Yovanovitch responds to Trump tweets during hearing

President Donald Trump tweeted during the impeachment hearing Friday and wrote, “Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad.”
3:04 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for Yovanovitch responds to Trump tweets during hearing
As a foreign service officer did you ever. Hear of any serious concerns about your job performance. Was this statement of support ultimately issue and that for you don't that was not. Did you learn why not. Yeah. Maybe yes I was told that there winds that concern on the seventh floor that if a statement of support was issued whether by the State Department or. By the secretary personally that it could be undermined. How would it could be undermined. That the present my eight issue and between contradicting matter. Something's about a fact. So let me see if I get this right. You're one of the most senior diplomats in the state are. You've been there for 33 years you'd won numerous awards. You've been appointed as an ambassador three times by both Republican and democratic presidents. And the State Department would not issue a statement in support of view against false allegations. Because they were concerned about a tweet from the president the United States. That's my understanding. Which from the fight him. Off on that question seems like appropriate time. Best you out of it should. As we sit here testifying the president is attacking you what Twitter. And elect your chance to respond L reed. Part of one of his tweets. Everywhere Marie Ivanovic when turn bad. She started off in Somalia how did that ago. But he goes on to say. Later and tweet is a US president's absolute right to appoint ambassadors. The first of all. The mess Ivanovic. The senate has a chance to confirm or deny an investor do they not yes advise and consent. But would you like to respond to the president's attack that everywhere you went turn bad. I mean under I don't think I have such power is not litigation smiley the Somalia and not and other places. I actually think that's. Where I've served over the years. And others have. Demonstrably. Made things better you know for the US as well as for the country's. That I've surgeon. On Ukraine for example where there are huge challenges including me you know on the issue that we're discussing today. Corruption. Huge challenges but they've made a lot of progress that's 2014 including in the years that I was there and I think in part. I mean Ukraine people get the most. The most credit for that but. Apart of that credit goes to the work at the United States and on and to me as the ambassador and in the united in Ukraine.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"President Donald Trump tweeted during the impeachment hearing Friday and wrote, “Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67043225","title":"Yovanovitch responds to Trump tweets during hearing","url":"/Politics/video/yovanovitch-responds-trump-tweets-hearing-67043225"}