NFL Commissioner Meets the Press

Roger Goodell holds his yearly Super Bowl press conference
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for NFL Commissioner Meets the Press
This is a special room. I'm -- company -- -- -- ABC news digital special report football's 29 million dollar ban is taking the stage not a player. -- and I NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that is his salary. Give -- take thousands -- Hogan has nearly favorable press -- let's listen. The credit for putting this Super Bowl together. Goes first to division. Of Woody Johnson John -- Stephen John petition. And also to Al Kelly -- Governor Christie and Cuomo. Baird YTO and former Mayor Bloomberg. And the thousands. Of people who work so heart. Thanks to each -- -- It has been a terrific season by any standards. And I cannot emphasize enough. How important it is to give credit to the players the coaches. And the teams. They make it happen. And also to the world's greatest fans. For your football passion. You make -- special. Thank you so much. Now we will go to your questions starting with Barry -- of the Associated Press. I think you're -- -- -- concussion settlement with the former -- on hold right now if the judge Brody. Question whether the amount of money they'll be given -- enough to pay everyone who -- settlement applies to. Do you fear that the settlement is in danger of being rejected. And if that is what will be the -- next steps thanks. -- -- it what the judge did bushy. Is taking her time she's making sure that the settlement that was agreed to between the plaintiffs. And our attorneys. Under the guidance of judge Phillips who's a mediator there was selected by -- Bernie. That the agreement we reached -- gonna work the way we intended to work. -- number one thing for us right now is to get the money -- place so that we can help the players and their families if they need it. And that is our priority so -- -- working with judge -- were working with all of her experts. To convince her between the plaintiffs. Judge Phillips ourselves that the settlement we reached. Hence. Provide the kind of benefits that we intended and we're confident that we'll get there. Commissioner Johnson from ESP in the park his car when asked previous year of poverty in Mexico -- for him I think their friends know. Don't know the answer but the question is what can -- Hispanic market. -- US and Latin America's expect from the NFL in the coming years past. Well one of our fastest growing audience segments are Hispanic France both here in the states and and throughout the world. And we're proud of that and that's intentional we're working harder to to reach those fans. Introduce some to the game were they already are great fans we want to get more at the game. And you're seeing that through all of our medio offerings. So what we will continue to try to do. -- make those offerings even more engaging. Find ways to. Get those fans the opportunity to be able to in Georgia football. And when I was in Mexico not too long ago it was like being in the United States as far as coverage we have great coverage down there. And what we're trying to do is figure out new ways of engaging -- -- Writer mark rescue from the Washington Post that you diluted this already but -- your assessment of the -- -- things have gone. Here this week and and if you do have good weather Sunday in the game goes without a hitch what you anticipation. In terms of the interest of other cold weather cities. Posting future super -- and local weather cities without -- stadiums and and how we deal with us. Well there's been a lot of planning for a lot of months and even years in making this Super Bowl successful and that's. In large part because of the book the -- metropolitan area to rent. It's more complex. Being and a larger area where -- crossing -- states and different jurisdictions but everyone has been fantastic. And I can't say enough great things about the people that have been working on this -- this -- the officials who have supported every effort. Super Bowl boulevard this an incredible opportunity for us to share this with our community here in the new York New Jersey region. And I think people are feeling the excitement and the energy and that's a great thing for us that's what football's all about that's what the Super Bowls -- about. So this opportunity has been -- -- extraordinary is something there were -- -- look back at his a very important time in our history. As far as other communities who we know there's interest and other communities hosting the Super Bowl. I think the ownership and Waltz attacking and review that -- when we're done. But we have a very aggressive process and how do you select cities. The ability to host a Super Bowl. He's more and more complicated more more complex. Because of the size of the events and the number of events. So the infrastructure is incredibly important. -- were well over 30000 hotel rooms needed even to host Super Bowl. So there's some communities have may not even be able to do it from an infrastructure standpoint but we know the passions that are. Friday in my careful of fox force one you've spoken -- -- before about the battle between the improving at home experience. Who vs the in stadium experience this year to get free playoff games come down to the wire -- and beyond really. Before you were able to sell them out including -- in Green Bay with a passionate fan base just wondering how alarming that was -- you number one. And number Q how many of -- -- earth what's the feedback so far on some of these. In stadium improvements that have been made and are suggested as far as whether they're going to take hold and improve. Again the in stadium experience. What's your first point. I don't take the challenges that we had on -- card -- as any kind of a reflection of our fans' passion. That those were mistakes are made by -- Ciena fell. And our clubs and what we have to do is a recognize the technology's changed. And that we have to use technology more efficiently and more intelligently. To make sure we don't put our fans and that kind of position. Green Bay is an example so close to 50000 tickets. Over five day period including years -- -- We should be in that position and that's on us and we have to fix it and we will. But that is not an indication in any way of the fans' passion. That your second. Part of your question. You know it's an ongoing challenge the experiences at home monitor with your broadcast partners and through all the other media alternatives that we have. It's an incredible experience and it will continue to get better as technology advances. What we have to do say that's a great experience but let's make the most important experience and the best experience in my opinion which is our stadium experience better. Technology into the stadiums is a big part of -- making people feel safe. -- -- our facilities is a critical component. But there is nothing like being in the stadium. For an NFL game. And I was up in Seattle for the NFC championship game if you want fuel energy. You -- up to Seattle. And that -- that's that's around -- are currently -- various stadiums. And we will continue to make this a major focus and make sure that that experience has agreed to. Commissioner Jason -- of Dallas fort source. Across the league. Women have continued having an increasing impact packed in terms of fan interest merchandise sales -- all across the board so it like to ask. If if you could please talk about about the impact women have been making. With member clubs as well as the league office. Office and executive positions to help build on the impact across. Port. Where you're so right and your premise that women are making a huge impact in our office and also at the -- level. Kitty -- for. Charlotte Jones Anderson. Are leading committees. Important committees including the Super Bowl committee Katie Blackburn. -- is chair of and they are making important contribution -- one that is making a difference in the way we operate the way we do things. And kissing and the results not only are we making great decisions because we have broader perspective for more traverse. The viewpoint but you're also seeing are tremendously growing audience level. There are women. Are really embracing McCain and we're not doing -- special -- inviting him into the game. If they feel comfortable being fans they will what they're great fans I have one right over here my wife. And she knows the game. And sort of my daughters -- only -- result and they love the game so we want to make accessible. And that the league office we have a number of executives. Michelle McKenna -- leading RIT. -- reading Anderson who's leading our sales force. Indecision DNA yes she is doing a great job and our legal department we have some great young executives. That happened to be women that are gonna make a huge difference in the and a folk -- forward. Roger -- -- from San Diego union Tribune. With. Reported desire of these other cities to get Super Bowl. If there was a city -- -- say good weather. Built a new stadium what could be their reasonable. Expectation to. Get multiple Super Bowls. Well there's such a demand for super balls right now. The number of cities that are gonna hit multiple Super Bowls of one time I think her incredibly limited. We see the opportunity for us to continue -- expand our game. Come into new markets. And we find that valuable too easily and -- -- -- membership to us and that's reflected in -- they voted. Each market has its own challenges. It is courtesy over the last two weeks. There are probably been more weather complications and a lot of other markets where we played multiple Super Bowls and -- scheduled to play more Super -- Where there is effective when you play in the United States in February. And that's what we're gonna have as a continuing challenge we're prepared for that the communities from which we -- and are prepared for that. And that's why we have contingencies and I believe we need to get -- many communities as possible. And give them the opportunity to share and not only in the emotional benefits but the economic benefits. And it helps in -- felt it helps our fans and it helps coordinate and that's what's so -- about being here in new York and dangerous. -- chief -- Sam farmer of Los Angeles Times. There -- organization. Confirmed today that it indeed purchased sixty acres of land adjacent to -- park. No wonder. But to what extent. Did -- -- Stan -- he informed the league if at all about buying this land and what he plans to do with it. And -- I'll let you. Go just have a quick follow up on. Look at. Well as you know our policy is they do have to keep us informed. Of any developments hurt anything and it's going on in the Los Angeles market by policy. Stand is a very large developer. On a global basis. He has plans. Throughout the country and throughout the world. He has kept some foreign defense were wherever it. There are no plans to my knowledge of -- stadium development. Anything that wouldn't require any -- -- stadium development requires. Multiple -- the membership. My follow up would just be what would you say to them millions of St. Louis Rams fans out there who see this is. Fairly aggressive step toward Los Angeles. In the Los Angeles market. Well Sam -- what I just -- you. The stand is a very successful developer. Here's. Billions of dollars of projects that are going on. Around the country. Real estate development and so -- I think instead of over reacting we should make sure we do what's necessary. To continue to support the team locally -- the fans have done and Saint Louis and make sure we can do whatever it can to make sure that team. -- successful Saint Louis market. Commissioner Goodell there McKee -- -- thin contender. The health and safety is of Paramount importance the league that's very apparent there appears to be significant medicinal benefits from marijuana. There are two states Washington Colorado with which both legalize. The use of marijuana that any citizen of that state could use. But -- in the NFL they still randomly drug test specifically for marijuana. Isn't it time to not -- for marijuana. But simply stop testing for marijuana in the NFL -- just abide by what legal state rules there are. And would you be willing to randomly test for marijuana. The first the first answer your question as I pay him randomly tested. And I'm have to say that -- cleaning. The second issue it is. That this has been -- something that's been asked several times and -- try to be as clear as I possibly can. It is still an illegal substance. On a national basis. Is something as part of our collective -- agreement with our players. It is. Questionable with respect to the positive impact but there is certainly some very strong evidence to the negative impacts. Including addiction and other issues so. Will continue to follow the medicine -- experts right now are not indicating that we should change -- policy and anyway. We are not actively considering -- this point in time but if it does down the road sometime. That's something we would never take off the table to -- benefit our players fifty and today so I don't see any change in the near future. Yes yeah Roger Jim Thomas Saint Louis post dispatch just to follow on what. Sam had asked. Are you concerned that there doesn't seem to be a lot of stadium negotiations. Going on in Saint Louis -- and then have a quick follow up -- that. Well I think there's been quite of activity gym you know better and I -- but there's been a lot of activity in consistent with the -- What their rights are the discussions about the future of the -- And how that would play into the future of the team so I think there's been quite a bit of discussions. Active negotiations. I don't know if -- -- in that category but there's been a lot of discussions. And just doesn't follow the league has let it be known that it controls -- market could you elaborate maybe on just what that means. What the end of the day any team that potentially could relocate into Los Angeles or any other market is subject to recorders -- So -- foreigners have to approve any relocation. And any stadium development. Yet. It's a Roger Goodell containing his press conference -- -- -- -- -- -- live stream that bill but for right now to bring in Eric Adelson from Yahoo! Sports talk -- and about. What the commissioner talked about this morning in what he's expects to address from reporters this afternoon. Eric by all accounts the NFL far away the biggest sports money maker taking in some nine billion dollars a year including. From some of our bosses here at Disney for money -- football any reason that this will not continue. No I I I certainly don't fear that this sport is incredibly popular -- you can just look at the ratings. The east football games are consistently -- group -- -- Pretty meaningless exhibition game offered rates higher than the best -- from other sports. It's attributed to weather this weekend is like -- -- -- -- wrong this was good this is the potential that -- -- -- -- we could be. And current football weather in the of the NFL is never been -- -- financially. Goodell was asked. Briefly about the settlement between the NFL and those that -- had filed suits regarding concussion. How do you think in your opinion has -- and of the concussion problem. Now well not well it's been behind the science. And -- the time it bit older and peace settlement. Although it step and and there are other steps there we use now speaking. -- is catching up. Is it has looked like eighty a -- that is. Not doing that -- -- to protect its most valuable asset which is this players human resource and and and all the like credit believe her for trying to catch up -- -- bill actually. Last week spoke about. Taking a look at medical marijuana it could potentially -- Players we've Whitaker their pain issues. And to his credit but overall it it has been -- -- -- not disturbing because. EU we were talking about the money that that there -- all these players and the players are going younger firemen. And having all kinds of trouble surviving and that's just to discredit really -- all. And some obvious is very high profile players have come out as part of this lawsuit. The league did reach that settlement a judge rejected it so where does that sit right now and where Taylor -- -- name it obviously. Being one of no more the more a high profile figures that's been involved in this. This is gonna continue because that leaders anymore. While figure there's. There's more there's more -- the league is due to be -- as -- -- -- you to try to -- -- -- its but he you cannot avoid it in in this sport. And you cannot avoid -- tragic cases. And so although although the money is -- step. I think everybody involved will benefit including the NFL there was more money it is giving -- these players because. Every time there's a story like toward New York or -- On an odd if virtually you can reach her to -- brand it -- Parents questioned whether they should put their sons and sons. And -- start in football and nobody wants that and so is the NFL. Taped up and -- the most rather than the minimum. I think that's. That's something that will help them in the long short term paper long term -- I I don't -- -- talk about Sunday the first ever outdoors cold weather Super Bowl what do you think -- the league is regretting. The -- of the meadowlands. I don't think it has been ridiculously overblown I mean that it to a school whether it's in play out those Philly for the year for the Eagles think being. Colder than sixty degrees. -- supposed -- cold weather this great. Anything that really give attention the -- get people talking without hurting anybody is good. And nobody was hurt by the weather I think it there was increased like Atlanta and -- -- -- -- those people. But was this was a lot of noise about what it could be nothing can be an appellate benefiting because it's -- look good answer yes -- going to be cold. But he's not -- -- -- interest in it not -- -- all. It's going to be great football and people are we're talking about it all week and the NFL benefits from that and then benefits from the game. There -- -- well I think they will look at cold weather -- again. Maybe not immediately but I would be very surprised very surprised of the last cold weather Super -- Well this is I was his other videos of -- -- recent data particularly at a we've got time -- look at MetLife stadium take a look at this being built in the meadowlands. New York City. Not that far away the so called host city for the game. But the new mayor bill the -- it says he's going to be sitting this one out. He's going to be home watching the game I would imagine of the league probably wishes he was -- at -- just at -- draw a -- and excitement there. You really matters I mean all the cameras -- to be psychedelic sitting. An obviously on the game itself. I I really don't mean New York is obviously -- -- -- even if the mayor hasn't been. And so I just about you know -- I think that's probably urged mayor more than it hurt anybody else. -- -- I'm gonna push -- line who's gonna win. -- -- I think well -- -- that if Peyton if Libby loses. What to -- -- there was legacy. Cute like seagate repayment because if you win -- people could arguably the best quarterback all our city -- -- say. If -- limited that you're here that he can't with a big result we respect so I think that this is. An enormous secret legacy Monday morning no matter what happened. We are going to be talking about eight Manning and what it means for him I guarantee you that unless there's something great to Richard -- again biggest story of this rule -- -- Manning on Monday. Well movie I was in tune in for that as well Eric -- from I was sports Eric thanks so much -- Super Bowl weekend. And of course we have a complete report right here at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell -- that press conference Gloucester right here at on the eve of Super Bowl 48. And on down Cutler and -- this ABC news digital special report.

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