Look back as Google turns 20

Sergey Brim and Larry Page were named "Person of the Week" in 2004.
2:58 | 09/04/18

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Transcript for Look back as Google turns 20
The search and didn't end so much more turns twenty years old today yes the company's co founders were named. People of the week on world news tonight in February of 2004. It's open the vault right now for this report Pieter Jan. It's tremendous responsibility frost. All the artists focused on what we do and to give people exactly what they needed when asked where it. And as we go for a nickel and continue to use technology. To make really big announcers and how people can move work. This is Sergey Brin and Larry page's invention chances are you know it well. And this week the world's most popular Internet search engine added a billion U web sites to its service. When we sat out and the kind of early web days we don't the sites do on line horoscopes orientation services. But search which has about information which could make a real difference in people's lives. This all started as a research project when Larry and Sergey were at Stanford University they didn't quite start in the garage they started in Larry's dorm but in the great tradition of invention they moved to a garage. We stumbled on to building a search engine. Even though we didn't and town to do not originally. The competition to be the search engine of choice is fears Yahoo! and Microsoft want to be number one Google is rumored to be going public this year. Google. I'm peep toe. There are 224000. Pages on this alone and they live and work well they work their heads off to put it politely. And they pretty much had to make the office a place where people want it to be a lot of the time. Carolina tonight yeah. Blow through that we have here on campus I think as one of the best decisions that we informing. We heard that their shafts used to cook for The Grateful Dead passion. For youthful. Days. They don't have much free time both are single and they eat a lot of dinners at work and Sergei does have an interest in hobbies. I like to do a variety of kind of acrobatics enslaving them flying trapeze for a little while. And finally their philosophy. These young men who have brought so much into our lives already. Larry. Rift I don't mantra of don't people. Which to do. About things that we know how far he deserves for customers. And herbal and so. Think it spirit known about to be a wonderful thing obviously everybody wants to be successful. But I want to be looked back home is being very innovative. Being very trust called an ethical. And ultimately making a big difference in the world. It should've added an ultimately being worth fifty billion dollars because that's what each of them. Our vote. Apparently worth impressive about it we Google at that time had a thousand employees last year its parent company employing more than 88000. People.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Sergey Brim and Larry Page were named \"Person of the Week\" in 2004.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"57588472","title":"Look back as Google turns 20","url":"/Technology/video/back-google-turns-20-57588472"}