The year of tumult in 2020 politics

2020 began with an impeachment trial, and went on to include a contentious presidential election.
3:48 | 12/28/20

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Transcript for The year of tumult in 2020 politics
Tony when he began with an impeachment trial 48 senators have pronounced Donald John trump president the United States guilty as charge. 52 senators have pronounced him not guilty as charged. The senate voting to acquit president trump the White House calling it a full vindication and exonerate (%expletive) worked at we went through hell. Unfairly did nothing wrong. For the celebratory mood at the winehouse would not last long the corner virus crisis that began in China spreading across the world. The president downplaying the potential impact here in the US it's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle workers here. But it did not. And in mid march the presidential campaign the nation and the world came to an abrupt halt president from putting himself front and center in the response to the crisis thank you very much. But critics said he did not take it seriously the president sparking major backlash with baseless screens and junk science. See the disinfectant. In minutes. One minute and is there way we can do something like. Injection in his. Or most of cleaning. The democratic presidential race was wide open at the started when he when he let a massive wind South Carolina propelled Joseph biting into victories on Super Tuesday. Clinching him the democratic nomination. The president of Barnard's in the Clinton Campaign had. And there. Even as he rammed up campaigning in the fall biking held fewer in person events and limited crowd size to comply with Kobe nineteen restrictions. We are going to win or. More. A. Well president trump rally jam packed crowds of supporters very few people wearing masks looming large over the presidential race the nationwide reckoning over racial injustice the death of George Floyd sparking outrage and massive demonstrations. The first presidential debate was. Messy and contentious. Here to cause lies everybody knows he's a liar what you identity and there are our but that was quickly forgotten that the president announcing just two days later. Even the First Lady had tested positive for cove in nineteen. In the middle of all the campaign frenzy the dep the Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg president trump quickly nominating Amy coney Barrett. Doctor Anthony felt cheat leader calling that announcement event in the Rose Garden a co big nineteen super spreader event. More than two dozen people who attended contracting the virus. Senate Republicans moved quickly to confirm Barrett shifting the balance of power on the Supreme Court to the rights accounts for decades. In the final push to Election Day the coded nineteen pandemic was front and center. It's I was waved the white flag. Abandon our families and surrendered his virus. Other than that they did want to scare everybody we are happy. In the end the election wasn't all that close biting build back the so called blue wall winning Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin. He also flipped Arizona and Georgia on his way to winning by more than seven million votes 306 Electoral College votes to president funds to 32. Senator commonly Harris making history the first woman and woman of color to serve as vice president. They've delivered us a clear victory. A convincing victory. A victory. For our. We the people. But president trump refused to accept the results the president for weeks making baseless claims about election fraud and pressuring Republican legislators to intervene and overturn the results president Johns legal team and its allies losing at least fifty cases in court. Including two losses in the Supreme Court Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"2020 began with an impeachment trial, and went on to include a contentious presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74935457","title":"The year of tumult in 2020 politics","url":"/Politics/video/year-tumult-2020-politics-74935457"}