Toronto takes NBA Finals game 3

The Raptors came out on top as the Warriors dealt with injuries.
2:44 | 06/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toronto takes NBA Finals game 3
The NBA finals are heating up the Toronto Raptors at winning games there be on the warriors home court last night. A final score of 123 to 109 the raptors now leading the series 21 heading into game four so one of bringing ESPN's Ramona shelled aren't in oak Lyn. Ramon the lawyers have then that down before or should the warriors fans be concerned about where they stand right now. Well what is not a big decision yesterday which was Klay Thompson had an injured hamstring. And if he played he could make it worse and then maybe be out for the rest of the series. If he sat they felt reasonably confident that he would come back on Friday and be OK for the rest of the series. That was a huge choice to make an out as he decides to be cautious but without Klay Thompson without Kevin Durant. Went out c'mon looney the warriors were very shorthand and they lost game three. Not announce you wind but they feel good going into game four because they're gonna get Klay Thompson back and they have some optimism that Kevin Durant comes back in game four. When that happens the entire series changes wait so that's that's new so Kevin Durant is coming back for the next game. Then then some optimism that he comes back so. I was a the F optimism he comes back in game four he has to go and practice today and see how he comes through that. But that is that's a whole rape kit Klay Thompson definitely wants by game four right everyone I talked to with clay and the warrior says. Count on him for game four he was miserable on the sidelines. Yesterday just sitting out and there was a calculated choice there on the warriors part of whether to sit him out. So that they could have an available for the rest of the series. Kevin Durant has to go through practice if he feels good. Then there's some optimism that he plays and that that's the plan right now but. Get to see how that hand yet to see how his tenants cap responds. To playing in a scrimmage today and another full workout. Are right in from your viewpoint what do you think game floor is going to look alikes. Well when the world hears at the warriors right when he get their core players back. They're investing in the NBA and they're the team has won two titles in a row. When they're not don't worry here is when they its staff curry and trying does occur against the world really is what it was like yesterday. You know they'd been that's not really the team that got to the finals right that's in there are very short handed group with. Invest their slogan is strength in numbers so. We peak. They have numbers are not making her left an eight iron. And the silent reporter on these games they don't like the training room and Anderson has more guys in the training at the in the locker in the training room than there are on the bench during the game at this point. Line Kenyans are right ESPN's Ramona Shelburne thank you so much for giving us updates we will wait and see what happens. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The Raptors came out on top as the Warriors dealt with injuries. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"63532681","title":"Toronto takes NBA Finals game 3","url":"/Sports/video/toronto-takes-nba-finals-game-63532681"}