealing in the women's issues for 41 years and is very little. That. Donald Trump has called anyone are set to anyone that I haven't heard great orbit on the other end up myself. And my way of dealing with that is so much to. She's sort of call people if I don't like him accountable for the way some treats like I am doing. If someone told him bathing suit I wouldn't do you think I would say no and I would walk away I wouldn't do it may cry. Not to say that if I had a job and have family that I had support but frighten me. And I think that may be the case when you in acts of harassment but for me. It was a totally different yeah I just had to stand up from its. But so so I totally get and I continues. And so is you know certainly the way my life to let. But I I hoped that it wouldn't be the case where younger women and I certainly. Felt that this we. We shouldn't allow it to continue you know that and should never have fit right so. So high value exchanges via again. And the I think I'm the only. It can't. Happen with them and people. On both eyes. I Ingraham. There like cultures. You know when England and certainly is it here and pretend it's not there Whitley ambulance. It it certainly. It could be and then obviously. She isn't but I'm sure there's an democratic candidate they feel that any act in things. And they're not green. Rain and promoting it. Ray have lots of oh. Had. McDonald's from things like about him is. You can ever are not knowing what he's thinking. That you're getting everything else there's I mean it's a little more honest actually and other candidate. And cash in Hartford campaign after an effort time in my it. That I that there actually was. An generating an. Eye then you know. Great girl and on college. Lately. Creep me and and that eyewitness that's an accurate and campaign. Republican Party. And an effort panic. As and that a lot of old school Republicans. Mary. One. And those that did a woman who just make a difference. Now and it annoyed me when people in the united way. Operate common. This has been making yeah. Yes it's just that and instantly when they hear I was in high island and I just don't think about it. Opinion at all under Oxley adaptable for them because you're seeing lake I don't victory over way. That the animal. You know I'm torn islands be honest. I can't understand the perspective of the feminist backing for a day and and I understand women do bring something different the table. It annoys me to know and that there's such a thing as a gender card. All right you know race card or anything like that those aren't true. Gender inequality hasn't had in my life. Rapper at the moment I realized though it you know it's very. I get that at the same time I don't think that you know we should. You know. Just be asking people to vote for Hillary because she's a woman. Hillary has been in the public life for so long that I think it's very difficult to think about her. A you know for me I can't think about her. Just as a woman and at the same time. I do I just I think symbols are important we are you know if you're headed to you. I you know I want. Yeah. If it mattered that it matters it mattered and mattered so much that Barack Obama at that bank president. And to follow it by Heather it would be cool you know that that people speak in and and. The other thing of course we do know is that women in office really do make a difference in this scene of the US women of both parties. It's that I'm. What's your view on that and then the news he does start with the trump women's stuff and then move on to Hillary. It has. Let's. And that. I'm still kind of the same way about Hillary IE. I mean any issue at the president's made me incredibly. Qualified and constant leader I have no doubt about that. But when it comes about her she's a woman I don't feel very calm cool you know I. Just. As his pay for me. But you. You can go back to it you know Catholic sentiment Kennedy I'm not voting for him because he's Catholic enclave him because I'm Catholic. It's a I'm here to let how many of these things that we are qualifying Hillary's that's very corrosive the ambition that changing position all this is actually just because of mad you know. Every politician that has come before it including. Who does change his position does actually is not a street but we think he is. He's not getting even as much of the flip sloppiness that you fly as Hillary is and how much of that is the scandal with bill you know factual. If adding he's here and extremely. Intelligent. And Indian elements you this mark earth so so sad to me eight years you are do we Nee. Documentary. Business. And how do you mean you look at teaching and living my aunt is living in it very expensive city. You got a child who was I going to school and then we'll. And they can fill up schools. This. Eight ES. It's. So when you look at the future. I think that evening and me in the disease. Whose and he sort of up. I think it's well. And I think education. News. Huge. And it's got some wonderful thing. But it's money neighborhood's. Public school. You know that old all children. Up to high expectations. That high and Clark with. ID teaching to that. They are paying them the opportunity. It. You know our teaching every 144. Year that it cost 30000 dollars a year at least at least. Oh yeah. We lost the U that different than other types of jobs and I don't know. You can get them. And did nothing about who. Day I worry about it you know backers and from new art think that the other side. I say hey it's going to be at thing. You know what the school that it stickers. It also pulls. Us. So event at a time here it so I think he used to little vote Democrat right and you do it still is. Struggles I mean I retain 80%. Sure. I mean I think something really dramatic has to happen between now and the Election Day for me to switch. I mean we haven't spoken about. You know I'm. I'm happy that Hillary's woman running I think it's great that she's come this far she's got a great as a male resident and very disturbed. I am disturbed over emails. You know I am concerned about those things. Things that I am I'm willing to put aside having my father. Was in the service it was British in the drawers in the blitz and everything else. And I'm I'm very respectful of the military I think although I'm sure she is very respectful and Terry. I would like to see a different course it matters here headlights hospitals being fixed and I would like to see that patterns getting kind of hit it should get news. And pictures and match their reports. And when UC maps. Arena and talked like fluently political. Career lies she's more profit but do you one career politics and nothing that the thing and we've done a triple audition is an it to when it. Not and it did change it and he's disruptive. And I am like flooding and at the remembering it him wearing have come about is because if you're behind you're voting from I think. Aren't the thank you all very very nice there's been delightful to visit with you and we'll talk again.

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{"duration":"14:07","description":"ABC News' Cokie Roberts meets with New York women to discuss the direction of the country as the 2016 election nears. Here are the highlights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39177386","title":"How Will Women Vote in 2016?","url":"/Politics/video/women-vote-2016-39177386"}