Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 16

Meteorologist Mel is here with the weather report to help you set your fantasy lineup.
2:55 | 12/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 16
I'm meteorologist Mallon is here. Sixteen fantasy forecast championship games in fantasy football are under way I'm here to tell you how the weather could affect airline it's not in the northeast here we have cold front swooping and lots of rain in the forecast may east of Baltimore up to near XCD but we're still talking about that chance for showers here. Better chance of rain there and Bob well but I want to start off in East Rutherford where the jets play the patriots at MetLife stadium on Sunday at 1 o'clock. We do have that chance of showers and wet weather is going to be on the miles high but it's yet here they are just going to be unstoppable this week are ready to beat the patriot to get closer to that wild card spot in the playoffs. That means big plays they passes and big players like Eric Decker brain a Marshal who have been on higher. All receivers have scored in six of the last eight games and need to be an airline again this week regardless of the wet weather. But we still have to acknowledge that integrates Ellicott but the patriots backfield so we have. That leaves it seems like it's stepping in and take over he really prove himself last week getting 71 yards and a touchdown against the titans so you need another running back put him as RB TUR flax. This week in your lineup. Over to Buffalo, New York that there is that better chance of bringing rain likely cloudy and cool the difference in temperature to its humor that front it's. Forties in Buffalo, New York near seventy down from Baltimore to New York City here on Sunday so we aren't going to be talking about rain but I don't see any walk. Early sixties and complain about his small role on the bills' offense but since then the second half this season has been more of what bsc honors expected. He's consistently scoring and getting over a hundred yards per game. We can has been adding he's here for running backs here about well that's LeSean McCoy is considered week to week for the final two weeks the seat that. And he does miss timed it was torn and see Al and Mike Gillis leader Carla Williams could take Albert. Both could be solid plays but it might be at times Sharon act field here's a take batting consideration if McCoy is out. Now that's front extends all it back into the midwest and you can really see the difference here in temperatures Kansas City high in the 38 nationally that high near seventy here. That chance of rain stretching right through the Mississippi and Tennessee valley so that better chance of rain hearing Nashville Tennessee where that taxes pay the titans. On Sunday at 1 o'clock now have a Texans defense have to play in this against the titans last week they held the colts to ten point 890 yards. And during the last match up between Texas and titans Texans. Back at QBs that men Berger was playing that and it looks like he's gonna play this week as well as Marcus Marietta is still out on injuries we have a lot of games this week that he. The only two more weeks left of the regular season. Just that it airline up and get ready for your championship game helped everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy holidays this week.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Meteorologist Mel is here with the weather report to help you set your fantasy lineup. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"35931104","title":"Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 16","url":"/Sports/video/fantasy-football-forecast-week-16-35931104"}