Tommy Lasorda Hopes V. Stiviano 'Gets Hit With a Car'

The baseball icon speaks his mind about the Donald Sterling controversy.
1:58 | 05/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tommy Lasorda Hopes V. Stiviano 'Gets Hit With a Car'
Baseball legend populist -- it today it was not just about getting his honorary doctorate here -- northward university was also about meeting up with an old friends. With a handshake and a diploma baseball legend and -- dodger great Tommy LaSorda nabbed his eleven. Honorary doctorate degree. When I sat down with him he had some -- for those graduates. You've got an education and you work part. Now utilized it. Was sort of was anxious to meet up with his -- basketball coaching legend -- -- -- now the head basketball coach at north -- university. The two reminisced about the night was sort of introduce massive meat out to Frank Sinatra. And I -- it tonight. Notably the greatest day of your life -- And as a joke. The sort of made -- -- ties tied for the ceremony and when asked about his experience in South Florida. Disorder was quick to remember all the good times during spring training. I loved that -- was their first sixty years what the Dodgers. And I loved that were very much. And this LA dodger legend is no stranger to sports hot topics he said he's been friends with controversial LA clipper team owner Donald Sterling for thirty years. He had a harsh words for the woman who recorded sterling -- racist comments. While it doesn't surprise me that assured there was certain that doesn't surprise me. They shouldn't have said it. And -- just heard himself. By by by talking too much and doing things that it could Richard -- Dolan. And that data we're -- girl led to bad luck but I hope you get care what a car. I asked doctor was sort of what he's gonna do while in South Florida he said he -- -- -- went to dinner last night he said Mastny you know picked up -- -- In West Palm Beach -- -- BP DF 25 news.

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{"id":23620646,"title":"Tommy Lasorda Hopes V. Stiviano 'Gets Hit With a Car'","duration":"1:58","description":"The baseball icon speaks his mind about the Donald Sterling controversy.","url":"/Sports/video/tommy-lasorda-discusses-donald-sterling-controversy-23620646","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}