iOS 7: The Top 5 Features

Your iPhone and iPad are going to look radically different come this fall.
1:48 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for iOS 7: The Top 5 Features
-- Yeah. -- yeah. Your iPhone and iPad are about to look a lot different and I'm not talking up the hardware no Appleton and announced brand new ipads -- iphones here -- WWP -- conquering. But what they did announce with the new IOS -- software and he is going to be the biggest change in the iPhone fits the iPhone. -- -- -- -- -- Is the biggest change to Ohio west since the introduction of -- felt. So what does -- seven have what's it gonna bring to your fund you're the top feature. Number one -- this is not the IOS he had known the design has been completely overhaul Nomar notepad looking notes -- -- -- weather -- Everything is cleaner and fresher looking. My first impression it looks great. Number two control center. I think it's about finding the -- toggle in the settings menu for years -- you -- just wipe out and you have a whole clean title of controls. Number three multitasking. This is what I've been waiting for instead of having no idea what app you're going to go into next -- now get a preview of the -- when you double tap on the home -- The port has to do with the camera have to be able to better shots with -- at least not yet. Appear to be able to edit them better they're putting filters right in the camera -- very similar to -- Graham. Coming at -- -- cents a -- botanical last but not least is Siri. She's going to be getting a whole new voice. And a new brain she can now send tweets and she can show you actual search results. I told you was a lot of features but they're not coming just yet I went seven is coming later this fall but at least that -- give you a lot of time -- about. Prepare for a brand new iPhone.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Your iPhone and iPad are going to look radically different come this fall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"19369751","title":"iOS 7: The Top 5 Features","url":"/Technology/video/apples-ios-top-features-19369751"}