First Hand Look at the Apple Watch

ABC News' Neal Karlinsky breaks down all the features.
9:49 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for First Hand Look at the Apple Watch
The apple watch addition. It's something unbelievably unique. And very special. They're also available in 38 millimeters and 42 millimeters five it is. Your cases are made from eighteen karat. Solid gold. They also calm these beautiful. Costume design bands. We've details like elegant clouds. And bought holds. That are also made a solid gold. Now there will be of limited quantities. Of the apple watch addition. It is priced from 101000 dollars. And it will be available. In select repulsed the war. The apple watch addition. Is the most beautiful expression. Of the apple watch. A high price for Apple's highest and apple watch. But as regular folks can get the more affordable models when pre orders start in April. When I'm Dan Cutler in New York. Apple announcing price points for all three versions of this wearable tech gadget pricing starting at 349 for the sport model the base price. Of the re your apple watch starts at 549. And ABC's Neal Karlinsky got a first hand look at the watches and I've got to try them on play them out a little bit. Neil what you think overall. I have to say it's. Pretty nice pretty nice I had tried what I'm briefly when they announce them back in September this time actually got to take it through it a real test drive. At my first depression right up the bad is that it's much lighter than you would think. You know if it's not clunky but it means they like this was watch really but it's very alike when they're not business. Warner vision is that I wore for a while today. Move in the same way that your iPhone is there's no flag it can actually look works very well and in that way and you know Tim Cook said on state say that basically any notification get on your iPhone you can now get on your wrist. Someone like something on FaceBook percent to a text message. Even a call. Something he said he's been waiting for since he was five years old sort of a Dick Tracy moment that you actually take a call from your wrist listen and talk. But that's and he wondered you or not I'm not sure but they you can do that. With this walk. A NF a look at some of the video that was shot here what was the one feature that stood judge you as being the most to me. That one thing that stood out to mean and forgive me think. I don't know that there is one thing specifically but one thing that is unique that you haven't experiences with your Smartphone is that. If you're with someone else from proximity to someone else who has an apple watch you can communicate in a very unique way with that person. They've shown before setting your heart beats a little bit gimmicky. But also you can even to sort of right on your wrists with your finger little message or picture and it just. You know even hits and once you've chosen the person you're doing this with the to sort of dissolves off the screen. And hops onto. Their wrist and they do the same thing with you and I did this with one of the apple employees was wearing one and that was pretty cool the other thing is is that. It really is very powerful I mean you can be watching video that is you know coming through your phone which is in your pocket. On your risk they showed an application where someone has the camera in their home and watching a live feed of that security camera on the watch and then. Hitting a button not a button but touching the screen on a lot to them open the garage door you have. You know your garage door plugged into Smart appliances to control it that way for a child for instance who has gotten home and can't it and pretty cool is that what the actual interface itself because that'll you know with the announcement first came out there it was kind of wondering how are you gonna get so there's going to be the sizable why. To be hypersensitive in a world where you serve the that the fish to grab those kinds of tactile functions that we've used the we've gotten used to on our Smart. Yet there's no games to grapple with the there is that that dial on the side you know the crown. Traditionally and he you know normal analog watch and that is what you use to sort of school role as a zoom in or out so for instance. You know if you're looking at. At the watch it though just the watch face which comes up from the dark screen to the normal watch face when you look at it. Then you can turn that frown and zoomed from there to a home screen with many apps. Touch one of those it goes to that we're just swipe back and forth up and down between them. Now we limit direct out of here and Tim Cook had made that any announcement there that there is a for any big difference in some of the pricing of these models right. Gather sure is 349 for the base battle but they all sort of start at a certain price because there's many many different bands you can get. The fans all have wildly different prices which they haven't exactly or explicitly. Laid out for us so in any of the base model at 349 for the sport edition. Three versions of the watch each come in two sizes by the way so 349 for the base. Then that apple watch somewhat confusing name. Which begins. In the 500 ranging goes up to a thousand from there. And then the elite edition it's eighteen karat gold. It'll only be sold. It had limited locations they say and also in very limited supply. And that will start at 101000 dollars ten grand the most expensive apple product there is. Not that expensive for people who are used to paying. Many many thousands of dollars for fancy Rolex is intact lawyers and other you know Swiss watches but still. Extremely expensive and and certainly putting apple and in an entirely new category. Very much in the fashion world and that there's been much discussion had a lot of high profile. Hires former CEO burglary and others though a big open space for them and you can just imagine the 101000 dollar version bomb. Probably not something you know that that we are the audience for. You and I there are people who want that kind of thing and if it is in limited edition you can just imagine the resale we've already seen that would iphones as people buy them gobble them up. When they're in high demand and short supply and and resell them at higher prices you can imagine what that 101000 dollar addition watch might start going for. Yeah well I can only imagine so now and not listen not that I'm trying to hurt apple sales for that premium model. But is the actual you know are the guts of that phone the same as the 349 model. As far as we know the guts are the same on all of them it's just the exterior of the case you wore the look. You know your buying membership into an exclusive club. Anyway but you know one thing that they don't touch John which is a curious. Notion is you know when you buy an iPhone there's going to be another one coming up here that's a little bit better deal an area little bigger does something else. Will that be the case but the watts we don't know. You know imagine putting 101000 dollars on the premium you know apple addition Watson and they come out with a Ener1 and a better battery that works a lot better a year later. I think it's unlikely that you'll have a cycle like that where you lots coming out every year but we don't know what's new product. No idea how many versions might come out and I think a lot of it depends on. Hey how well they sell and be the technology. In order to make them you know thinner and and work better. Right yeah in an interesting dilemma that appear dropped ten grand and watching you want the latest and greatest and that. These are there were a couple announcements that were non watch related right. You know they love making things smaller and sleeker and now you know the MacBook Air ever seen one of those are used on I mean there are incredibly thin and lights and how they haven't and that. Book that is all of the MacBook. Which actually is even. Thinner and smaller than the MacBook Air. And of course comes in different colors not a medical onerous over one source base rate on its faster processors. Now all of that sort of stuff to the heat making things you know. Sleeker and thinner and more desirable. Really really good that everything is. In new version of the apple TV but they have lowered the price for 400 dollars down about 69 and a big announcement BC EO of HBO was on stage to announce that. You know finally here summons Anderson cutting the cord you can get HBO. Not a normal cable or satellite subscription get it exclusively they say an apple TV at least initially. For fourteen dollars are working night and among. On the new apple T. I'm very interest in OK the obvious that the pilot be in the watch this so what do you think BI mean were you blown away and after you get a drop some money and getting one of these things. You know no comment I I can't say where I'm going with the watts. But I do think it is inevitable. That we are going to be using different devices and listen we're all staring at these songs all the time I think it's inevitable that the phone becomes and a sense of server that's in your pocket or your first. You have some other device for there's a lot to acknowledge other things you know that attached to do. You know women's clothing in a more desirable weight and a lot. Who knows but I think it's inevitable that we have some kind of interface like this I don't know that I want to walk around talking to my wrist. But I will say for all the notifications we all get in the text and everything else. It would be nice to just sort of take a look and see OK that's what's going on as opposed you know pulling up the phone and looking which you know is. A little bit more of a disruption. When your when you're playing with your kids are talking to someone. Rightly say are changing our habits change our lives aren't ABC's Neal Karlinsky no thank you so much appreciate that. You can keep over the store in real time download in the ABC news map and star in the story for exclusive updates on. I'm Dan Cutler and.

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{"duration":"9:49","description":"ABC News' Neal Karlinsky breaks down all the features.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"29512254","title":"First Hand Look at the Apple Watch","url":"/Technology/video/hand-apple-watch-29512254"}