NBA game-fixing scandal revisited

How former referee Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games in 2007.
5:02 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for NBA game-fixing scandal revisited
Next out to a groundbreaking investigation from our friends at ESP and their revisiting one of the biggest scandals in sports history now despite claims to the contrary. It appears NBA ref Tim Dunn and he did conspired to fix games he was officiating games. He and others were also betting on if you're unfamiliar with the story. Here's a quick look back. 2007. The NBA was rocked to its core. When the news hit that ripped free Tim Donnelly he had admitted that he had illegally bet on DX. Games he himself had officiated. For his crime stunning he would spend fifteen months in federal prison. Basketball. Is especially vulnerable to fixing in the way that other sports or it. The rest reads it's simple to bid 51 team all they had to do's call fouls on the other team. It because thousands so common in the game and so subjective in discretionary. Get seemed to be hard to detect. But in an interview with ESPN after he was released from prison and discreet script reads sixty yet never fixed any dean. News I was not actually in these teams. Are fixing the games hand and you know throwing calls to mom minor met. You expect us to believe that you did nothing. To manipulate the outcome of an NBA game everybody's entitled to their opinions but I can disrupt back can tell you I can. That the FBI and even the NBA concluded. Without a doubt that I cannot fix NBA James. He. Enjoy now by the reporter who broke this story at ESPN's Scott Ian Scott great to have you spent hours years. Years actually poring over hours and hours and hours a game footage watching Tim got a Donnie he's calls. And you found that contrary to what he said yes there. That he was actually manipulating the games tell us your be your big take away here. Yes so we did teeth we did two things we we had to bring to different data analyses. To make our case and and we also had a series of human sources so people who. Over the years. Say that that Dennehy confessed or admitted to him to them that he indeed manipulated the games in order to. In order to win in order to win bets. If you were shocked by how easy this actually is to do tell us more about how he actually pulled this off. Yeah I mean it seems that again through human sources and threw in a country assessing out the patterns in that the data we in the by that I mean the the cut the call lumps you know what what he was what fouls he was calling. Through the course of the 2006 and seven season that's what we focused on. You could see that essentially what he called more fouls against the team that he was betting against so. You can manipulate the score and in his easy way is that without calling. You know if you Roni is calls without calling caught without making Foulke without calling fouls that threw up red flags silly me kind of went undetected in that way. Well what's what's been the response to this have you had it or heard anything from the league. Any chance that authorities might pursue another criminal case against him do you think. No statute of limitations is over there the the NBA we got in touch with the you know prior to publication for their comment haven't heard anything sense while. Are nothing from Donnie either. I believe he's continuing to deny that that he that he manipulated the games. Now so it if this is so easy to be done in this case stretched over years and years and it did the piece on is absolutely incredible. A new layout in port methodical fashion how you came to the statistical analysis. In your view what needs to be done it. Prevent this from happening in and are you confident that it's not happening right now with other wraps I mean human nature being what it is always looking to exploit an edgy and I don't think you can never be confident I think we need to let go the notion that you know major American professional sports. Are immune to this. On its own you know we're on the verge legalized sports betting so the the the amount of money flowing through the kind it's it is a global betting market is only going to entries increase exponentially. And I think the you know the incentives and to put an ethics are only going to rise now of course the counterargument is that. With legalization in United States will come transparency. I'm sunlight being the be the best disinfectant and that it noticed two to a degree true. But I think. The regulate their needs to be almost a regulatory body in almost like a securities and exchange commission for sports betting because the betting markets even now. Our are almost as big as financial markets and as sophisticated. No major business and this is a big shocker Scott even with ESPN ground breaking investigation into that. Big scandal over twelve years ago or so with ten downing Ian and NBA. Raff who regular games based on what Scott found Scott thanks much for joining us I hope everybody takes a look at your piece.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"How former referee Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games in 2007.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"61242192","title":"NBA game-fixing scandal revisited ","url":"/Sports/video/nba-game-fixing-scandal-revisited-61242192"}