Self-Driving Cars, Wearable Technology Highlight Day 2 of CES

Product proposals by Google, Nike, Audi and BMW generate buzz on the second day of Consumer Electronics Show.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for Self-Driving Cars, Wearable Technology Highlight Day 2 of CES
This is a special group. Lover and anti Hernandez in New York Smart watches self driving cars and delivery drones on night is day two at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And all of the giants of the tech world are they're showing off their products and product types that they hope will be the next big thing. Here it is now live from the Las Vegas convention center Bryan top and -- -- well I haven't got might. It's it's going good we are busy -- usually it's a zoo out here you've never been here before but we're alive we're alive I can just imagine as a what is that big things. Everyone's buzzing about this week -- different categories here what are the big one is wearable technologies what you see now there. -- -- bulls is kind of what the buzz things and a lot of companies are getting behind it people at home might recognize something like a fit it or -- field in which are these fitness fans. That track how many steps you take in the calories you've burned off so a lot of other companies -- -- trying to jump on this is lost an Indian pushing the whole Smart -- revolution and really try to give us more value on our wrists -- but for the general consumer there hasn't really been a compelling reason for us all. All the sudden run out and get one but they're trying to say this is the future at least Terrence -- yes. It seems like two of their challenges. Our cost and then some of the items that fit bitten watches but some of Google class and they'll kinda weird what do companies due to make these things more affordable. And more comfortable to Wear. Yeah I think right now. The pricing for example -- glasses -- really expensive and they need to drive that down for consumer he even -- track but. -- -- of the other part about this is that it's really a fashion statement when you Wear anything whether it's technology or watch her glasses. That's -- something about you and right now these things still look a little you know whether it's industrial -- little -- But will -- -- my mom -- my data my brother sister not right now. Let's talk about another big -- there connected cars is pretty amazing makers like BMW and Audi are unveiling big advances in self driving cars laser beam headlights. What's that delight to view it and and what are -- -- these things did you. Well I just finish -- a demo with Ford where they were showing whether driver assistance systems. And basically these cars are all connected with Wi-Fi and GPS coordinates to be able to see each other and this is -- working across many factors. That they're trying to push through and then also with the connected car cars in 2014 some of them will have a Ford G. LTE -- the same chip that is in your Smartphone that downloads data allows access information quickly and apps. And so as we're moving forward you know this that this is the car is one of those places that we spend a lot of time in -- a lot of people do. And that's another place protect and really be transformed it may not be the sexiest thing. From product sample -- we don't buy cars every day but. The cars really the place where we can see a lot of Johnson -- in the next year to. Right -- the cup holder now -- you know. That car you drive yourself -- in the surf the web but that's right that's right continents and Max -- and with Hyundai gateways with its delivery drone announcement couple months ago. -- seen anything over at CES related to the -- -- at CS drones are always super popular I think more. They tap people's attention because -- whether it's a flying drone or flipping jumping drone. They're fun to look at but there are kind of they're like toys here and they bring a lot of attention but right now people -- in this it -- -- spot where. I don't know many people that have just bought a drone just for fun. I don't know if you do I haven't been back there -- their more eye candy here at CS but again when you talk about Amazon's delivery drones. You know there's laws and happy past but that is something that we're looking forward to in the future I definitely were not ready for that -- either CS is always kind of looking down what could be. Three or four years from now but again a lot of things -- -- yes don't know silly translated to successful products the consumer in a year to. That it's up to you know folks like CNET to -- all out for our assets -- Speaking and weeding out we've got a war going on between T-Mobile and AT&T v.s these guys are going after each other's customers eighteen keepers offered to pay for T-Mobile uses to drop their plan -- T-Mobile. Is retaliating they just made a big announcement tell us about it. Yes so -- -- -- announcement is probably happy honestly right now because singles giving a press can't answer is yes. But the night before an advertisement leaked out that T-Mobile is gonna have their own. Early termination fees that they would pay for customers so whatever you want it and their -- contract a lot of us don't jump to another carrier because we have to pay something like a 450 dollar fee. T-Mobile -- is -- in his probably been announced as we speak. Is telling people that know you know what if you come over to T-Mobile whatever phone you have -- -- going to pay that termination fee you can jump on -- care and really it's all about getting. As many customers as you can because those monthly subscription fees that we pay. Go to these carriers pockets and that's really what they want so. It's one of those bold moves were AT&T and T-Mobile they are battling each other back and forth but it's on the that they have to do to answer what AT&T -- out there. It's interesting that they don't wanna -- -- -- themselves in the foot by offering -- good deal at some point. You know they're gonna be -- -- draw on this race do you think. Well look I think it's right now you don't you don't see any massive movement from one -- to another T-Mobile. Has been one of the carriers that has been a little more inventive of how they've been trying to acquire customers because they need them. They they offered a plan where you know you could upgrade your phone earlier you know -- times a new phone comes out every year they offer a plan like that as well armed people aren't flocking -- T-Mobile because of it sold for the most part you know. Terriers they're gonna keep around the sink consumer -- we haven't seen anything that's gonna -- a dramatic shift from one to the other yet. Right it's Brian Todd thank you so much for joining us and perusing Giles and miles -- interesting gadgets. And bring us the latest news. Right all right thanks again -- -- get a complete recap right here an -- -- -- com BC ES show going on right out Las Vegas for now tired and is in New York with his ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21467751,"title":"Self-Driving Cars, Wearable Technology Highlight Day 2 of CES","duration":"3:00","description":"Product proposals by Google, Nike, Audi and BMW generate buzz on the second day of Consumer Electronics Show.","url":"/Technology/video/driving-cars-wearable-technology-highlight-day-ces-21467751","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}