Apple unveils iPhone X

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Rebecca Jarvis break down the latest news and products announced at Apple Park HQ, including the iPhone X, the most expensive iPhone ever.
11:50 | 09/12/17

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Transcript for Apple unveils iPhone X
Hey everyone I'm on the did not live in New York well what the Big Apple event behind us now. All that new tactic and that is to get your hands on. Has finally being revealed let's go live now at apple headquarters where Rebecca Jarvis was in the room where it happened and I think she had a chance. To check out some of those new toys to Rebecca would you thank. Pretty cool I did I had a chance to look at both the Tony as well as the iphone's and and they well. Were interesting impressive phones they talked to a lot of people because there are a lot of people here literally thousands of people who are from all over the world and so I want it to get a sense for what. Some that people were really heavy into this tax base not. And one of the guys from apple insider who spoke to you said and I asked him up at thousand dollar price tag because the iPhone ten. Starting price is a thousand dollars which is two times what that first iPhone costs a decade ago. And the most expensive iPhone that we've ever seen on the market asked him. Will people pay for this means that absolutely people are gonna pay for this because. This is the most advanced found that you have on the on the market to that well it's certainly looks pretty bleak that price tag is very deep what is so great. About the iPhone and different when you miss the presentation what's new what's different why get that. Well basically everything on the that you and I said earlier today it would happen happened so that's a good lesson for anyone who doesn't watch you regularly into and regular. But the land that he had Little League right right that does that mean that bottom line. Yeah I think if you do take one thing away today that would be very useful effect but but if you look at this new this new iphones and some of the really big. Innovations in the phone aren't the face recognition technology apple calls it based ID so you literally looking Airpwn. You look at your phone and your phone unlocked that based on seeing your face and they said. That the they've they've gotten so in depth into this that you couldn't even hold up a picture of yourself to unlock your phone it would have to be your face and they've done. A lot of work they talked about this in the presentation. Making sure that this is foolproof. That it there's no chance that another person. With a similar face could open it and if you decide to change your hair cutter gruesome facial hair or change your hair color or what ever is that you decide to DO. That that would not impact that technology that he would still be able to open. With this face recognition technology that peace we didn't get to play around with because the phones are out on the floor and you'd have to set the phone to your face in order to make it happen. But some of the stuff that we eat we have seen is the wireless charging so this new phone it's blasts all around. And the backside of it allows you to set it on top of a charger. So that you don't have to actually plug it in they've got this new charger that's on the way later next year they said. Called it it's a map basically. We're I think it's called apple here I'm sorry am forgetting the name off the top I had but it's basically am Matt where you could set multiple apple devices on top of it. Air power yes air power excuse me it's called air power coming out later this year. Or rather next year and it eat you can set multiple devices on top of it and charge them. At the same time so that's one part of it that wireless charging then there's the augmented reality component and they played around with this a lot in the presentation instead that they had been working with snap Chad. On the augmented reality portion anybody who is familiar with snapped chat and the filters and the things that you can do aren't snapped chat will understand this that now some of this functionality is built into the iPhone itself. They also created what they're calling animal geez we air. Rather than I'm in biology which is a stagnant thing. You have an animal OG where it there was same. Rate now lock I could. Take some analogies and literally make them interact with you in the same way that I'm interacting with you here but I would just replaced myself with the coaching which. Might be a great thing for for art jobs in the future. In particular or its unit possible you could be talking to act in. You board. You can be whatever you want it to be but the battery life with the ending saying these these kind of features academic building technology is very very cool but also just that camera did not keeping up better picture it. Take better be right. Yet better pictures better video also a big change is the home screen yes so instead of that home button that takes you back to square one. Instead it's it's all based on your movements of your hand and swiping up so you want to get you back to the home screen you and I did this about it. You basically start your finger at the bottom of the phone and swipe at all the way up and that takes you back to the home screen you also get in and out of apps. That way as opposed to double clicking that home button instead you're swiping up. To get rid of apps or to get into acts. So that there's a pretty significant changes that are coming to this bone. But I do think that the facial recognition technology the wireless charging. These are all things that are very much going to continue to evolve. In the future and it'll be really interesting to see what competition does as far as those things are concerned because. Samsung and apple they're always at each other's throats and they're always trying to compete with each other and Samsung. Has its own models that are trying to compete with with these phones and and and there are definitely a lot of buyers and interest on both sides of that equation. This speaking a competition it's not just in the phone space that apple has to worry about says. Apple TV is getting some updates and new look. Some new features to UN they're going to be competing with Google live streaming and with the roku. As well what's new with apple TV. Will the main thing here is the quality of the product to be. The picks a leash and the ability to seat with just the highest level of clarity. Forte TVs are so popular now and apple TV is now apple TV for four case and that it's enabled so that they can have that just completely cure. The most vivid di tale picture and they they damn well that in the space and you could really see. The difference between. What it would be persists what it is with or pay another area that got a pretty major updates are the apple watches their series three apple watchers are now cellular. Meaning you can make a phone call. From your watch instead of your phone. And they demo of this in the presentation and they called from the stage two a woman. Who works for apple who happened to be in the field she happened to be. She was in the middle of a leak. And since the ship and and she was able to you could hear conversations very very clearly so. It if it's an interesting thing to see with the apple watch which is now the number one watch Tim Cook announced that during the space as well. That now you'd be able to you with that series three apple watch be able to make a cellular phone call. From your watch also can stream music on it with apple music. They said forty million songs and crap off of apple like theories three there's the new Apple iPhone the eight. And that ten to bat very very steep price tag Rebecca it's worth mentioning to isn't the first time they have this big event. In this particular space in the Steve Jobs theater. You covered these before was there anything different about this what stood out to you after today's impact. Well I think our two things and first of all this is this space this is the Steve Jobs theater and two things that it started out the event different from other events there was a tribute it began it with. Basically it was a blank screens and there was. A background voice and the background voice was Steve Jobs talking about his vision of the future and his mission statement for apple. And that segued into a tribute from Tim Cook. To Steve Jobs remembering him as the late co-founder in the visionary behind all of these innovations. Then they also talked about here the importance of supporting hurricane victims. I'm apple has contributed to supporting those who are victims of hurricane Harvey. And hurricane Irma and Tim Cook also mentioned what we will be streaming and a number of others now news outlets will be streaming tonight which is the concert that will be raising money for victims of both. Hurricane. Harvey as well as hurricane Irma so clearly the timing of all of this filing in the midst of that was also something of a focus today. And that I think that there was a real excitement I spoke with Tim Cook following. The that presentation just for a moment amidst all of the other people and I asked him. When he thought of the whole thing and I think we have the video. Yeah. And that's another yeah. So a thousand dollars per found did. Cancer on that went but again. I I did talk to a number of people who were here who were in the space people who have covered. Technology and an iphones and all the phones that are out there for a lot of time and the bottom line is that people are very impressed by this new. IPhone tent now we haven't even mentioned the fact that there are two other phones than apple introduced today the iPhone aid and the iPhone eight plus. And those phones are really the next generation to the iPhone 71. It's interesting about these new phones as that. In general when apple introduces new phones they come in at about 650 dollars that's what happened with the iPhone salve and this time they've knocked up that initial price on the iPhone eight to 699. You are seeing some price inflation here on the iphones in the I've phony does have. A lot of additional. A crude term all compared to what the iPhone seven has that also has an upgraded camera. That also has a lot of the bells and whistles but some of the things that I think our people are really gonna go got four in the iphones and don't exist. Inside the iPhone 81 of the things that's in that's really interesting for anybody who loves itself these. Is that the iPhone tan allows you to take itself V in portrait mode. And and basically go through like a ton it different lighting patterns so we're not talking about just putting a different filter on it. Apple said that they have literally looked at it be different pieces of your face and and and they are they they have made this in a ways to make you can get the very best photos well guess what that's not on the iPhone eight but it is on the iPhone ten. You can imagine. People who love their snapped chat. And their cell fees. They're probably going to be inclined toward this iPhone attacked not and a. Now we're gonna see how much more people are willing to pay for that beautiful lighting it was stunning now and they are showing in the demos there. And that we'll see you last few more days until pre orders are available to every one and then. And back to Paris is going to be covering it for. Rebecca live there at the apple headquarters thanks for being with. Donna. And thanks to all of you for watching as well remember you can head over to Any time for your latest tech news. Thanks for joining us for now I'm on an Abbas and a few back here soon.

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{"duration":"11:50","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Rebecca Jarvis break down the latest news and products announced at Apple Park HQ, including the iPhone X, the most expensive iPhone ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"49802429","title":"Apple unveils iPhone X ","url":"/Technology/video/apple-unveils-iphone-49802429"}