'Yeah Mon!' Jamaican Man Asks President Obama About Marijuana

Obama laughs, "How did I anticipate this question?"
1:58 | 04/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Yeah Mon!' Jamaican Man Asks President Obama About Marijuana
Yes regions as the president already are more nine point blessings on you any family what's event my name is beginning Williams with a ten caught and I stepped off. Senator Bob. Despite sufficient. Yeah online com. Mike what's done house to do and so are owns US policy as it resides. The eight that legalized he has shot and you could and nags he has signed off Mara while other scientists pick yellow. Them. It's okay. The ally. It's hot and against this question. Yes I'm Mr. President it really qualms on the floor rolling off. We we we freest economic challenges and I am effects that show. What I'd be fine to realistic on him and Austria in the marijuana industry. Of whites. I highly feasible turning to the right support of public so I am want to until all the spun on Columbus done. Whole. Whole U race is being Johnny Holm a what do you see Demi god pushing fallen and at decriminalize the sun legalize these on embassies under him industry. You know that's legalizing marijuana whether it's medical marijuana or recreational use there are two states. In the United States that have embarked on an experiment. To decriminalize or legalize marijuana. Not right now that is not federal policy and I do not foresee. Any time soon. Congress. Changing. The law at a national basis but I do think that. If there are states that shoulder Barrett not suddenly a magnet for additional crime. The bad they have a strong enough public health infrastructure to push against the potential of being increased addiction. Then it's conceivable that bowels or wrong. A national debate but that is going to be some time off.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Obama laughs, \"How did I anticipate this question?\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"30210025","title":"'Yeah Mon!' Jamaican Man Asks President Obama About Marijuana","url":"/Politics/video/yeah-mon-jamaican-man-asks-president-obama-marijuana-30210025"}