There's An App For That!

ABC's Tina Trinh has the scoop on apps to help you keep your New Year's resolutions!
4:26 | 01/02/15

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Transcript for There's An App For That!
OK so it is now 2015. The very year that Marty makes light visited shown that hover boards and holograms. But while we may not have all of that yet we do have technology that can make our lives easier and help us. Would those new years resolutions ABC news tech contributor. Tina trend is here with her top picks and yet they can loading any happy new year to year twenty when fifteen are let's get straight to the first. Gaps of them this. Popular New Year's resolution by far his still to lose weight and eat less jets have found a really cool app to help you do that it's called rise. And they premise here is that you take pictures of your meals and a registered dietitian gives you back. I don't think yeah. Who scared obscurity and into action has been well it's really cool because there isn't that having that real life person on the other and makes a huge difference here and you're actually able to communicate with each other you can text each other back and forth or anyone else we have. Number two big resolutions saying more money this is a big win for me. And old days when you stick. Cash for to pay for everything. He had stared to start that we used to drop arts fair changes and just kinda the same idea here it's with an app called acorns. And they take the spare change from your credit and debit card transactions. And invest that for you okay so it automatically link to your checking a credit account. They round up the amount of your spare change and invest that into a portfolio that is. Based on customize based on your list level so. You can do something really conservative we'll go a little bit more aggressive. And you entering your stats on your age income level and everything and they helped Taylor that for you and assume this is for younger folks because it's a great way to get started you only at a minimum of five dollars to get started investing death so forget every little bit characteristic. Yeah tired. Let us. They're in. Most popular resolution to finally quit smoking movement and state isn't actually Chan and that people are more than twice as likely to quit. If there's a financial incentives because we all know that quitting smoking is bad for you obviously but if there's money involved that hopes. You know quit even faster and so isn't thinking that if your wife is nagging you that would be in an attendant manipulative and how to make it. We'll quit now for is an app that breaks it down all four you and they basically due date Friday. How many hours you've for how many hours he quit how much money you end up saving and if you think about it a pat since cigarettes. That adds up to over 17150. Dollars a year. That's just on average and might even be more in other states that's a lot of money that you can be spending on other things and you you have those numbers in front of you. That'll help the us and never really kind of scary awesome photo gallery of the side effects of smoking which. If you know you're thinking about I think I'll do the trick with smokers know already that OK we'll see if it helps yes. So last but not least is a learning how to unplug and get away from these bringing the mobile devices that he wouldn't do that yes they can't get back. We're always afraid of missing something. But the truth is it distracts us and keep this away from. And doing really getting really good work and focusing our efforts aren't that big project you have network or even to spending time with family and friends or there's an app. Fort that seems up to date on it it's a little ironic there's an app for that yes it's called off time. And it basically blocks all incoming calls text messages. Anybody it everybody that you just need. You know away from your quiet zone he gives them an automated response that says that your busy right now and we'll get back to them later. And it's good because he couldn't eat something to force you I think to really set those devices inside. And just focus on what's at hand what's in front of you flop if it works who. I'll take it easier now that we'll meet you can find love as well let me 2015 up I went for Europe. Very. The story can happen now it can thank you thanks for having me that you can see that tree and thank you see you've been with us. More world news now.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh has the scoop on apps to help you keep your New Year's resolutions! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"27958241","title":"There's An App For That!","url":"/Technology/video/abcs-tina-trinh-scoop-apps-years-resolutions-27958241"}