Through the years: US presidents meet the pope

Meetings between the pope and president have been held at the Vatican and within the U.S. for decades.
2:59 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for Through the years: US presidents meet the pope
The world needs today. Is. Be spiritual and moral leadership. Richer hole in this has stood for stood for here in the Vatican and in your arduous travels to other nations in the world. The Pope left daughter Amy. And later the president and make. You can you'll pay their pity peace and beauty who. Joy and peace between these horrible name. That's about it. Mr. Reagan and the Pope greeted each other their formal speeches which followed a private audience and reception for top aides reflected familiar themes the president spoke of freedom. The Pope of arms control. Perhaps it's not too much to hope. True change will come and won't countries. Known deny it or hinder the freedom to worship god I expressed it who spoke to world peace. Might be. Forests are. Who then deemed fit sounds Sybase. Afternoon the president was led through the ornate chambers of the Vatican to an audience with Pope John Paul. Whose religious blessing American leaders always consider a political benefit. May god bless community. And smacked me thrown in her defense of human dignity. And and so there's too much. I leave once again. Inspired by his. Moral and spiritual leadership. When the president and the Pope was sent to the airport speaker's platform and mr. Clinton was about to introduce his guest we had to wait while the crowd chanted. John Paul two we love you. All Americans without regard to their religious faith are grateful to you. Your holiness. Or your moral leadership. Comerica. I express my gratitude to you bought this deceiving me with the name. The polish Pope greeted the American president. Gently taking mr. Bush's hand as they made their way to their private meeting this morning aides said Mr. Bush was in awe of John Paul as he sat ramrod straight listening as the Pope waded into the current controversy surrounding embryonic stem cell research and he urged the president to take a firm stand I do care about the opinions of people. Protect. Please someone is. Profound is the holy father. President Obama was in Rome today where he met for thirty minutes with Pope Benedict. Among the topics abortion and stem cell research the White House's they agreed to disagree on the issues. The president gave the pontiff a letter from Senator Edward Kennedy is being treated for brain cancer. Yes the Pope to pray for Kennedy.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Meetings between the pope and president have been held at the Vatican and within the U.S. for decades.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47592688","title":"Through the years: US presidents meet the pope ","url":"/Politics/video/years-us-presidents-meet-pope-47592688"}