LeBron James Returns to Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA superstar wrote in Sports Illustrated that he is going back to his home state of Ohio.
4:04 | 07/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LeBron James Returns to Cleveland Cavaliers
And we're learning much more about LeBron James this coming in ladies and gentlemen you'll bear with me we're getting this information just as I'm speaking -- -- -- -- other -- Sports Illustrated it was a story called I am coming home. I'm coming home this is just in from Sports Illustrated this is what it -- -- And in there it is saying that LeBron is quoted as saying before anyone ever cared where I would play basketball. I was a kid from northeast Ohio he goes on to talk about growing up here feeling good about it he -- the passion can be overwhelming but it drives me. I want to give them hope when I can I want to -- the children when I can. My relationship with northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball I did not realize that four years ago I do now. -- Sports Illustrated remember when I was sitting up there with the Boys and Girls Club in 2010. I was thinking this is really tough -- could -- it. I was leaving something it's been a long time creating. If I had to do it over again obviously do things -- -- -- -- He says but I'd still have left. Miami for me has been almost like college for other kids the past four years helped raise me into who I -- I became a better player. And LeBron James this is written by LeBron James and it's cold I'm coming home you're looking at this is right out of the out of Sports Illustrated. We are getting information as it is coming in I'm reporting this as I am learning that I am learning it right along with you. I'm coming home says LeBron James. We have confirmation on this from Sports Illustrated at least that's what Sports Illustrated is saying and this was written by LeBron James himself. Exclusive to Sports Illustrated now you know what we know I -- bring in our good friend Andy Baskin who's over at 92 point three the fan radio station. Doing -- broadcast of the Andy are you with me are you with me now. Eight yes OK regularity -- yeah I can hear you finality to tell me what Tillman what we know -- tell me what do you think about this. Well I like I said -- -- -- I thought that he was coming back I believe everywhere I mean there's quotes in -- from LeBron in this article so I believe Sports Illustrated and everything in its and that article that LeBron James is coming back home. This is a great story and when you look at the whole big picture on this thing. It is great for the city of Cleveland. It's gonna be great for LeBron james' career -- the next step is going to be to see what the cavaliers can do next but I think this is a very refreshing time for Cleveland sports because. Let's be honest about it. Cleveland -- and the city of Cleveland is we've had a lot of trouble bringing free agents back. In the best part of their career and now that LeBron James is back according to Sports Illustrated dot com. This is a great great win for the city of Cleveland and for the cavaliers -- -- -- -- And you stick with me on this one now -- he says my relationship -- northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I did not realize that four years ago I do now supposedly the words of LeBron James to Sports Illustrated your comments on. All I definitely think so I know that and as I had heard stories throughout the last two years that. LeBron constantly wanted to know what was going on in northeast Ohio he wanted to know about the casino going up. He wanted to know about what was going on downtown we all knew the LeBron had his eyes on the cavaliers. Throughout the season he always knew what was going on with the cavaliers and I think sometimes it's -- you know we look in. We want to. Forgive and I think one of the best analogy is that I've heard the whole time was. You know you set and a child away for college for four years and how they come back is a different story. LeBron went away for four years he did what he needed to do in Miami. He always felt like it was unfinished business here in Cleveland I think there were threats from both sides about the way -- -- last time. With the decision and the one thing that I was told way back in September from some of that was close to LeBron camp was if LeBron James comes back to Cleveland. It will be the biggest sports story perhaps in the world and right now there is -- -- -- about it. This is the biggest sports story in the world and it has been for the last five days.

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{"id":24525152,"title":"LeBron James Returns to Cleveland Cavaliers","duration":"4:04","description":"NBA superstar wrote in Sports Illustrated that he is going back to his home state of Ohio. ","url":"/Sports/video/lebron-james-returns-cleveland-cavaliers-24525152","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}