Blind Runner and Guide Survive Cancer, Find Friendship

Athletes Tessa Wehrman and Abbey Lanier compete in endurance races with non-profit Achilles International.
4:18 | 05/13/15

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Transcript for Blind Runner and Guide Survive Cancer, Find Friendship
Almost every week. Tests of Mormon and be lenient take a 6 mile lap around Central Park. And we putting those kinds of miles. Eventually either you run out of mindless chit chat and real bonds begin to fan. I think that there's something out around mean that really like breaks down your barriers named on relationships and they don't just stop Clinton. Your camera. Still you may notice there is something beyond friendship that holds these women together. Heather rarely ever. Crosses my mind telling kids just kind of an extension of me in its connecting me you and went past. Since the age of four we're happy career has been losing vision. It was barn with a hereditary. Dejan and threatening condition. To Abby and her condition has never been more than a diagnoses. With her guide dog Alexa she navigates the city like any new Yorker. Getting a little exercise it is a different story. That is where at Chile's international comes. The nonprofit group here's a disabled athletes was volunteers to run walk cycle and swim. Making the unlikely seem like the every day. When did you meet tests and that tests of through running and then getting really identify trapped on team. I think Anderson go bigger now person that I like to field of true to myself or hang accomplished. How many endurance races have you done. Tests and having conquered more than thirty combined as Achilles athletes. Lannan and mine. Friends network currently got on the prairie that's coupons here for a special and I'm thinking I mean honestly I can't our government and they can't. That's because the on the medals in the personal records. These women measures something more than running. This guy mess and 2000 Ivan the press and and then a week later had a double. At age three. I was diagnosed on July 1 2013. At that went there and manufacturers insurance hodgkin's lymphoma. When you seek answers even to the toughest athletes. Diagnosis has the potential to stop every season. Everything and it turns out the heart and the courage to lace up. And treated. Like any challenge on the pavement. You have that monetary hinted that there tonight. I was and am asking and kind my Houston joins. Think that there's something so Harry. Because it's really all you. I decided and soon I was done with chemo and radiation I was signing up for our race and that was and I. Ellen great yeah. And a turns out life after cancer can be difficult. Their relationship. To help them get through the ups and the downs in a survivor. That friend Chad that's fine that it pretty easy. Dwelling can physically let me guide her through the water. I always there early. But I am willing to help her out about. Thinking back and they say what ever you do you not pitied him. I wouldn't say that cancer necessarily. Me and I probably would say that they happy lake I think. Then at a day after it was shocked hurt and I'm not just. Flying go with cancer and I'm more than that. How about that. Coming a lot of respect. And that's the thing about it at least he'd just been realization here like that in fact. And neither event.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Athletes Tessa Wehrman and Abbey Lanier compete in endurance races with non-profit Achilles International.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"31017378","title":"Blind Runner and Guide Survive Cancer, Find Friendship","url":"/Sports/video/blind-runner-guide-survive-cancer-find-friendship-31017378"}