Comcast's Wi-Fi Plan 'Feels Weird," Customer Says

The company is turning Houston customers' home routers into Wi-Fi hotspots.
1:06 | 06/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Comcast's Wi-Fi Plan 'Feels Weird," Customer Says
Michelle you -- has been a Comcast customer for years but she's not happy with her -- five. Now that her -- router is playing host of other -- vanity customers who want an Internet connection. It feels weird having Comcast. Taking my -- -- at a -- -- -- giving delivering it to other people. Ewing says she was surprised to learn -- Kennedy is allowing Wi-Fi routers and Houston to be -- access to the world wide web for other people. It's got -- very worried about online privacy and that's not all. What if somebody -- something illegal and any Trace it back to meet I didn't do it. So how -- -- gonna work out. Houston IT expert -- -- Ryan test of the Wi-Fi routers himself. -- as the -- -- of your router designed does not allow strangers to access the persons data. He adds if someone downloads illegal content it will be the person who logged in to the public side of the Wi-Fi router who gets in trouble. While this may look like the matrix Ryan says it shows two separate pass to the Internet on the ex trinity Wi-Fi router. That -- -- that I did put them side by side and they took. Completely different networks which is you know what we want to see.

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{"id":24089682,"title":"Comcast's Wi-Fi Plan 'Feels Weird,\" Customer Says","duration":"1:06","description":"The company is turning Houston customers' home routers into Wi-Fi hotspots.","url":"/Technology/video/comcasts-wi-fi-plan-concerns-customers-24089682","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}