Say farewell to iTunes

Apple announced it will replace the music organization platform with three separate apps.
4:09 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for Say farewell to iTunes
Lots of people are in different stages of grief with the loss of the but love the influential software that changed how we listen to music. Apple announcing yesterday it was killing iTunes instead replacing it with a series of apps so want to bring in theory is next and the migrant youth. Let's do it Alan. Yeah yeah right yeah I thought I'd be accepted stage of grief a lawyer Jerry you know I'm accepting media outlets like this is awful business that does the worsening ever have an apple wears these movies bring them back and arms have been riot at mount satellite celebrating now I have a better understanding of it again I. Tuzla's like this all this is raptor Bryant it was really it is beautiful. Hybrid from the physical CD COs is Ortiz does space. It makes it felt OK for downloading music that we know we should have been there could actually organizing into vials. And who could ever forget Mike voting auger CDs organize and hard about that you download and yet I made and making your own CDs are they out of I was the coolest kid on the block I think that was happening yet but it's really changed. That this is not a music it's changed a way that we purchase music. It's not that some downloading music illegally yes and allow for profits to be returned back to music business an interest in kind of way and was able to organize Arafat knows like going on the days remember commit we have those with a cool right. It's like bookcase is do you travel cases and yeah. As a secure and a plainer words a decent and illicitly gotten rid of our of that but also to change the way music was created and the way albums and CD's of Regina and I just buying a song tonight is buying a song on the album but then producers and an arm rest and artist only started making songs for the singles right so long haul those Beatles albums at twelve songs and also songs are good that you really gets farm Sandra attends online ranking one will be good or two would be dead deer remember these pictures look an -- pictures and by two minutes ago I guess now. Thousand like even at the screen saver industries that have been back the last thing all the art is being categorized the way that they did it right the couple that was a member you can boost place. Burn I think they are not an you can clearly burned to CD man. Absolutely revolutionary in the way that it did it the technology was very clean Ryan apple has always been known for. Being very clean there. Simplistic. Into its head and they really set the benchmark for other products and consumer goods to got a found out model clean. Simple into it says yes and I love how you get a proper. Paying our respects to admit this software because it really was revolutionary so I want you to talk about the replacement because obviously apple always has something new they do so what's up. Surprises as to go with three acts. Now some neighbors he separate iTunes and broken out to three areas the podcast app is going to be separate now apple music to be a separate app. And then apple TV will be separate app and this is actually good because the reason I two's XE needed to. Go to my second ever as they were doing I began to celebrate it. Yeah iTunes trying to become bought things for our people Ryan is no different than 8000 coming off things all the consumers how to hat Betsy Berger they had shakes and they had to exit. And instead I try particularly event like all right what are you doing big battle for life without these are things for every one of them and to reduce their menu as the same thing nights using it to do west separate everything out which is good because actually actually slowed down the process right in though it took so long and when he stabbed buffer. I and I just getting offering all the time nicely but I do because there was so much to bear sounds and be separated out not sex gonna run more efficiently. And I guess that's the reason they're doing this now but what was their reason that they said that they're rolling this out right now isn't starting happening on iphones. It's happenings it was an iphones or is it to the next half. Rats are also making sure everything that was like a seamless experience that I am going forward but actually is making things more easier or more destination and since she was a really getting back. To where we are which streaming right where activity for used to be downloading purchase a single songs. Now we are just perches monthly subscriptions right it's a not trying to be competitive with the Spotify. And the likes of Matt.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Apple announced it will replace the music organization platform with three separate apps. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"63480668","title":"Say farewell to iTunes ","url":"/Technology/video/farewell-itunes-63480668"}