Facebook Launches A New Photo 'Scrapbook' Feature

Facebook's new Scrapbook helps parents customize their baby photos.
0:53 | 04/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook Launches A New Photo 'Scrapbook' Feature
And today's tech bikes the FaceBook scrapbook is the social network's new feature to help parents organized pictures of their kids. Once you set up a scrapbook or when you tag your child in a photo it will automatically be placed in the book parents control all aspects of the scrapbook including sharing. Also Amazon is making it easier than ever to Burgess some everyday household items the new Wi-Fi connected dash but in this news. Re order products certain products without ever touching a computer or Smartphone the service is currently being offered it to select a prime customers. And on this April Fool's Day Pacman is invading streets near you for a limited time the classic eighties video game. His riding inside Google Maps that you see there what it looks like also something else there to look at Amazon going back with 1999. Book. Paul for an April fools over about a have a video those needs and.

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{"duration":"0:53","description":"Facebook's new Scrapbook helps parents customize their baby photos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"30041516","title":"Facebook Launches A New Photo 'Scrapbook' Feature","url":"/Technology/video/facebook-launches-photo-scrapbook-feature-30041516"}