Apollo 11 Memorabilia to Be Auctioned

A rotation control handle grip is among the space items up for auction in New Hampshire.
2:13 | 05/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apollo 11 Memorabilia to Be Auctioned
Our -- space auction is really shaped up to be. An incredible that probably our best one yet the premier item at this auction is this a whole less than hey comptroller grip. It's it's a joystick -- hey comptroller grip you know it has a black trigger stuff which talks which. Easy to see in the top. According to irrefutable evidence confirmed by our experts this -- control panel would have been on the right side of the couch. Which would have been used by either Aldrin Collins the one on the left was used by him. Of all lunar missions -- items -- Apollo eleven are considered to be the most desirable -- -- Especially one so closely connected to that first. It's that aren't buying because you just can't get anything from coming -- of one of the most studied. Items we have this -- -- this gold plated production represented an example of a lunar Travers grab a meter. Used on Apollo seventeen. It was built by the instrumentation laboratory at MIT and the purpose of the revenue estimated. -- -- field -- on the moon. It's not remove the device didn't locations to greens of the gravitational force it's -- there's only three other leaders that are in existence. One left of the service by Apollo seventeen the missions back up versions at the Smithsonian there's another one at Columbia University to this is the only one even. -- Also in -- -- we have -- portable life support system just plug it was carried to lunar surface on board Apollo twelve in the lunar module intrepid. It comes with a handwritten letter of authenticity from Charles Conrad. Another incredible that we have as a highly prized fight it's -- By all three Apollo eleven crew members -- including Armstrong we also have the tremendously important that are module flight. A director at -- attitude indicator it's exceptionally pristine. Also Pristina since Apollo seventeen -- Robbins metal. That comes from -- concerned -- certification we also have a and Apollo block one control panel. And Apollo 988 checklist from the critical spacewalk used to test that. New policy -- is over 800 lots of this auction. So there's an incredible amount of rare -- artifacts and some unique -- material these type of items don't come on the market often. -- -- your chance to add them to your incredible space collection.

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{"id":19118453,"title":"Apollo 11 Memorabilia to Be Auctioned","duration":"2:13","description":"A rotation control handle grip is among the space items up for auction in New Hampshire.","url":"/Technology/video/apollo-11-memorabilia-auctioned-19118453","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}