Dick Button on Ice Dancing Collusion: US Not 'Smart Enough'

Former figure skater doubts reports that American and Russian judges are fixing scores at Sochi.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Dick Button on Ice Dancing Collusion: US Not 'Smart Enough'
A deterrent to some places that cannot report for French magazine about some sort of collusion between the American and Russian ice dancing judges you -- any credence to this story. Well I I I liked the operative words that you said was some sort. Now that's a pretty intriguing comment about different ideas on this whole report number one -- can say anything they want. And you can turn around and and believe it or not believe it that's up to you the second that the other pointed the direction is is that. Number one I I don't think there's any value to it percent with simple reason. Nobody in the United States is crafty enough or Smart enough to be able to make this kind of attack we have a country that is this wide. And it includes both the east and the west and the there is no collusion between the two. I don't know anybody in US figure skating. That would have the -- two go ahead and try to do that sort of thing is just not in there nature. I've -- I said in in my book also that. American judges Canadian judges and Japanese judges are probably the cleanest in the end of of the world for the simple reason the Americans won't do it. They're not crafty enough the Canadians won't listen to anything. -- anyway and the Japanese are too far away and have a language barrier when you're in Europe and end in places like bella -- and the Ukraine and all of these smaller countries where for hundreds of years they have had collusion -- chicanery going on. And that diplomatic. Fancy jumps so. I think it's much more possible -- -- I don't think there was anything that but I will tell you one thing. And that is that why was it late -- That released this news why wasn't it any other newspaper in the world -- if you remember back in 2002. The scandal of the pair skating scandal which was the most atrocious. Event bill was created by the president of the -- -- -- figure skating and speed skating federation a Didier guy again. Now Didier guy AK was all around hotel lobby coach -- -- when he got Malaysia on done there. -- award whether he arranged it or not I don't know but he was certainly there making speeches and wandering around it -- and he will be running. For a new presidency. Now why did it come from France why didn't come from some. Paper and Germany or some other place so that always amuses me to find out that the it was late -- which started this.

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{"id":22444121,"title":"Dick Button on Ice Dancing Collusion: US Not 'Smart Enough'","duration":"3:00","description":"Former figure skater doubts reports that American and Russian judges are fixing scores at Sochi.","url":"/Sports/video/dick-button-ice-dancing-collusion-us-smart-22444121","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}