Check out ESPN's new fantasy football studio

ABC News' Mel Griffin talks with fantasy analyst Matthew Berry and tours the new set for "The Fantasy Show."
21:13 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for Check out ESPN's new fantasy football studio
Hey guys now gripping here and ABC news is taking its PNC is right now in the upper east of the act Ares show that the entity shall happen here it tells all about is awesome show coming up and act this season and a malfeasance here yet Matthew Barrett. I'm Mal aria I am fantastic we're so excited to be here this that is awesome it looks like its own little fancy playing house accurately to get the community's tore. Thanks so much jive I built myself I have no honestly to this is an act as my my producer he's he's the show runner here. Were just hanging out naturally suited in in makeup those randomly showed up cameras that's so yeah no or super excited about it you know let's I've always said. That fantasies on right at the end that look we all want to win but ultimately it's a hobby it's something we do do enjoy and so we want of the should reflect that. Meet Nancy is on its when my favorite thing to do everything at a penalties and that's why you're that's why I'm so excited cocky guys. I asked Allison five. A little outrage. And I am not dealing and that I was like actually drought. Up. And at last night at its Al. All right I like you know your hard core I like applicant double digit like I've laid up at up to 25 and hear that but again that's my job. So five of the healthy number three's are helping them rom. Thank you Matt CME coming from the variances like with like my dream airs that's already here and I'm doing or are so. That studio is. Oxen and there's so many fun things around here you as countries in the aisle when he here our Mac you eat at about. You know what a few weeks captured this shell at what. It looks let's find out. Well so so first off I'll say this the RIT it was very simple in that. Throughout my career. If if you read me your listen my podcast anything like that I was sort on the same thing which is. Try to take in most fantasy sometimes the announces around fantasy football because it's fairly stat heavy and and number heavy. Sometimes get a little bit rise so what I've always try to do is take things that can sometimes seem dry and try to. Make them adjustable. Easily accessible and fun and so the show is sort of an extension of that obviously and so. There are initial inspiration was. Mad money right units were off and Jim Cramer here and so nor we Williamson whose one of the big suits around here nor be god bless and said hey. While we start with a while we try to to a mad money show but he can't look like any thing on ESPN and so. And I have. Taken that to heart and this is the result it's sort of mad money meets my childhood. I mean it's great just looking around it it is sell lots and I love everything in here. More people that are and my podcast. Daniel top secret squirrel who's the producer on my podcast we'll have an on air role without here at the show sort of an on air producer as well and he has. Little secret squirrel which they name on the show. And we he has various buttons that here where he can just mess with me when he wants though. You're at it and over here. Yeah. And tell us about well this is. And a super awesome shows that that's tightly squeezed into wins you know and them. The show will be let's let this play along develop an interview this being. Net. Fair and by doing. So much with what we continue to work with so I'll means. So. A lot of fun there you can see there's there's the door and oh. People enter in the and that you know. Somewhat. Similar or dissimilar. I'm adore. In. At the Latin. You know. Mr. Kramer has some button so they gave me some buttons well I think mine upon a little bit different then. Well here from around here and see this though. So you can't see it right here you wanna come around here. Dame the take what comes over here they keep on thing isn't fun thing. Mary go from over there. So. Well. That the clock that will put 45 seconds on its on going long something like that don't have some fun. And one that because it's our turn table with different props here to sort of you know spit it spins around. And we we have some breaking news. The of course news. Right exactly. Exactly there are running out of hard candy. So we and we can put different things on on this particular platform here. Will use this for different things but in one of the staples. That I do is erratic comment we called love hate. And so this is what we refer to as art while hate machine love. And hate puzzle have. La me eventually. Or different things you know starts it kind of any sort of either or proposition. Pick up drop that sort of thing oh. Yes Alex and I don't want what what you while the. That. I. There are eight all right and and what at this picnic at the eagle. Are on. Just well having you know aren't you patriotic and what is it what. Obviously like may you know Americans here there's nothing wrong with America you know the idea and Italy. And we were doing some tests or it. Our rent out Steiner who is one of the people who design that's that the great out Steiner. Out who wanted to move the vulture which is obviously you know big and receivables from a Bolter and so the eagle was to sort of lying around that was supposed to Bolter. And the eagle made its last electorally and we're just keep an eagle. Eight so the eagle bring in breaking news a case you know whether it's tweets or emails that are. You'd be amazed and rehearsals over you be amazed at how many uses you get out of an eagle that flies out of this guy. I can't lay every time I today eat at you like I pressed that button yet no definitely and so. You know it's it. Case there's in India never have yet to much the litmus irony there. There. You know. Sort tools and I feel a need to pass one more thing on his table it's like screaming at me. Oh. The on bow injury and thirtieth rate. One. A big role here on the this is the pond about Ronde and so. Means that our pot at the different sides bell. Be on bow area and that the day. Or the line when she buys well it David you get shot up more. That's one more. Oh. So our fish will be that announcer actually. And it. War. It inner act. Opel. What eight. That is a straw that it straw man and I'm guessing here Abbott argument let me. Anger. Governor. At it's not know we're coming don't get you and it asks a star caught eight. Totally not anyone's mind here went ahead. It you. Though that now all about. Absolutely. Can't. It's a bigger man and not always. Not only hesitated rarely has opinions that I agree with so guest Robin we'll give a lot of arguments to me. So thank you straw man sale at a copper me. And mustard and I think he's the FIC one on the shelf army that up bite the one show obviously being. On ESP and in and not part of our NFL rights we don't actually. What is right we can't use game footage so we've tried to be creative. That's where our actual gain but it will happen. Or thank you for a mile. Men yeah. And we have little man from every scene are you gonna re enters your recreate scenes from L highlights yes. Battling re create and a agree. Where we have that's. Would call lipstick cam and so that'll be. Yes we will recreate highlights portly. It's sort of or we do and so you know we're kind of work cited again well our our sort of goal was to. Take sort of staples of sports television and and certainly fantasy sports television and try to do something slightly different we'll see if we succeed but that's going to be the goal. I think it sounds like a fantastic shelling a year excited about it what do you think is going to be the most exciting part for you about doing that show and seeing if fancy shell come to light. I mean just that honestly who you know ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports right in this is the first time in the history. Of the largest sports media company in the world that we've had a daily Monday through Friday fantasy football shows so. I'm excited about this kind of you know I feel like there is just a level of legitimacy. That ESPN brings to brings anything that they do in so being able to have. And host the first ever daily fantasy won't show on ESPN is a tremendous sodomy and in a means means a great deal to me and and hopefully you know is is helpful to the industry. It aptly I don't know the dairy easy go to guy for all things all currency it's. Like every need monetary policies and. Last year. Well a pat. I see GAAP by the league. I won line. Believe that highlights and eyes but the other cult I. The year's. At eats. It. Alley value on the set of the fantasy show who what player like totally just cry after season last year with exercise that those demons right here. Hope like what player crashed into or at that adware that way when it's over the teams that didn't go the way he wanted him. I mean it was erupt on let me see here we have a lot of injuries I think Alex acting out Polly my biggest problem was. It's it's. I mean. Elliott outlets like probably scheme after. Outlets aching injuries it was it was awful I might. Seek out he was the 18. Cents that night at it happened act now. By iPad acts. And number one tactic for are you. It. But it's for me it's lately on bell on lets you know David Johnson goes eco Elliott I get it no issues Antonio Brown has money in the bank. So I don't think you can sort of mess that pick up this year but at that level yet to nitpick a little bit slightly BM bell like this much over David Johnson. In my argument is simply this he's done a longer than David and if you tell me want offense completely goes in the tank this year. I have more confidence in Pittsburgh remaining at an elite level that Arizona right. Carson Palmer 37 years old he got banged up last year have they fix those offensive line issues. We don't know Larry FitzGerald. You know. You know first ballot hall -- but he's getting a little bit older. Behind Larry John Brown JD Nelson John Brown struggled injuries last year we haven't seen JD Nelson and full time role that. So I just. You know I mean that's the offense that concerns me a little bit and yet honest I'm Pittsburgh side of the ball when Ben Roethlisberger had an injury. Lady and bell has still been. Very productive and a huge part of his offense he's angry about his contract so maybe there's a little bit extra motivation dad again at that level they're both stunts. And Levy and now I had drafted him laster even without war game. That port and leaves out to the orient suspensions sell II even I pull out my cards out to Levy on bell even with that and he still can't get past where they sell it. And that's important because and there's a lot of rumors out there about Ezekiel Elliott and I and so. You know I've I've not adjusted again obviously he's still at the moment from expect to play all sixteen games but if for some reason a suspension would happen to Ezekiel Elliott. Honestly. Ezekiel only at plus three games of replacement level running back is still to me the best the third best player man. Exactly I completely I completely agree but not that you're ready backs here think running back is the first picky to make it your first round Urlacher steeper. I mean. I don't I don't put it like you must take a running back over a wide receiver when the running backs name is leaving on bell or David Johnson. Yes but again you know it. We've done these studies that he has been a common we've we've seen like of the millions of millions of people that a one we've done studies. I have a draft manifesto coming up in that'll have. The list of the exact players. But in essence we've looked at. Teams that of one championships and is and I com and in terms the roster construction some people went wide receiver in the first some people went quarterback in the first some people went running back I mean like. There's a million different ways to win there's no right or wrong way it's all about best player available and generally this here I am. Wait on a quarterback you know I'm not a tight in guy but I've seen people trapped crock in the first in the league so there's no right or wrong. Answer in terms of winning your league of what you have to take. Accurately ticker at it at base 86 and it just depends on situation so I have a question for you it's you know it's a burning question for a lot of people especially me. Ricky still lots and lots in the pre sees what what are we looking for and pre season is the watcher drafting. Well so I'll start I'll start with a rookie question I mean I think there's a lot of rookie questions honestly the they do the path to success in the NFL fantasy wise is both talent. And opportunities so. When you think about both talent and opportunity winner for now it comes to mind obviously he's gonna get the majority of work for Jacksonville Mets team that believe it or not. Was sixth best in the NFL in terms of rushing yards before first contact that actually blocked mallet says. You know unfortunately they just. Struck the drives were stalling out to Doug were on what he wants to do is ultimately portals and just give the rock to let report that try to win with a defense and so. That's excite that's exciting there. And in terms of sort of some deeper rookies. You know I think it's my JP Ryan in Washington it's kind of interesting. Look I'm a big rob Kelly stand by. And he's the starter. But I think he's got a shortly so he righted somebody that I think it's sort of interesting. Even deeper marlin Mack in Indianapolis. Behind Frank Gore. In a Frank Gore is a warrior but at some. Point getting older. And how to say it right. Commitments they get. Really tired. Every year that's that at the top its regular medical. You know seven might you know as extreme hot and in Kansas City is a guy that's also really insisting be absentee what happens with him. And Spencer where PP our league to out of Tamara in New Orleans is going to be the third down back to passing down back behind increment and Peterson so I. There's you know there's some there there is of some running back just you know. If you named in the terms of what to watch in the in the pre season sorry is I feel like. Again it's sort of about opportunity means scheme are using him are they playing with a ones you know how to they look. You don't want to get too overwhelmed by pre season but there's certain people that you can you know you think about what like you know Michael Thomas in the pre season last year like. OK I can play and you know Sean Payton actually came out of pre season last instead like and I don't really understand fantasy football but I at a team like I draft Michael Thomas and the could it was certainly right. I ever pre season as you know you can't pull all your cards on precedes and I mean it's it's trying to impress their coaches it's really like Ricky trying to out there it's other people tried it becomes starters over other people on the teens are like those deeper possession Saudi and I feel like. I'll keep watching it EC what happens and it you don't tell your cards on the treaty. You know 100%. Hate Mela heavier and shoots it one other person I loved your hopefully it's like mr. Strom and oh my goodness. You know and yet I happen you know ideas and one of the staples of course is a touch screen righted the analysts on TV shows do touch screens and we felt like why haven't touched beans and you actual route but yet. Actual main road. And I can attach. Me. Well nothing right now. We haven't we have them when we have them brown lightly. Eight I. That route robot. Canister about you Larry I like yeah. Her. We're gonna have brought it up but now it's at and we also have to mention the marathon. At 28. Hour marathon starting on August 14 at 7 PM at last all the legal team keep up its fifteenth at 11 PM when he hours up here. An NC football I mean it's like F it people all it's injury itself. A lot yet. I am yes I am not a good 128 hours actually last year laster Adam chapter myself stayed up all 28 hours or on television 28 straight hours every hour. And we're doing it again I nearly this'll be a fun onetime stunt and then. What do you know apparently ordered and every year side it was I have to say last year's marathon. Was the most fun I've ever had a television it's it's really great and what was cool to see. Was the entire company get behind fantasy football we know how much people enjoy it but was great to see people beyond myself. And Adam chapter. You know it was great to see. Everyone from all you know Kenny Mayne in the Shelby villain straight wing got talking fantasy football for 28 hours I think it's going to be. A lot of fun we but it's a goofy stuff last year and I think more surprises or this year. We're so excited for and I watch a little bit last year it was it was fantastic I was watching it where it's competitive at Arab area I mean. The things are is that the very next day you're agent premiere of the new show at fancy shelter Beers Wednesday. As. IP ads for twenty hours straight at each. Yeah I am on ESPN two and it also be on our happen digitally. It doesn't seem like the scheduling departments talk to each other I've felt like they're like I did he ever played hours they implement national TV all right. So that a chance by the way you know. The show's over August 17 at the area. He flawlessly on the first shows everyone just be where yeah. Double works in obviously we're excited about it and in using the merit on the launch want the entities so you know you'll get I think you'll see some clips. From the show throughout the marathon and and hopefully we hit the ground running. We are also exciting here we can't wait to seize each Al back Gary Inky sell my acts. On as the -- them to get this behind his seat preview of yours that your new shall we are very excited for. So for it and ABC is an out and an account and offseason.

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{"duration":"21:13","description":"ABC News' Mel Griffin talks with fantasy analyst Matthew Berry and tours the new set for \"The Fantasy Show.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"48912923","title":"Check out ESPN's new fantasy football studio","url":"/Sports/video/check-espns-fantasy-football-studio-48912923"}