Become Your Own Action Figure

Naoki Ito uses 3D-scanning technology to create 8-inch versions of his clients.
1:53 | 12/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Become Your Own Action Figure
Consider this a modern take on ten in Barbie. Tiny plastic figurines of ourselves packaged -- to eighty inches of vanity and didn't get her back again -- one of my -- flew in from Hong Kong to claim her remains meet her boyfriend Paul -- to -- It's strange experience if there's. On a screen. -- and we can -- hide anything but. It's Japan's high tech answer to too deep bone -- scanners not cameras are the preferred gadgets here. The snapshots don't takes seconds but -- -- Phoenix this scanner here gathers all information for -- one of those figurines this camera here captures the body shape. This one captures the texture. -- gonna put it up again now -- air act. And you can see -- a computer screen just how detailed artist. Every meets every wrinkle is brought back to light. This is your rhetoric here in the back -- creator Melky -- says 3-D scanning itself isn't new. In the latest bond -- stifle filmmakers use similar scanning and printing technology to -- me the iconic Aston Martin. But -- 3-D avatar. I had to try it myself. Fifteen minutes. I can't move. The scans are processed through special 3-D software the images sent to the 380 printer. Three Al words and a few hot chips later. It's time to face me me me me. Anything not exactly Christmas ornament material but the hair the wrinkles are spot on. Now the question just where does one put a miniature version of oneself. -- -- ABC news Tokyo.

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{"id":17904564,"title":"Become Your Own Action Figure","duration":"1:53","description":"Naoki Ito uses 3D-scanning technology to create 8-inch versions of his clients.","url":"/Technology/video/action-figure-17904564","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}