New York Gov. Cuomo triumphs in primary with Nixon

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo won his state's Democratic primary for governor over actress Cynthia Nixon Thursday.
3:59 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for New York Gov. Cuomo triumphs in primary with Nixon
Now the vote tally eighteen in the New York primary tonight your Governor Cuomo one step closer to doing what his father did nearly thirty years ago when he was governor. Winning a third term mr. Cuomo defeating challenger and political newcomer Cynthia Nixon. The actress he was declared the winner less than half an hour after polls closed. But a closer race perhaps in the governor wanted for his future you can few of 88% of the precincts reporting 65 to 35. Thirty point. Lead and victory for the governor so what now for the governor and what now for Cynthia Nixon. Is this the beginning of her new political career were a reporter plural boarded up and starts our coverage even midtown Manhattan tonight. Bill right now we're outside that means worth midtown on 33 street this is the side of the Democratic Party headquarters not necessarily. The Governor Cuomo headquarters for deceiving and back surprisingly. We didn't see Governor Cuomo at all this evening no public appearances at all or Governor Cuomo tonight. He voted earlier today in mount Disco in Westchester County along with his girlfriend Sandra Lee. Now throughout this campaign is essentially ignored his challenger Cynthia Nixon. His teams that that she was terribly unqualified could not possibly run New York State and it's 130 billion dollar budget. She conceded early this evening at about 1030. OK that last bit of everything they hat and our allies in endorsers where threaten. My family was slandered him. The other side spent 25. Million dollars trying to drown. That we went back down and we refused to be quiet and we made our voices heard. Now four years ago. Democratic primary opponent against Governor Cuomo back in four years ago was number tee shot who is now running for attorney general. He shot four years ago she got about 34% of the vote it looks like Cynthia Nixon will probably also get about 34% of the vote in this election. Earlier this evening when the votes were coming and we talked to some Cuomo supporters here at democratic headquarters ask them were they worried that they see an upset in the air they say. They certainly be overly tonight. Yeah. We're gonna press on election night and any gardening is a big fat line. Because you're always nervous and if you're not nervous you kinda. Still. The governor is an ardent supporter of colony all of this is not and that's a great sense of relief hospitable and pulls a permanent. So no you're voters have rejected the liberal progressive message Cynthia Nixon. Once again electing Governor Cuomo as the nominee for the Democratic Party now goes into the general election basic. Marc Molinaro the Republican nominee without votes four look. We're now putting laden attended on the channels I was. Now no one of the most heated races for New York attorney general New York City public advocate Letitia James won a decisive victory tonight over three democratic challengers. When he with 40%. And now the democratic primary for New York's lieutenant governor what a raced through out this night current lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul. Just declared moments ago the winner she really changed out a victory over New York City councilman Jim money Williams is far closer than many had predicted this would be. Councilor Williams aligning himself with Cynthia Nixon with a rather powerful showing by the way were showing other races are. Initially the so many graces the cover but perhaps the biggest upset tonight longtime democratic state senator Joseph Klein. Powerful politician head of the much criticized. And the Democratic Caucus defeated by that young woman 31 year old first time candidate Alice Andrea Biaggi. A former staffer for Governor Cuomo she let a rebellion against them establishment senators there were several of those rebellions tonight.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo won his state's Democratic primary for governor over actress Cynthia Nixon Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57820372","title":"New York Gov. Cuomo triumphs in primary with Nixon","url":"/Politics/video/york-gov-cuomo-triumphs-primary-nixon-57820372"}