YouTube sensations fight back against robocalls

YouTube stars Ashton Bingham and Art Kulik discuss their efforts to combat robocalls amid new government legislation aiming to limit the excess communications.
5:30 | 04/03/19

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Transcript for YouTube sensations fight back against robocalls
Aren't there is hope maybe the senate will take about this year maybe the house after that meantime. A growing number of Americans are fighting back their T eighteen. Robo call. The robo calls into there own hands they are challenging them. Screaming at the person on the phone and I am half flat and on little bit nicer or just hit the hang up button. But you guys joining us now from Los Angeles I have become YouTube sensations for their efforts. To fight back independent filmmakers fashion bingaman art cool lick. Sort of a YouTube social media stars for your valiant efforts great to have you guys you're. Is the heads of trilogy media and a very popular channel on YouTube. Inspiring. Frustrated victims everywhere tell us a little bit about your channel what you've been doing and why he got started with it. And. Thank you so much if you look at an answer evidence yet. We run trilogy media it's primarily a YouTube channel on line where our mission is to seek out these rosters seek out these scanners. Which are both domestic and international all over the world that are calling. All over the world but primarily Americans pertaining to BBI arrest going to be. Tech support but they're really not an end to take social secure only so many skills nowadays you're absolutely right that it's an epidemic the calls are increasing by the millions. And it's our job to connect with them on the bone waste their time as a McCants get other people and also left the scam play out on the phone so other people know how it works and therefore hopefully won't become victim. And a videos I gotta say are pretty fun it's sort of satisfying once you guys take it to these guys in fact in this video we're seeing little footage here. You're quoting some famous lines in the movie. The people on the other end what have you been able to figure out. Through through this project about who did people are who the groups are behind these calls what do you know about them. Well there are thousands of them and from what we know thousands of call centers we've been doing this for gosh probably close to two years now we talked to I don't know how many hundreds of scammer is in that period of time. Every single time it's a different one with a different for ten name with a different pretend phone number. And but their overseas I mean we I would say that 99% if not more that we talked to our overseas. And we're returning to beat. India primarily play big let me like. The big claiming is that they Pakistani and but they not they actually going from media from you know illegal local censor you'll sign higher arrest is primarily in India you'll you'll get to Nigeria and Apple's answer as well too but I mean it's really all over the world but there there's definitely needs epidemic of an over there and they're targeting us for sure. Yeah who are the biggest targets. That that they prey upon in the United States. You know unfortunately the biggest target is elderly people because it's so easy who's scared of them skimmed them they so gullible rightly so naive. And not quite the age range of people getting scammed unfortunately it's elderly people and a scam for developing and becoming more more technologically advanced so. Those that make your little older and artists really with social media trends are so easy a fall victim to something. And what are you guys make of of the bill that did that sailed through the Senate Commerce Committee today you saw some of the provisions there weren't tighten the fines. Expand the statute of limitations give the FCC some more power. There is some talk about that authentication. Measure they want to require telephone companies to reveal the location. Of the caller do you think any of that'll make a difference. I I support the intent of course I mean anything we can do to diminish the use the root them frequency of this happening unfortunately like a said. The vast majority of scanners we talked to are from overseas and they are using some kind of VoIP. Phone numbers boosting app that. The phone number comes and it looks like it's local or looks like it's at least a domestic phone number when it's not and it would just click of a button the number no longer exists so. And forcing that's going to be a tricky a tall order but you know hey I'm if anything we can do to dimension this is some we support. And gloves there. Gore had or are. No and plus we saved one scammer we actually moved him from nods Honduran organization he's in the Indian right. So we move him to us safer place in she told us that he's bulls who apple these illegal. I'll pull centers c.'s sense she's all people to United States of America. Paying them so they can find a job to work full closer to our mom cellphone companies collect information about us all the Dhaka data. And send back to India and then you'll take that information and apply to all local leagues centers. Still it's a lot of people who bulls to skim us Americans is is on global. Yeah it is incredible and it's really annoying to so many people and before we let you go on important what's your biggest piece of advice. To all of us who get these calls what what do you reckon matters stopping short of feel a do filming the the the counter attack as you guys do what what can all mistreated if better defend ourselves. Well first of all remember that the IRS we'll never call you that's a huge one and that's one of the biggest ones going around right now and iris will never call you demanding money overall just look out for anybody that's a asking money from you an aggressive way whether that's from. Western union or some kind of gift card things huge red flag there. And finally subscribe to the trilogy media YouTube channel where you can figure out all the scams that are going on we waste their time and have a few laughs as well YouTube dot com slash trilogy media. Pickle nowadays there'll be groups and we stood up for the community and you know like you've government don't want to fight back you don't want. It's a lot of people who like OK guys let's let's fight back and now let's protect our people are citizens. All right you guys it's great to have the fashion bingaman art cooler with trilogy media two guys. Fighting the good fight against robo calls we appreciate your time thanks for coming on the ration their best.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"YouTube stars Ashton Bingham and Art Kulik discuss their efforts to combat robocalls amid new government legislation aiming to limit the excess communications. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62149653","title":"YouTube sensations fight back against robocalls","url":"/Politics/video/youtube-sensations-fight-back-robocalls-62149653"}