Young Republicans in Swing State Nevada Ask for Substance in Final Presidential Debate

ABC News' Charli James speaks to the Young Republicans of the University of Nevada Las Vegas about their hopes and expectations for the final debate of the 2016 election and their hopes for the party beyond Donald Trump.
12:01 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Young Republicans in Swing State Nevada Ask for Substance in Final Presidential Debate
Everybody watching ABC news that I'm Charlie came here on that they gets it right now in Las Vegas just hours until the third and final presidential. Debate happened tonight. Clinton and Donald Trump and we wanted to get a little sense how the as that we have a couple of members of the heat University of Nevada Las Vegas college GO. Heat out of here at the Republicans we have let me get greatly affected the of the college Republicans on campus and another member checking green so they're gonna get a little idea about what it's like to be a student. On campus so tell us is a little bit about the plot in there. Well University of Nevada Las Vegas is a different campus because we're the second most diverse campus in this nation and says the college Republicans have to market to different cultural backgrounds and have very diverse student body. So it's just been really great experience to see all of these different ethnicities in. Together. And unified underwent believe for one cause of such as the college GOP. Said that you up to market. Wrote what do what do you mean that led how good how would you marketing different as a college Republicans and it would be if you. Didn't have the as diverse than it can't. We have to appeal to people's believes with. A whole bunch of different admits to diss on campuses we have a very diverse student body coming from different walks of life. So what we try to do is call the student body that we have built up to be sure that they're getting the content that they want. Where he. That we are showing them that it's just not in. Much older Caucasian group of students on campus. Seventeen. What is the make up but let's. He isn't a lot of are a lot of Asian American. I'll meet personally understanding and in love it let's say apparently is that really happy memories do. So in terms hi pat thick background make up I think we're pretty. Divers. What what's great is that our Nevada state chairman it's a Hispanic the president of the Nevada state college Republican is a Hispanic. It we have a Caucasian. Co chairman in this state. It's been a really fun and exciting experience because that's a freshman who is also the vice president of the group on campus. I've guidance and need a lot of different people. From different back. But here Filipino Asian Hispanic or Pacific islander named I've gotten a learn a lot more about he. And beautiful car personally. Foreigners and let Pete Collins GOP have not import don't. A more about what went into that decision. A lot of it was the fact that we also wanted to highlight. Local issues in back individuals that are running. Congress or senate as well let's valley issued referendums and all of that and this decision was ultimately it made before I became the vice president. At the same time we wanted to have a crew. Conscious effort if our members didn't feel safe port didn't want to back Donald Trump and we didn't wanna force them to be associated with the group that it back down. So we wanted unified college for public. He set about not feeling safe is there have heart the campus. In general I'm not really over. Not at camp its first state but it's a lot of it's what we've seen at the rally it's what. People. Shown us on TV that people have been assaulted. And we didn't want to expose. Or any insight any sort of violence or anything like that on campus and we just wanted to be sure that if Favre who body didn't. Get sick whether it was emotionally or physically. Today it was going to be that we didn't force them to do anything with. Now Nevada is playing today though has an outside and then on an important in the presidential election. That let it be at university Republican. We've held Hispanic heritage meetings. Impart out different campaigns that way. People that wouldn't get as much attention like our state senator who are state assembly or even that first congressional district race. And our stay. Could influence and still see that what we've also had. We've had outside organizations come on campus such as engaged Nevada to help our voter registration. And we've had petitions on campus that what you would popped out of being registered to vote at the DMV. So to get out the vote effort is already on campus we wanted to shine a different light on. Issues such as open carry on can't this or on other things that are group members felt were important. And it not only about the president elect and create at the about the down ballot races in the about specific issues like helping carry on him that bad so. Tell us a little bit more about what. A lot of attention on campus right and on the body. And that number like that there's a lot of you block parties on campus. Be a 115 gathering what do you think that the you want to hear from the candidates. Tonight that you haven't heard yet. Tough for me personally I wanna see dean did you get debating right now in the past few debates always sad that trunk that's trying to talk over moderated. He's attacking Hillary here in the debates but for me personally I say let's get to the issues. Let's focus on our monarch event foreign policy immigration reform health care those are issues that the bad ends. My. Worry about his policy and not can't take caring about Hillary's. That little less drama. Absolutely there's on the big that I saying trumpet in fit for president due to the fact that. He has the most temperate and undertook between the two that he needs to show that he's caught by anything. Keep it ever hundred. Definitely definitely with what that fourth base of over 200 students involved in the college Republicans. We had a lot of students say the tempered man or the fact that. He's not as articulate. And in all actuality those are all very dollar savings but you have to take the good with the bad at the same time I mean. What's great about. The Republican Party is that just this year alone we were all able to see how different and diverse her party really is with seventeen different candidates. Trying to run from. And at the same time yes he did get the party's nomination in that with the vast majority of the man. Who supported him in our local caucuses so. That's what we've tried to preach. I feel like we need to talk about me then it. At large Hispanic population here in Nevada your campus have. A large Hispanic population men and you know bumpy look at midnight community aren't happy with something they've gone up from. And you guys in dealing like. We tried it represented his we always point to our state chairman his name is Brian bounces. And he's actually. A great example of the fact that if you believe in a pathway to citizenship that you actually disregard the hit the argument that Donald Trump is made. If you actually look at the facts have been uploaded onto its website and right outside organizations at church attempted to point to. Dec it is a very respectful. Way. It's listen to get citizenship in the Baghdad he also rates the national security question when he comes to illegal immigration coming into the country so. We allow him we don't necessarily allow him to fight those fights by himself but we want to show them that there. Our leadership also understands the concerns that the Hispanic community is pointing out. For me personally I'll be watching that palm I don't wanna do I think chaos and marquis got hang UNLV and I also do though they might even have a seat. I think it's Hispanic population. Put back I feel like midnight train beef and protests that he's been. Actions down at camp this tonight would expect from port and the go for me is actually watch it live at home with my father. He's the one that actually got me involved in politics it and he'd sort of become a family tradition that we watch the presidential debates the inaugurations and all of that good stuff together as a family and we make the evening up. Look like political and it runs in the candlelight and nipping at her and a number of people worried about the parking situation. I'm here. It's like a problem when there isn't that maybe nobody hearing a lot of people they are. Some pilots say yes personally I have back to reach out to my assemblyman knew it then that's that. This is our largest veterans fact that we. Why it is filling up back in the parking lot that you can't. On this American magnet doesn't bat and we have wondered if there they're not getting their ideas on candidates that we just opened up high on campus. In about five metro tragedy are. The university warning them that they pursuit of Mike McNamee residential area is not a main street thank not a fan. But getting away people rightly. The final question for you guys. 1000005. Fade on that camp that. Campus always get it won't always get big shout out from the candidates and. What do you love that the attention bring. What you are keeping that at all taken different that's. I think I'm hoping it makes a difference up there. Not every light note eighteen point five. At least not eligible to vote. On how the lowest turnout rates I'm hoping that got my happy behind candidates reside on the debts because come on can't pay them back John. And a bunch of topics doing the agency. You hit the debate but the election period I'm hoping that it turns out he eyed young people voting. I couldn't agree more. What I'm happy about is since you know he's holding the final debate it's getting a different light on about that so home from a proud of that in. Cambridge is not known for then a team of capital. We have one of the greatest research facilities. And I'm glad that universities being put on the map. With all of the attention being out here and then. Is that much more critical swing state than what people what is. Hello again. I thought he does fun ABC news did not mount Mary Allen and I have a lot more coming up not a later today that we are headed to. Great campaign headquarters after that. Com and and we won't be after dinner we'll via watch parties and so much coming up. Before the debate starts and you can watch it all and hazy. It's not hand on heart FaceBook pages that they went man.

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{"id":42918632,"title":"Young Republicans in Swing State Nevada Ask for Substance in Final Presidential Debate","duration":"12:01","description":"ABC News' Charli James speaks to the Young Republicans of the University of Nevada Las Vegas about their hopes and expectations for the final debate of the 2016 election and their hopes for the party beyond Donald Trump.","url":"/Politics/video/young-republicans-swing-state-nevada-substance-final-presidential-42918632","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}