CES in 60 Seconds: Samsung's S9 UHD TV

Samsung mixes style and ultra-high definition in its 4K TV.
1:40 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CES in 60 Seconds: Samsung's S9 UHD TV
Say this joy -- stared at CES 2013. And I'm right now in this Samsung nightclub I believe but I'm joined here by Dave from Samsung and we are getting a look at one of the first working TV's announced here at the show. -- you're gonna have a sixty seconds to tell me about this beautiful TV. I did try and listen to you but I'm really going to be staring out at the ready all right I'll write it here attention -- -- here ago. Thank you so we're looking at Samsung's 85 inch ultra high definition TV and this is the world's largest commercially available ultra high definition TV. At 85 inches it's not just about the resolution it's also about the amazing features that this that -- plus incredible sound quality. So of course it is all -- high definition. And it has an upscaling converter that -- allow -- to take full advantage of all your current content. In addition I mention incredible sound quality you can see the TV seems to -- in mid air it's surrounded by speakers on all sides 120 watts of power. And it comes equipped with all of the phenomenal Smart TV capabilities that -- when -- -- Smart that's how. Along with an integrated camera in the top of the best. -- let's Smart evolution -- capability which means that you can upgrade an even better things next year. Last question coming out what when he thirteen it's a timeless design and a priceless TV's that it can't meet. Priceless. And yet to be announced and I think that haven't.

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{"id":18154940,"title":"CES in 60 Seconds: Samsung's S9 UHD TV","duration":"1:40","description":"Samsung mixes style and ultra-high definition in its 4K TV.","url":"/Technology/video/ces-60-seconds-samsungs-s9-uhd-tv-18154940","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}