New York Governor Calls for Assault Weapons Ban

Andrew Cuomo proposes sweeping changes to New York State's gun laws.
2:36 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Governor Calls for Assault Weapons Ban
Storms and -- the two dominating topics today -- Governor Cuomo state of the state address the biggest headline. Making New York -- one of the toughest gun control states in the country. Even tough for a ban on assault weapons and limiting the number of bullets in any one weapon that's what mr. Cuomo is proposing I was a reporter Marcus Solis was there. He's an Albany for us tonight Marcus. Indeed bill this was a state of the state address to there was talk about economic development jobs and education but it is clear that gun control is a priority for the governor specifically. Passing an assault weapons ban. -- the issue of gun violence took center stage even before Governor Cuomo uttered a word -- the families of the upstate firefighters who were shot and killed on Christmas Eve were honored. Then during his state of the state address the governor made clear he wants New York to have the toughest assault weapons ban. In the nation. It is about ending the unnecessary. Risk of high capacity -- Right. Back. What this is about. The governor who was a gun owner and hunter is proposing sweeping changes to the State's gun laws. Specifically rewriting the existing and that actually exists on assault weapons but -- virtually unenforceable. High capacity ammunition clips would be outlawed. Background checks would be required for private sales. There will be enhanced penalties for crimes committed with guns on school grounds. New measures would prevent the mentally ill from owning firearms and there would be won statewide standard for gun permits which is handled at the county level. Cuomo calls them common sense solutions. Example. No one haunts with an assault rifle no one me. Goods and -- -- the heir apparent to many innocent people -- have died already. The issue now is whether Cuomo can get the new measure passed through the legislature. Greg ball as a Republican senator from Putnam county. Over ninety -- regardless you heard our own community with -- legal -- here. Especially for -- you know we've been -- process of negotiating. A lot of pieces of that bill. I'm very confident that we can pass an assault weapons and to do one very very soon. Now you heard there that negotiations already under way between the assembly and the Republican controlled senate the governor was actually -- an agreement would be read something he could announce today. That did not happen it remains to be seen what type -- reform gets passed and win. We're live in Albany marks on channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18173980,"title":"New York Governor Calls for Assault Weapons Ban","duration":"2:36","description":"Andrew Cuomo proposes sweeping changes to New York State's gun laws.","url":"/Politics/video/york-governor-andrew-cuomo-calls-assault-weapons-ban-18173980","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}