USA heads to semifinals of Women's World Cup

The USA women's team is set to face off against England in the highly anticipated match.
3:34 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for USA heads to semifinals of Women's World Cup
We've been watching the women's World Cup but things are heating up. The US women's team is killing it out there in the name rolling off of everyone's lips is Megan repeal knows that take a look at her on GMA today with our Robin Roberts. Megan but one of the reasons why you are so adored is that you do not hold back to you let your emotions. You let Pete hello exactly I don't really hard to believe Kelly that she's like that. Lou let yourself if I'm being soon do and I. Now and I know that yes there were some sweets and some back and forth about a potential White House visit how have you been able in the team. To just focus on. The Golan hand and that is to win another World Cup. I mean to be honest I think to be on this team is to understand how to deal Lance and withstand. Distraction in pressure. Sort of any magnitude whether it's large or small so we're pretty. Well versed in in learning to deal with a problem had honor Dillon finished ahead on talk about it and then. Within the group. We have a great ability to just stay together. Mountain kind of block out those destruction when time comes out in the same sense we're in our little bubble here and have a monumental task at hand so it's it's hard. To be honest not to be focused on it. Our rights there amazing I wanna bring an aging and banker who was there and Leon France with more Adrian. Hi hello Kimberly from beautifully on France and wanted to give you a little bit of that idea. I've exactly where we are of course we are in the city chosen to go home of these semi finals. And the World Cup finals and we're right here along the beautiful Rhone river you can actually see the flags blowing in the breeze behind as here France. Also the regional flag for the own as well as the European Union flag. And a beautiful backdrop for what it's an exciting time. Fourteen USA we were so happy to see a Megan Rick Pino and Kelli O'Hara join us on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts just discussing. What they expect how excited they are in of course all those celebratory poses that Megan has become known more. Slot starting on the field really after making their goals but their arms wide open saying how low we've arrived in a way. That performance of course something that's become a mean. Another person's performance that has been talked about is England's Alan white called the lion as. Fitting because of the mascot that also she really wars on the field. She's also known just like Megan for speed and her scoring and we know this that a lot of people are calling her. Megan Ricky knows. Toughest contender. Again make it has actually said that she is admitted that a right after waiting against the French that England is a team quote unquote big girls. And that they have some seriously good players. Four England and so they celebrated they were excited obviously that game was really really fun to watch and I'm sure for teen USA on the play. But their celebration short lived because. Quickly they acted traveling it's early on from there as it's about a two hour train ride and get busy trading refreshing themselves refueling so that they could face England. On Tuesday that's going to be at 9 PM local time that means at 6 PM. On the East Coast. 3 PM in the afternoon and Kelly O'Meara herself along without long actually pin the handwritten note. Asking buses to get people I monster they can watch the game and watch women's World Cup so we'll see what about that day I know what our bosses would pay. Kimberly out thought that back to you from Leon great to be with you. Yes and then to have you and yes we will be watching lots of girl power there.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The USA women's team is set to face off against England in the highly anticipated match.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"64067307","title":"USA heads to semifinals of Women's World Cup","url":"/Sports/video/usa-heads-semifinals-womens-world-cup-64067307"}